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French Roulette PRO

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French Roulette PRO online is the latest addition by NetEnt to the common variety of the popular table game. French Roulette has been a famed table to play and has given the software provider plenty to boast about. With the PRO version, you can experience more enhanced graphics and smoother gameplay than ever before. The setup is the same as ever, now with more impressive visuals to keep you invested in the gambling. Play with tons of other players with faster response times. You can feel like you are playing in a real-life casino with this upgrade.

Describing French Roulette PRO Casino Game

French Roulette PROPlay French Roulette PRO at any casino that supports online tables. The game will be played on a more realistic table. The entire table is placed on a diagonal to showcase everything it has to offer. You can see the roulette wheel in the upper left corner of the screen. Once the bet has been placed, you can see the wheel in full detail spinning away, with the ball itself presented in full view. You will know exactly where it lands, thanks to the extra detail in graphics. The table itself can be viewed and selected to place your bets quickly and easily.

French Roulette is very similar to the European version. After all, they are both set in the same area of invention. That means that both of the wheels will have a zero in them. A zero that you can bet on is an equal value to the rest of the numbers. You can happily select which colour or number to bet on by simply hovering over and clicking. The PRO version will even have settings to help enhance the visual should you need it. When playing with others, this won’t affect their own screens. This is simply for your own benefit.

Benefits of Playing French Roulette PRO

There is one major difference between the French version of the Roulette game and the regular European version. For starters, there is a way for you to earn your money back, even if it is less than what you spent. The game allows you to place an “outside bet” before you place your real bet. If you ever land on a zero after placing an Outside Bet, you will get half of your bet back if you lose. A handy feature with this version will let you see where your Outside Bet has taken place, letting you know it’s in full effect before playing. Use other helpful buttons in the game, such as setting your bet, to begin with. The smallest bet you can make in the game, in terms of coin value, is a total of 1 coin. The maximum number of coins you can put in is 25.

House Edge

With the option of being able to get your money back, the House Edge is surprisingly lower than with other table games. Especially with other versions of the Roulette Wheel. With the Outside Bets being made, the House Edge comes down to 1.35%. In terms of actual payment, a Straight-Up bet will be multiplied by 35x, earning you 36 chips with a single one. The percentage remains the same even when the bets are split. Or if the bets have been made into triples as well. This can even be added to the RTP rating of the game. RTP is calculated at around 97.30%. With this RTP rating combined with the lowest House Edge than any other Roulette, this makes it a highly preferable game to play. It is perfect for beginner gamblers to get in touch and start playing.

Features of French Roulette PRO

The number of spots you can place a bet adds up to 36 in total. These are all split evenly between the colours red and black. Betting on red or black is the safest option. It offers the lowest payout, but it is the easiest one to predict. Betting on a specific number will offer a much higher payout. This selection can easily be bet on by simply clicking the number on the table. The appropriate chips will be placed, and the wheel will start spinning.

When it comes to Outside Bets, there are three different variants you can try out. A Straight Up bet involves playing chips in the center of their chosen number. Street Bet involves placing chips on the boundary line of the table and at the end of the row where its placed. Finally, Split Bets are when bets are placed on the line dividing the two numbers. The wager will also be multiplied by two to make up for it. The lines placed will vary depending on the wager that is being put down. Bigger wagers will give you more options to work with.French Roulette PRO Paytable

Tips and Strategies

Roulette wheels are one of the easiest games to get the hang of. After all, all it does is involve placing a bet and spinning the wheel to see if it lands where you guess. The Outside Bets make it interesting. Using these specialized bets means you can get more control of your winnings and losses. Getting your money back if it lands on a zero can be very helpful if you have already suffered losses. You can even get bigger winnings by having multiple Outside Bets. This can let you have more safety by simply offering that extra wager.

If you need to work out how all these extra rules work, the free play version is always an option. Free Play is a demo version of the game that can be played without spending real money. You can happily find it on the official site of NetEnt. You can even get one to download from review pages such as this one. They can offer a safe practice of your gambling so that you see how it all works without sacrificing extra money. You may even just want to play for your own enjoyment.

Software Provider NetEnt

NetEnt, also known as Net Entertainment, is one of the most popular gambling providers in the world. Everything they do works towards enhancing digital entertainment. They have been working in the industry over the past 20 years and have used that experience to cultivate many known classics. Their slots, like Starburst, are still known as one of the most games on the market. The table games they have created don’t go unchecked either. They enjoy making upgrades and improvements to their games through additional sequels and special editions.


French Roulette PRO is the enhanced version that everyone should be playing. It offers better graphics and more ways to play with the Outside Bets. Beginners can quickly pick up on it, and the veterans can gain more control over the payouts. It has everything you need to bet safely and more securely, thanks to the enhancements made by the provider. Use these advantages to make the average Roulette spin that much more exciting.

Frequently Asked Questions about French Roulette PRO

Can you play the table for free?

It is possible to play for free using the link provided by Canadian review sites. You can also find the demo on the official website of NetEnt, in NetEnt Games.

What is the RTP rating of French Roulette PRO?

Despite being a table, the game still has a registered RTP rating to look at. The RTP is calculated at around 97.30%.

Can you play the table for real money?

Follow connections made by NetEnt to find online casinos in Canada. Sign up for the ones with a special bonus promotion to offer benefits to the game itself.

What other tables have NetEnt made?

NetEnt has plenty of versions of Roulette to try out, including European and American. They also have dozens of Blackjack variants and so much more.