Fruit Machines Canada

If you are looking for classic and old-school gaming experience, fruit slot machines will be your best choice. Fruit machines, which have been used for almost a century now, are among the most popular games of casinos today. This is also true for the Canada: in almost all canadian online casinos, fruit machines are considered the most attractive category. We will elaborate on the reasons for this, but let’s start with a brief history lesson.

The history of these machines goes back to 1891. The first place they came up with is the USA and the company named Sittman and Pitt in Brooklyn, New York. A small prototype made by this company is very similar to today’s slot machines: it has a system of 3 reels but uses real poker cards instead of symbols. If you turn the cogs and get a valid poker hand, you get a gum as a reward! In 1895, a man named Charles Fay wondered about using symbols instead of poker cards.

The first symbol he used is the bell picture, which you can still see today. As a matter of fact, the world’s first slot machine is known as “Liberty Bell” for this reason. Over time, different symbols added to the reels. In order to be easy to recognize, fruit pictures are preferred – hence the names of these machines.

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The introduction of fruit slot machines to the Canada (and World) takes place early in the 20th century. The first version of these machines, which have begun to be used in the pubs, quickly gained popularity in the Canada. Today, fruit slot machines enter the category C according to the provisions of the Gambling Act 2005 and must include a payback value of at least 70%.

This obligation only covers physical machines. (1) Although these machines are widespread in Europe, they are mostly played in America and Japan. As a matter of fact, by the year 2016, there are 169,370 physical slot machines only in Nevada (2). The number of online games is much more.

Rules & How to Play Fruit Machines?

The rules of these machines have not changed since the day they were first produced: in order to win a prize, you have to place the same symbols on a pay line by spinning the reels. A fruit slot machine consists an average of 5 to 10 different symbols. These symbols are usually fruit pictures (watermelon, lemon, plum, banana, etc.); but bell, star, BAR and 7 pictures are also used. Each symbol set pays a different amount of cash prize. Although there is usually only 1 pay line and 3 reels, some advanced fruit slot machines can contain up to 5 lines and 5 reels.

The most distinctive feature of fruit slots is that they usually do not contain bonus symbols (wild, scatter, etc.). As a matter of fact, this is the biggest difference between them and the video slot machines. Video slots offer up to 1024 pay lines, lots of symbols and numerous bonus rounds. Despite this, choosing fruit slot machines is more advantageous, because you are more likely to win. Before continuing, let’s talk about fruit slot emulators.

These emulators allow you to play physical fruit slot games on your computer or mobile device. In other words, the game, which is designed to be played on a physical machine, becomes playable on digital devices thanks to the emulator. You can use these emulators online, or you can play them on your computer with a program like MFME. Enjoy for such amazing game like mega jack game.

Fruit Machine Bonuses

Although not as much as video slot games, fruit slot machines also have various bonus features. The most common bonus features are:

  • Gamble. Every time you win a prize, you are offered a chance to double your winnings by playing a simple guessing game.
  • Nudge. This feature, similar to the “hold” option in video poker games, offers you the chance of preventing a reel turning for the next spin. Each game offers a random number of nudges and if used correctly, you can increase your chances of winning.

Fruit Machine Categories

Fruit slots are divided into various categories according to the amount of bets you can place. The distinguishing feature here is the minimum bet that can be deposited and the maximum prize that can be won. There are four basic categories:

  1. Penny Slots : The minimum bet is one penny. Penny slots are the best option if you are on a budget, the maximum prize is also very low and usually around 100 pounds.
  2. Nickel Slots : Again, the minimum bet you can place is one nickel. They usually contain lots of pay lines so the maximum bet can be very high, beware.
  3. Quarter Slots : The minimum bet is a quarter and the highest payout is around 300 – 500 pounds.
  4. Dollar Slots : Probably the best option. You can bet as low as 1 dollar, but the payouts are satisfactory.

Your Winning Odds

Despite the common knowledge, more pay lines and more symbols do not offer the best odds of winning. In fact, it is possible to say that as both numbers decrease, you are more likely to win – because the probability of landing winning combinations is higher. For this reason, fruit slot machines offer a higher profit potential than other games and are preferred by professional players for the same reason. In general, the highest RTP rates are also on these machines: each fruit slot offers an average payback value of 97% or more. As well try to play true illussions game.

Fruit Machine Tips and Tricks

  • Smaller Is Better. The machine that advertises how big the prize is usually the machine that pays the least. Choose games that pay in small amounts but on a continuous basis. If you are indecisive between a machine with a jackpot prize of C$10,000 and a machine with C$100, choose the second one.
  • Maximum Betting. Always deposit the highest bet you can place. Most of the fruit slot machines activate the jackpot payment only if it is played with the maximum bet.
  • Progressive Is Good. Choose machines that have a progressive jackpot prize. Their prize constantly grows bigger, and every game played increases the chances of winning.
  • RTP Value Is Important. Every fruit machine has a pay table. Take a look at it before you start playing and check the RTP value. In general, if it offers less than 95%, do not waste your time and money by investing in that machine.

Classic Fun, No Download

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