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Table Games

Slot machines are normally the main source of revenue for casinos. Table games, though, are still considered to be the “real” gambling games. Professional gamblers tend to underestimate slot machines and see them as “tourist traps.”

Table games are as old as gambling itself. Its games come in many different varieties - Blackjack, poker, roulette, and craps have the most spread in casinos. Baccarat, Fortune Wheels, Pontoon, Sic Bo, and Three Card Poker are other popular great examples in this category. Each game offers a different experience, but one thing still remains the same between them: if you’re lucky and skilled enough, you can win big.

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Table Games
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The Distinctive Features of Casino Table Games

Every casino wager has a payback value; this is called RTP (return to player).The higher the RTP, the higher the chances of winning. Land-based table games usually offer the lowest RTP values, giving the advantage to the “house”.

However, their online competitors offer much higher percentages due to their much lower overhead costs. In fact, Blackjack and co. offers nearly 99.6% payback values, while the house edge is a generous 0.4% or lower.

Table Games Chances & RTP Value

Some other advantages that online casino table games offer, is their exclusive features: online casinos give their players lots of extra bonuses that land-based casino tables don’t, including cash-back, weekly bonuses, and many others. Bonuses are perks that both land-based and online casinos give to their clients in order to encourage return business, take some of the sting out of losing, and also use as a successful marketing tool in which to entice new players to sign up for accounts.

Remember about bonuses and promotions is to thoroughly read all of the fine print and stipulations of what’s being offered first – This will save you much disappointment and aggravation later when you try to cash out on a big win, and then find out the hard way that you failed to meet certain requirements in order to collect in full.

Online casinos from our list offer registration bonus to new players, ongoing promotions to current members, free championships, loyalty programs, Special bonuses for highrollers and many more.

Because of the lower house take on table games, as compared to video slots, the bonuses offered for poker rooms and betting on sportsbooks are usually smaller as well. On all bonuses, the main thing that a player is going to want to know about before using it is - If the bonus is going to actually be “Cashable” or “Non-Cashable” when it’s included in the winnings during cash out – or if it will be subtracted.

Common Types of Bonuses:

  • The Sticky or Play Casino Bonus - This bonus gives the player credits to play with, but then deduct the full amount of the bonus from the player’s winnings on cash out. This bonus is a common online offer; unfortunately, many people don’t realize that the full bonus amount given the user will perpetually stay with the casino.
  • The Welcome Deposit Bonus - The most common hurdle to jump through in order to collect your winnings using the “Welcome” bonus is called a “Play-Thru,” which means that the player must gamble a certain predetermined set amount of cash before they will be allowed to cash in all of their winnings. Online casinos will also disqualify bonus wagers on certain games which mostly involve random chance, due to them being harder to control in the house's favor, such as craps and roulette.
  • The Poker Bonus & Sportsbook Bonus - Online poker rooms and sportsbooks offer many different types of bonuses depending on the establishment. The most common type of poker bonus is the “Match” bonus. This one is simple. The poker room will usually match 100% of the money players deposit into their accounts – normally with a cap of up to $1,000 USD. This is usually the most straightforward bonus, but, still be very cautious and aware of hidden stipulations on totally cashing out. Sportsbook websites and casinos often use this bonus as well, and also have their own unique rules for using them.
  • The No Deposit Bonus – This bonus is generally used by internet casinos in order to get new potential members to open up an account with them online. This bonus is usually small – around $10 to $100, and of course requires no deposit by the user for them to play. This bonus normally does not include having to give a credit card number right-off-the-bat, just a registry sign-up with the website using basic player information, IE: Name, address, phone#, and e-mail. When the player goes to cash out their winnings on this type of bonus, is usually where a deposit of at least $25 dollars or more will be requested by the casino site in order to continue your cash out, forwarding all or part of the winnings on your next deposit purchase, along with any hidden “Play-Through” requirements, or “Sticky” stipulations.

The Most Popular Casino Table Games Offered Here

  • Online Roulette: 37 numbers, one small ball, and a spinning wheel – This is roulette. - Predicting where the ball will land on the wheel is the game’s objective. One can bet on a single number, a range of numbers, colors, or just odd or even numbers. Each choice has a different payout based on its probability. The advantage to playing roulette is that the house edge is very low at 2.7%, which means that novice table gamblers can play red or black with technically around a 48% to 48% chance of landing on the right winning color, basically flipping a coin.
  • Blackjack: The goal of this table game is to reach a total of 21 points or beat the total of the dealer. If you exceed 21, you lose. Each card has a point value in blackjack: aces are 1 or 11, face cards are 10 points, and all other cards are worth their regular face values. You can double your bet at certain conditions and split the deck if you get cards of the same suit. Blackjack is a very popular table game due to its simplicity as compared to other casino card games. It’s also an easy in and out game after a winning streak, or if your luck starts to run out.
  • Poker: It’s fast, easy, and offers some potential big winnings. There are tons of variations, but the goal of the classic version is simple: form the best hand possible with 5 cards. Each hand consists of 5 cards, and there are 10 sets that you can form in the card hierarchy. For example, the best hand is called 5 of a Kind: you need 4 aces and a Joker to form it. The worst one is “One pair” and getting 2 cards of the same rank is enough for that formation. The biggest benefit of playing poker at the “live” online group tables is the large combined pots gambling with multiple players - for poker novices - internet video poker leaves out the risk of showing your “Tell” to the other players at the land-based casino tables.
  • Baccarat: It is simple although it can seem complex at first. The goal in baccarat is to reach 9 points. Face cards have no value; aces are 1 point, and all other cards are worth their face value. However, while calculating the total point, only the right digit is used. For example, if the total is 14 points, it is worth 4. There are lots of baccarat variants, such as punto banco, chemin de fer and baccarat banque. Baccarat’s main benefit is that wagers can be made on either the banker’s hand or the opposing player’s hand.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Should I Prefer, Slot Machines or Table Gambles?

