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Without a doubt, it is a combination of land-based and web-based gaming, with the difference being that punters get to see a real croupier dealing their cards, getting the roulette wheel spinning, or rolling the dice. Additionally, an online live casino offers a myriad of table games for you to relish in against other players, alongside the casino itself. Thus, the most common games you will encounter at live casinos run the gamut from Live Roulette, Live Caribbean Stud Poker, Live Casino Hold ‘em, Live Blackjack, and Live Baccarat, all of which come in a multitude of variations. Hence, this gives players a broader selection of games to pin down.

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Types of Games in Live Casinos

  • Online Live Casino BlackjackIt comprises a large portion of an operator’s live gaming section. Lovers of Blackjack will indeed find an abundance of captivating variants such as Pontoon, Blackjack Switch, and Surrender. Nevertheless, real-time variants of these games are not easily available. Instead, it is the classic version which is played with real croupiers. Furthermore, there are side wagers available at some canadian Live Casinos which contain extras to the game. For example, at 888 Casino extra stake levels can be placed on perfect pairs alongside 21+3. Additionally, as is the case with most other casinos, an insurance wager can also be placed. A profusion of operators also permits punters to bet behind. Since not more than seven participants can join a live casino blackjack table at a go, this feature grants other players the opportunity of placing bets on another participant’s hand, which means that a virtually unlimited number of punters can partake in the thrill at any given time.
  • Live Casino Roulette As one of the most renowned casino games it is no secret that this gameplay option is well represented in a copiousness of the best live casinos in the Canada. With a profusion of tables, players can encounter some intriguing variations of the game, such as Immersive Roulette which incorporates several camera angles, thereby allowing them to watch the ball close up and in slow motion as it peacefully rests on a numbered slot.  They can also relish in various angles of the good-looking dealers.
  • Live Poker Texas Hold ‘em Not only is there a striking similarity to Live Casino Hold ‘em but it continues to feature at an astronomically higher number of online casinos with bettors competing with each other, and against the dealer. Moreover, there is no variance between the regular and live version, with an unlimited number of bettors taking part in the fun.
    The gameplay begins with placing a wager, after which two cards are dealt to the participant and the croupier (with the croupier’s hands facing down), in addition to the placing of three cards on the table. At this point, you have the options of folding, calling or continuing to play. To call, you need to place another wager, which is double the ante bet. It is upon folding that you will lose any cash you have wagered. The dealer then proceeds to deal two more community cards known as River and Turn. When the croupier reveals his/her cards, the winner is automatically unveiled. In addition to the ante bet, gamblers have the alternative of placing an AA Bonus Bet which pays out if two or more aces are dealt in the first five cards. The lowest cash out for a winning bet is 7:1, and could go up to 100:1, based on the revealed cards. It is also interesting to learn that irrespective of whether or not you attain a win from the game, you will still walk away with the bonus payout. Gambling limits on the game differ based on the operator, with the lowest stakes varying between 50p to as much as C$7500.
  • Live Casino Caribbean PokerIf you have a tad bit of familiarity with online poker, then getting acquainted with the Caribbean Casino Live Poker variant will indeed be a doddle. As such, it is played with a deck of 52 cards whose exchange occurs after each hand for a newly shuffled stack. Players kick off the game by placing an Ante bet followed by the dealing of five cards. The croupier then receives his/her hand of five cards, with four facing down and one facing up. Participants can then decide on whether or not to place an additional bet or fold, after which the croupier proceeds to reveal his/her four anonymous cards, whereby, the hand with the greatest value is declared as the winner. The main objective of this game is to create a poker hand which is stronger than that of the dealer’s. At the beginning of the game, you and the croupier are dealt five hands each. While you have the chance to immediately glance at your cards, you only get a peek at one of the croupier’s hole cards.
    Hence, the rules are relatively easy to understand, thereby boosting your chances of applying a cadre of sharp strategies.
  • Live Online Casino BaccaratIt is available at nearly all live gambling sites in the Canada. Nevertheless, with the game not having as much popularity as Roulette and Blackjack (for example), you will generally encounter an astronomically lower number of tables in comparison to the other live games. Keeping that in mind, the only variation of Live Baccarat casino game  which is played online is Punto Banco. Plethoras of casinos provide an option of side wagers, including bets on pairs, alongside small and big cards.To set things in motion, you will require placing a bet on the Player, Banker, or a Tie between the two. The number of rules which are laid out on the table for everyone to see dictates every turn of the card. The banker then proceeds to deal two more cards to each side, whereby the card which is closest to ‘9’ is the winner. In some unique instances, the game may proceed further to incorporate a third card. Thus, the primary objective is to make an accurate prediction as to which hand will come nearest to ‘9’ between the banker’s and the player’s. Furthermore, all cards with a value of 10 counts as zero, whereas aces count as 1. The hand which has the greatest point value in addition to being closest to ‘9’ wins. Hence, no hand should be greater than 9.A ‘natural’ refers to a two-card total of 9 and can never lose. Additionally, an 8 is the second-best hand available, and is also referred to as a ‘natural.’ If the Player, as well as the Banker, is dealt with the same hand, then this automatically triggers a Tie, whereby, neither wins.Lastly, it is vital to bear in mind that you do not receive cards for playing against the croupier.
  • Live Casino 3 Card Poker and 3 Card BragFor a fact, Live 3 Card Poker is a fairly new card game in the industry of live casino games. Currently, this gameplay alternative is only available in Evolution Gaming platforms running the gamut from Mr. Green, Leo Vegas, and William Hill. As opposed to other variations of poker in which players partake with five cards, each hand comprises only three cards. What is more is that there is the absence of Community Cards. Therefore, your three cards are in competition with those of the croupier’s. With the smaller number of cards on each hand, the possibilities of making specific combinations vary from other poker games. For example, in this game, three of a kind will defeat a straight. Additionally, three consecutive cards beat a flush. To partake in the game, you require first placing an ante bet, after which you will receive three cards, with those of the croupier being dealt facing down. You can then make the decision to place another stake level which is equivalent to your ante bet, or you can choose to fold which results in the loss of any wagered funds. The dealer will then have a queen or a greater card in his/her hand to qualify, failure to which your play wager is returned, thereby resulting in the ante bet having a payout of 1:1. If the hands tie, then both the play and ante bets are returned. If ‘Lady Luck’ is on your side and you happen to have the better hand, then the ante bet, as well as the play, triggers a cashout of 1:1.The bonus if an ante bet is paid out upon placing a play bet and attaining a straight flush, a straight on your three cards, or three of a kind. Moreover, there are two additional stake levels that you can place before the cards are dealt; firstly, the Pair Plus which has a payout beginning from 1:1 up until 100:1 for a pair or greater in your three cards, and secondly, the Six Card Bonus which has a cashout once you attain a poker hand of five hands of three of a kind, or greater, with a combination of not only your hands but those of the dealer as well. Irrespective of whether you fold and the croupier wins the round, the Six Card Bonus alongside the Pair Plus wagers will trigger payouts.The Live Casino 3 Card Brag has a striking similarity to 3 Card Poker, and the only difference between the two is that the highest ranked hand is three of a kind as opposed to a Royal Flush.
  • Live Sic BoThere is a cadre of available dice games at Internet casinos, with even fewer live croupiers. In fact, Sic Bo is the only available dice game which is played with a real dealer and entails a board alongside three dice on which you place your stake levels. Additionally, the latter has the similar feel to roulette, since punters can place different wagers with varying payouts. Since two of the most renowned wagers are ‘Big’ and ‘Small,’ participants bet on the total sum of the three dice being either ‘Big’ (11 to 17) or ‘Small’ (4 to 10) with cashouts of 1:1. There is also the possibility of wagers on the total sum of combinations of specific numbers, the sum of the dice, and so much more.For the game to function smoothly with a live croupier, the three dice are retained under an enormous glass dome. The dealer then proceeds to press a button which results in strong vibrations of the base, hence forcing the dice to vigorously jump and spin through the air. After a few seconds have elapsed, the dice come to a halt and winning sequences (if any) are paid back to the punter. To those whom Sic Bo tickles their fancy, they can delight in the thrill at selected Playtech casinos, for instance, Ladbrokes.

