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For years this is one of the most played game in U.K. That is where it all started, and through the years it spread all over the world. We now have it everywhere, from land based casinos to the online casinos. It is now available to try it for free and in this game provided by World Match LTD you can try it for free or play for real money. It is popular, and it is not only based on luck. It comes in different versions with different table colors and bet limits.

How to Play Craps by World Match

There are three different types that are developed by World Match, there are Craps standard, Craps Pro, and Prive Craps. When you first look at the table, you will see the table color and everything else seems like confusion, but it is not. You just need to select the chips you want and place them on the table. Then you hit the roll button, and the dice will roll.

How to Bet and Wagering Requirements

To place a bet, you need to pick areas on the table. Just click it and pick and if you are a beginner it may be good to stay under Pass Line bet. For more experienced players you can pick the bet according to the outcome of the roll. The minimal you can wager online is 1, and the maximum bet limit is 100. You can adjust this by clicking on the arrows at the bottom right of the window.


There are rumors that if a lady blows the dices before the roll, it will bring you luck. It is the most communal game in the world. There are many superstitions that are related to this. People believe that number seven can be rolled than any other number.

Best Strategy

The best strategy will be to play first for free. Be familiar with the game, study it and look carefully where you place your bet. Stay calm and consider the best bet lines. Watch what other players are playing, and then you start.

Similar Games

As mentioned before there are more advanced types of this by World Match. Craps Pro and Privee Craps. For example, Craps Privee has the red color table and little different look at the table.

The game can be played in various casinos like:

  • Royal Vegas Casino
  • Golden Tiger Casino
  • Magical Vegas
  • Betright
  • Party Casino
  • 777 Casino

When playing for real money try to place the bets as it should. Do not take by emotions and just rush it. Do not go for the high bets because they are very risky, stay at your feet and play calm.

Bonus and Additional Info

There are no bonuses, but you can get natural 7 or eleven, and you win. You can roll craps, and you lose and need to start from the beginning. The minimum stake is one chip, and you get 100 000 demo credits to try luck. You can exceed the limit if you place another wager.

Stakes and Phrase for Users

Stakes can be different, here it is from 1 to 200 pounds. For VIP members it can go more. Keep calm and carefully pick casino with best bonuses. Understanding the rules is number one when it comes to winning. It may be difficult for you at the beginning, but at the end, you will find yourself handling more and more of the game.