Online Casino Bonuses

Do you want to play using the best bonus promotions at the most trusted casinos? Then you are in the right place. In this article, you will learn about the most useful bonuses for Canadian players. You will get a list of casinos that offer these promotions. In other words, you can find the best casino bonus Canada offers of 2021 here. But we won’t stop there, and we’ll also help you understand how casino bonuses work. Let’s start with our list first and continue with the most important things you need to know.

List of casinos with Bonus

Online Casino
Casino Review
Number of Games
Claim Bonus
UK Gambling Commission
20 Free Spins and $500 Extra Bonus
UK Gambling CommissionMalta Gaming Authority
Curacao Gambling License
CA$1000+175 Free Spins

Why Do Online Casinos Offer Bonus Promotions?

We can answer this question with one word: competition. There are thousands of online casinos on the Internet, and new ones are popping up every day. But the number of players does not increase at the same rate. In other words, demand is limited, but supply is unlimited. That’s why every casino site (especially new ones) needs customers. Casino bonuses are arranged both to acquire new members and to retain existing members. In this respect, they are a particularly useful and effective marketing tactic because everyone loves free stuff. For example, you will attract more players if you offer a bonus in exchange for their deposits.

Types of Casino Bonuses and Promotions

Casino bonuses are a marketing campaign, and, like any campaign, they fall into multiple categories. In other words, there is no single standard type of bonus. There are different types of bonuses that differ from each other according to their content and the advantages they offer. Below, we list the most common types of bonuses and briefly explain each.

Welcome Bonuses

  • They can only be used by new members and usually only once.
  • They require a deposit to be made and match this deposit to a certain extent. For example, a bonus with a matching rate of 200% can award 20 CAD for depositing 10 CAD. The matching rate is different in each casino.
  • Most of the time, free spins are part of this offer, so in addition to the cash bonus, you also get spins for free to use in slot games.

No Deposit Bonuses

  • They can only be used once by new members.
  • As the name suggests, there is no need to make a deposit: you get this bonus simply by becoming a member. Usually, your bonus is automatically activated when you log in for the first time.
  • This bonus adds a small amount of cash balance or free spins to your account. You can use both immediately and win real money. Every prize you win is yours to keep, but you will be required to complete a wagering requirement before you can use or withdraw it.

Monthly-Weekly Bonuses & Promotions

  • All members can use them multiple times.
  • These are “reload” bonuses that are usually held on weekends or a specific day of the month. They are quite similar to the welcome bonus: when you make a deposit, it will be matched at a certain rate. For example, you earn a 25% match rate for deposits you make at the weekends.
  • Unlike welcome bonuses, they can be used multiple times. Also, the matching rate is lower, but this is normal considering that they can be used constantly.

VIP and High Roller Bonuses

  • Only VIP and high-roller members can use them. And only players with a huge budget and professional gamblers can achieve these statuses.
  • These are actually reload bonuses, but this type of members can use them more often and with higher match rates.
  • Likewise, they are also eligible for special bonuses that refund a part of their losses.

Games Bonuses

  • These bonuses are specific to a particular game and only apply to that game.
  • For example, in a newly released slot, all casino members get 25 free spins, or in a live roulette game, everyone gets a 7 CAD bonus when the result is 7. The scope of the promotion varies by game.
  • Casinos issue this bonus when they want to draw attention to a particular game (or category).

Mobile Casino Bonuses

  • Mobile casino bonuses can be any promotion that falls under the above definitions (welcome bonus, no deposit, reload, etc.).
  • The only difference is that they are intended for mobile gamers and are usually activated when logged in from mobile devices.
  • Mobile gaming is encouraged by operators as it costs less, so it is possible to say that mobile casino bonuses include better terms (for example, higher match rates).

How Are Casino Bonuses Calculated?

It is actually not that hard to calculate online casino bonus offers. The only calculation you need is for the matching bonuses because all others are pretty straightforward. Matching bonuses, on the other hand, can be tricky as the final result depends on both the deposit and the match percentage. You also need to consider the maximum bonus limit, which is expressed by the term “up to.” To calculate how much bonus you will get, you can simply multiply the deposit amount by the match percentage: as long as you stay below the maximum limit, the result will be the final bonus credited to your account. We give some examples in the table below.

20 CAD 100% 300 CAD 20 CAD (20 x 1)
50 CAD 150% 200 CAD 75 CAD (50 x 1.5)
100 CAD 200% 200 CAD 200 CAD (100 x 2)
200 CAD 100% 200 CAD 200 CAD (200 x 1)
300 CAD 200% 250 CAD 250 CAD

So, why did you only get 250 CAD with the last deposit? That’s because you reached the maximum bonus limit. This promotion does not allow you to win more than 250 CAD with your first deposit. You should have won 600 CAD as a bonus (300 x 2), but since this exceeds the limit, you just get 250 CAD. And that’s why gamblers must check the maximum limits of bonus offers. If you only check the match rates, that will be misleading.

