Real Money Slots

Online games today are bridging the gap between the ease of playing and comfort. One has a wide variety of options available at their disposal and the best part, you don’t need to visit physical casino outlets to play your favorite pokies anymore. You can play them right from the comfort of your home and even on your mobile devices in some instances. The last decade has seen tremendous growth in the casino slot industry with new developers and online casino houses joining the fray. The prospect of winning it big playing slots is something that intrigues every gambler and why not? There indeed are chances of real money wins playing slot games. In this post, we will take a closer look as to how real money slots function.

Top 15 Real Money Casinos Canada

Online Casino
Casino Review
Number of Games
Claim Bonus
UK Gambling Commission
20 Free Spins and $500 Extra Bonus
Malta Gaming AuthorityUK Gambling Commission
100% Match up to USD 1000 + 55 exclusive no deposit free spins upon registration
UK Gambling CommissionMalta Gaming Authority
UK Gambling Commission
$10 Free No Deposit Required + $50 First Dep. Bonus
Revisit Egypt for an Epic Adventure with Rise of Horus Slot!
Rise Of Horus
Emperor’s Tomb Slot Machine Free Play
Emperor's Tomb Slot
Legends of Ra Slot Machine Free Play
Legends of Ra Slot
Football Slot Machine Free Play
Football Slot
Fruit Burst Slot Machine Free Play
Fruit Burst Slot
Elven Princesses Slot Machine Free Play
Elven Princesses Slot
Ace Round Slot Machine Free Play
Ace Round Slot
Vegas Nights Slot Machine Free Play
Vegas Nights Slot
The Legend of Shaolin Slot Machine Free Play
The Legend of Shaolin Slot
Journey to the West Slot Machine Free Play
Journey to the West Slot
Clash of Pirates Slot Machine Free Play
Clash of Pirates Slot
Chinese New Year Slot Machine Free Play
Chinese New Year Free Slot
Talismans of Fortune Slot Machine Free Play
Talismans of Fortune Slot
Monty’s Millions Slot Machine Free Play
Monty's Millions
Black Diamond Slot Machine Free Play
Black Diamond
Vegas Party Slot Machine Free Play
Vegas Party
Raging Rhino Slot Machine Free Play
Raging Rhino
Secrets of the Phoenix Slot Machine Free Play
Secrets of the Phoenix
Golden Goddess Slot Machine Free Play
Golden Goddess
Where’s the Gold Slot Machine Free Play
Where's the Gold

Slot Games for Real Money

Today, gamblers have several choices when it comes to playing real money slots. Unlike yesteryears, providers have expanded their bases to almost every genre there is in terms of slots online with real money. Apart from fruit machines, you have a choice between movie titles, music artist titles, comic book adaptations, TV series titles etc. Slots can be played by almost anyone and doesn’t need for you to have a big bankroll. Slot titles of today are designed to cater to different budgets, whether big or small. Almost all slots online win real money for players. All one ought to do is take their pick from the options available to them, make an account with an online casino, deposit money and start playing your favorite lucky titles. Playing real cash slots is all about having fun and patience to start hitting off good wins. Many times beginners expect early wins whilst playing online gambling for real money. Slot games are all about chances and probability, and it may happen that one may hit a big jackpot instantly or none at all. This, however, should not deter one from playing. A good way to ensure this is to always keep a predetermined balance for any title before you start playing. This way you won’t exhaust all your money in a single game and can even play other titles. Making a choice with regards to the pokies you want to play, can be a difficult task but not completely impossible. You can try out the majority of productions and practice your skill with demo games. This is a great option for people who want to get acquainted with slots or have just started playing them. You can play games online and win real money with slots. Online gambling is slowly picking up pace worldwide, and the number of casinos springing up on a continuous basis is a testament of the same. These are slowly becoming a fervour of the masses and are bound to grow even further within the next decade.

Why do People Try to Win in Real Money Slots?