What Makes The Concept Of The Best Or Free Live Casino Games Appealing?

The concept of live croupier Internet casino games is increasingly popular. Thus, whether it is poker, roulette, Sic Bo, or Blackjack among others a live dealer feature offers punters a more enhanced and personalized encounter. Below are some of the benefits.

  1. A realistic experience– Numerous live casino reviews unveil that you get to see the croupier dealing the cards, rolling the dice, or spinning the ball in real time. In comparison to having a computer automatically do this, a real-time gaming experience provides a personal touch and a more authentic feel, more so, if you are situated in a jurisdiction with no land-based casinos close by.
  2. The beauty of conversation- One of the most ideal factors about partaking in live dealer web-based casino games is that you have the ability to directly interact with the croupier as though he/she is right next to you. Therefore, this is an incredible way of optimizing your gambling encounter since it is thrilling and personal. More often than not, the dealers address you by your name, in addition to hearing a few funny stories or learning new things as you play.
  3. Kick back and unwind- The days when you needed to get suited up and make your way to the nearest casino, get comfortable, have some food, drinks, and gamble, are long gone. As such, live casinos provide a personal real-life encounter that you can delight in, from the comfort of your home. While it may not match the exact atmosphere as a land-based casino, you get to focus on your strategies without any distractions by drunk and rowdy customers, flickering lights, and overly loud music.
  4. Amazing Bonuses– An abundance of land-based casinos do not provide regular promotions and bonuses. However, online live casinos provide a multitude of offers which serve as a great way to build up your stack while enjoying the authentic feel of gaming.
  5. Feel at ease– Plethoras of people find that having a live croupier makes the casino, as well as the game more trustworthy since they can keenly watch the happenings through the webcam of the platform. Moreover, given that some participants may feel a tad bit uneasy playing specific gameplay options under the assumption that Random Number Generators (RNGs) are stacked against them, the live dealer feature greatly assists in the elimination of all skepticism. Therefore, this automatically makes the punters feel at ease.

Are Live Casinos Legalized In The Canada?

With the incorporation of the new Gambling Act, all live casinos providing their services to participants in the Canada ought to have valid licensure from the UK Gambling Commission. The license ensures insurmountable protection to canadian players among others since it is a validation of gambling operators functioning fairly and responsibly.

Behavior at Live Casinos

Players are expected to exude respectable behavior towards one another, as well as the croupiers, for the maintenance of a positive ambiance. Therefore, this entails refraining from hurling insults, making any condescending or discriminatory remarks, and so much more, failure to which will result in getting banned from the casino.

All in all, live casinos are highly appealing to a copiousness of players since they provide the phenomenal opportunity of playing in real time with live dealers, irrespective of their location. Additionally, given that profound advancements have been made to real-time gameplay options over the years, they are conveniently available in plethoras of Internet casinos. Nevertheless, before indulging in the gameplay, you ought to ensure that you familiarize yourself with the ground rules to curb any unwarranted misunderstandings.