500% First Deposit Bonuses Canada 2021

For many casinos, the idea behind a bonus is to help give the player a beneficial advantage over their competitors or to help them boost their own earnings. Nothing can be more beneficial to a player than the 500% first deposit bonus. A 500 first deposit bonus is pretty self-explanatory with its naming. It is a promotional offer you receive that is 500% more than what you have initially deposited. And since it is the first deposit, this means that it must be the first payment you have put into your casino account once you have registered.

The 500% will apply to the minimum deposit you have been asked for by the casino. The first payment for signing up can be different with each casino, or they can offer multiple variants. For example, if you fund your casino account with C$5, that means the 500 deposit bonus will add up to C$25 instead. Meaning you will gain extra on top of what you transferred. You can find selected first deposit casino bonuses and decide which one offers you the best deal with the plus 500 deposit bonus. Offers may have other requirements to be permitted to the player, such as ranking up a certain number of points or winning games.

Example of 500% First Deposit Bonus

Here a few different types of a 500 deposit bonus casino. This all depends on how much you transfer into the personal casino account, which will determine the outcome thanks to the 500% first deposit bonus Canada:

For example, for a minimum of C$10. This can be added up to 500% of the original bet. Meaning that the C$10 will become C$60 in total with your payment. That means that you have bigger balance to bet on and therefore, have more winning opportunities. This is true for other price ranges and other minimum deposits that are required by the casino.

A 500% increase to C$20 will be a total of C$120. An increase to C$30 will be C$180 as total balance. This can go all the way up to a massive deposit of C$50, where the player will be given the chance of seeing C$300 at the account. A boon like this can only come in a few instances.

Deposit Bonus of 500%
C$10 +C$50 extra
C$20 +C$100 extra
C$50 +C$250 extra
C$100 +C$500 extra

List of Casinos Who offer 500% Deposit Bonus

Here are just a few of the casinos available that offer some of the best 500% first deposit bonuses online:

  • Paddy Power

As part of their welcome package. Paddy Power offers an exclusive 500% first deposit bonus up to C$50 when you play their exclusive slot game. There will also be 20 free spins on offer that comes with the deal as well.

  • Coral

Coral is a popular casino based in the UK that will offer a great deal for their online table games. A 500% bonus for your first game on the tables is a great starter for when you begin gambling.

  •  Ladbrokes

Another popular canadian casino with branches increasing in 2020. The 500% bonus can offer you a total of 10 extra spins on their exclusive game, along with the regular bonus payout. This gives players a chance to see what Ladbrokes are about with great compensation afterwards.

Best Slots To Play With 500% Deposit Bonus?

For the type of slots, you can play at these casinos, many of the promotional deals will include the chance of letting you play their exclusive games in order to get them more known. The 500 first deposit bonus slots are a way of thanking the player for giving them a chance. You find the best progressive slots online or simply look at the recommendation below:

  • Berry Berry Bonanza – Created by Playtech, Berry Berry Bonanza is colourful and rich with gambling opportunities. You can enjoy the bonus berries even more with the 500% push.
  • Ted – As part of the Jackpot King Deluxe series, players will enjoy the massive prizes that come with a prestigious game. Along with the 500% offer, there is no telling how much you can win. Other table games will also be available with the offer. You can find some of them by searching for free online roulette games.
  • Eye of Horus – Another game that is accessible through this promotional deal by Ladbrokes, this also comes with 10 free spins for you to become acquainted with the Egyptian classic. This is perfect for beginner players who wish to try out the game with a hefty safety net.

Any Other Games that Have the 500 First Deposit Bonus

As mentioned, with Coral’s selection, the 500% boon doesn’t just apply to 500 deposit bonus slots. Normally it is even easier to apply it to table games, and there are more possibilities to take advantage of this deal, as different games require different requirements.

Ladbrokes, Paddy Power and Coral all have their own segments on table games and bingo services. While Coral has their promotional deal primarily aimed at the table games, bingo and sports betting can also be applicable. As long as the percentage increases the amount of payout you receive, any game can be applicable.

William Hill casino is another establishment that can offer 500% to your payment as a promotion. They have wonderful bingo segments that can help with wagering on them, as well as other exclusive content such as progressive jackpots. Combining those games with such boon can lead to serious winning from your first instalment.

What Are the Pros and Cons?

As always, the more money, the bigger chances are. The point of the 500 deposit bonus is to give players that generous sum that can help them through playing more games and hopefully winning more money.

There will be restrictions, however. Sometimes the offer will change and will only be available during certain periods. Sometimes there may also be even more wagering requirements, which will need to be fulfilled in a certain time before the offer no longer applies to you. If you wish to take part in the offer, read the requirements and time slots carefully.

What Is the Verdict?

500% first deposit bonuses can house some of the best deals you can have in online gambling. Enjoy all the fun from gambling with a stress-free, first time experience entering the casino. Be rewarded for your efforts with a big boon and then continue enjoying gambling as you work with your own skill level. Learn how to play, knowing that you have bigger bankroll thanks to promotional funds. The offer can carry you towards a lot of games, so make them count.