There is no right answer to this question. Each choice offers a different experience. However, we can say that most of the table games require a learning phase. You need to practice a lot if you want to become better. Slot machines do not require this – the winning chance of a professional and a newbie is the same. Try them both and make your own decision. This is a personal choice.

Which Should I Prefer, Slot Machines or Table Gambles?

  • Slots:Online slots pay out at around the lower to mid ninety-percentile rate for RTP. In actual Las Vegas, though, the slot paybacks can go as low as 75% in some dives, convenience store gas stations, and of course, at the dreaded McCarran International Airport slots. This is why online slots are actually the best odds around for gamblers, assuming that they are gambling through a reputable, honest, legally certified and jurisdictionally approved online gambling organization.
  • Table Games: Las Vegas table odds are pretty low for land-based casinos, but still, serve as a pretty good example of most online casino table odds also. The Vegas house edge is normally around: Blackjack at 1% in Vegas - Online 0.28 (Best Online Table Game Odds), Vegas Craps at 1.4% - Online (Nearly the Same), Vegas Roulette at 1.35% - Online 2% (Better Odds on Land), and Baccarat at 1.01% to 1.24% - Online (Same). Table games are where the odds turn out to be close to the same when it comes to playing land-based table games vs. online table games.

Where are the Best Winning Odds?

Blackjack is a very simple game, with some very complicated ways of upping one’s odds of winning if you have the skill needed, such as card counting. Of course, card counting flies out the window when you’re playing online with random computer generated card numbers. Poker, on the other hand, relies on a different skill-set and strategy, which is based on both the odds of the hand that is held and also how other players are reacting to their hand accordingly.

What is the Most Suited for a Beginner?

What game a player should choose totally depends on their preferences. Blackjack and three card poker are best for newbies because their rules and concepts are very simple. However, if you like wheels-based gambles, you can start with the Money Wheel, an old-school total game of chance with little strategy involved. Then, they should move onto roulette, starting with only small bets on black or red until they learn the full aspects of the game.

Can I Win Big Prizes in Table Gambles?

Yes, you can. In fact, they often offer the highest prizes in many casinos, both land-based and online. You can even win millions of dollars with the right wager.

Enjoy the Real Gambling Experience

You can enjoy hundreds of table games for free and without having to download, right here on our website. We offer the best options on the internet and our team works with only the most reputable gaming developers. No registration is ever needed; just click the “play now” button and start enjoying a real gambling experience. Good luck!

Land-Based Vs. Online Casino Table Games

  • The House Edge - The difference between the running overhead costs of a large or small land-based casino and an online casino is monumental. Online casino owners of course also have costs, electric bills, and constant security needs; but nothing compared to land-based expenses. For legitimately licensed online casinos, gambling regulators are well aware of this fact and intentionally set the internet casino’s RTP (Return to Player) in the consumer's favor. But not as much when it comes to land-based casinos with their plethora of expenses to cover before having to give back some RTP cash to the player.
  • No Travel Needed - One of the conveniences of playing online vs. going to a land-based casino, is, of course, not having to go anywhere in the first place. The pros of gambling in a land-based casino, though, is going to be the glitz, glamor, and frequent player club perks that most “Brick and Mortar” casinos offer, which sitting at home on your computer just can’t compete with.
  • No Tells at the Poker Room - As was stated before, the great thing about playing online is that no one ever sees that twitch you make with your mouth when you have a really great hand. You can also run for a bathroom break without disrupting your game or the other players, and, most importantly, on some poker room platforms you can easily leave the table, or find a new one with some fresh players – Something that’s harder to do at an on-land casino, instead of one that’s in cyberspace.
  • Easy Table Game Instructions - One service that land-based casinos absolutely cannot provide as well as online ones are the convenient tutorials that almost all online casinos offer their players along with the website's game links, or that are incorporated into a game’s program. Actual casino table dealers in a physical establishment rarely have the time to explain even the basics of a table game in person – Dealing with active gameplay and multiple players constantly making new wagers.
  • No Crowds at the Tables - One of the most popular aspects of playing online table games is the steady drawn-out pace of multiplayer action on internet tables. It’s easy to get caught up in slots, spinning away, and then realize that your bankroll is suddenly all gone. But with online table games, there is normally a generous amount of time between game plays in order to allow for computers to calculate and enact their allotted tasks, plus, it gives the player ample time to think as well. At land-based tables, especially when the casino is busy, even finding a spot on a decent table is like pulling teeth. The noise and fast paced frenzy of a pushy crowded casino can also be overwhelming hard to concentrate in.