Casino Bonus Terms & Conditions

You cannot simply rely on match rates if you want to find the best bonus casino: you also need to read the terms. Each bonus offer comes with its own terms & conditions, and they tell you what you really need to know. In fact, it is these terms that determine whether that casino bonus is worth your time or not. Below, we list the most important things that are determined by these terms.

Wagering Requirements

“Wager” is a term that means “spending money on games.” So, for example, depositing real money into your casino account is not enough: you also need to use the money to play games. Now, each bonus has a specific wagering rate that shows how much money you need to wager. Only after that will your bonus be unlocked and become ready to use (or withdraw). The table below shows some examples:

100 CAD 20x 2000 CAD (100 x 20)
200 CAD 30x 6000 CAD (200 x 30)
350 CAD 40x 14000 CAD (350 x 40)

Betting Limits

Until you complete the wagering requirement, there will be some restrictions on your account. Usually, you will be allowed to play only slot games, and there will be a maximum bet limit (in most cases, this limit is 5 CAD). Note that you can still play other games, but your wagers on those games will not contribute towards the wagering: only slot wagers will count.

Expiration Times

You also need to complete the wagering requirement within a specific period. This can be 7 days, 2 weeks, one month, even 3 months. Each casino has a different limit. However, no matter what the limit is, if you cannot complete the wagering until then, the bonus will be deleted from your account.

How to Choose the Best Casino Bonuses

In order to choose the best casino bonus Canada offers, you should look for the following in online casinos:

  • Available for Canadians. Make sure the bonus can be claimed by Canadian players. Sometimes, the bonuses themselves have country restrictions too.
  • Bonus amount. Take another look at the bonus calculation section above and calculate the actual bonus amount you will get. Don’t get fooled by big percentage numbers, make your own calculation.
  • Other bonuses. Check all promotions, not only the welcome bonus. Make sure that there are advantageous bonuses for current members too.
  • Games selection. Check the selection of games and opt for casinos that work with top-tier developers, such as Microgaming, Netent, and Play’n GO.
  • Safe and licensed. You should only play at licensed and credible casinos. Check the license of the casino and verify it.
  • Fairness and reputation. Visit a couple of forums (or websites like us) to see the reputation of the casino. Being licensed is not enough: the casinos should also be trusted.

How to Activate a Casino Bonus?

  1. Pick a casino, visit its website, look for a button that says “join” (or something similar).
  2. Click the button and fill out the membership form.
  3. Log in to your account and check the current promotions page. Read the terms & conditions of the welcome bonus.
  4. Make your first deposit considering the minimum deposit limit of the bonus. Also, if a bonus code is needed, you should use it before completing the deposit.
  5. After the deposit is complete, you will automatically claim the bonus. If there is a problem, contact customer support.

Should You Use Online Casino Bonuses or Not?

Yes, all Canadians should claim and use a bonus. However, not just any bonus: you need to use the best casino bonus offers. Gambling promotions are useful, but only if you choose the right ones. To help you, we already created a list and picked some casinos for you. If you like, you can visit our review section and see more alternatives (based on our unique rating system). In any case, you should start and continue playing with a casino bonus: the right promotion will give you lots of advantages!

Frequently Asked Questions about Online Casino Bonuses

Do all Canadian casinos offer bonuses?

In general, yes, there is a bonus at every Canadian casino. However, only a couple of them offers the best bonuses.

Are there any special promos for Canadian players?

Casino bonuses are usually not specific to countries. No matter where you are from, you can use them (as long as you are not in a restricted region). However, Canadian players can get their bonuses in CAD, which is an advantage.

Can I use more than one bonus at an online casino?

Yes, but not at the same time. If you use a welcome bonus, for example, you need to complete its wagering requirement first before claiming another bonus

Can I get bonuses from multiple casinos?

Of course. However, make sure that they are owned and operated by different companies. Otherwise, you may be accused of creating multiple accounts, which may result in all your accounts being closed.

Which one is the biggest online casino welcome bonus?

Any bonus with a matching rate of more than 100% can be considered "big." However, as mentioned above, the matching percentage should not be your only criterion.

Should I use casino bonuses?

Yes! They give you a nice boost when you start your gambling adventure and continue to support you along your journey. However, you need to pick the right bonuses – we explained above how to do this.