In a manner of direct speaking, who wouldn’t like odds stacked in their favour and a chance of winning it big playing a simple slot game, right? This is more or less the motivation for gamblers who are trying to win playing real money mode. Apart from this, there are four major motivating factors for gamblers:

1. Easy accessibility and intuitive gameplay:
Unlike other forms of gambling, slot games remain more accessible to the public. While poker, blackjack and roulette form the crux of mainstream gambling, pokies are in a league of their own. The simple reason for that is because of their variety. With slots, you have a wide variety of titles on offer ranging from adventure, thrillers, movies, music, TV series to basic fruit machines. One can choose from any of the genres and play their favorite productions with one simple click. Slots are available on online casinos where all one needs to do is simply register, deposit money and start playing. You can easily access these via your desktop, tablet as well as smartphones and have a pick from your favorite production. This has opened new avenues for many gamblers who can now easily visit any of the online casinos and take their pick a game of their choice. Another great advantage of playing slots is the intuitive gameplay. You have a lot of different features and bonus rounds which makes playing them even more exciting. All the titles come with their own unique twist when it comes to standard features and bonus rounds. That makes all the difference for a player looking to play a unique production rather than going for the same old monotonous gameplay of other gambling titles.

2. No budget restrictions:
One of the best things about online slots is that it caters to every part of the general populace. These titles are not confined to a budget or require the need for high stakes to start playing. All you need to do is register yourself with an account, deposit cash and look out for games that fit your budget. Minimum budget on slot games start at C$1 and goes till C$300 depending on the kind of slot you choose to play. Gamblers can win a decent amount playing these titles, and most of them start their stakes at C$1 million. While there is no promise that one may win C$1 million playing these games. You can still hit off with several hundred dollars in your kitty. That still accounts for a lot. Many of the games like Mega Moolah come with huge prize kitties. By the end of September alone, many lucky players have been able to win the huge wins which currently stands at C$5 million and more. So it really doesn’t matter the kind of amount you start with in your account. You could be a potential big jackpot winner and take home a five-figure prize. A fruit machine is a game of chance, probability and right stakes at the right time. It really cannot get any better than this for a potential gambler.

3. Anyone can start playing slots:
Online pokies are a number one choice for many new gamblers who wish to entertain themselves and try their luck at the different titles on offer. You can be a new player who is new to the entire concept of online gambling but still understand the concept of slots within minutes of playing. The beauty of slots is that they are easy to play and come with relatively lesser rules than other gambling endeavours. This makes them the ideal choice for many new gamblers to try their hand at. With that being said, there are also certain do’s and don’ts that that one ought to follow when it comes to gambling. It is very easy to lose a sense of control and go all out whilst playing slots. This should be avoided at all costs. Even though you are a gambling person but are relatively new to the slots world, it is better to try out simple titles with low stakes. This will help you understand the concept of slot productions a little better. Don’t immediately step to the next level playing serious titles with higher stakes. You could simply end up losing your money all because you were too reckless to win it big. Remember to even out your bets and play with the utmost care. After all, you are betting with money at the end of the day.

4. Big wins and slot machines:
It indeed is true speculation when one hears that most big wins come via slots. Most of the winnings of large sums were exactly in online casinos. William Hill player won $1 million jackpot on the slots. Lucky? Maybe but a big win like that is no joke either. A win like this could make or break your bankroll. For those of you who may not know of this, slots are divided into two categories namely progressive and non-progressive slots. Progressive slots don’t have a fixed amount or credit attached to them. For example the land-based slot, Megabucks is found in almost every casino in Nevada and is a classic example of networked progressive jackpot. This progressive jackpot grows in size as players from all across the state indulge in it till the jackpot potential hits the million dollar. Once a gambler is able to hit the jackpot, this prize money is reset again. Non-progressive slots, on the other hand, are all about a fixed amount of jackpot. These slots don’t deviate from their affixed prize money and provide only and only that amount of jackpots to lucky players. Gamblers playing slots need to take their pick from progressive and non-progressive jackpot titles.

As mentioned above, slot machines are not in a complicated way of gambling. Many people on a daily basis are trying out their luck playing pokies with a hope to strike big. One can get blinded by the prospect of hitting it big which makes players lose sight of what their intention of playing slots really was. In many cases, dreams do actually come true when players are able to hit the prized jackpots while there will also be instances where they win little to no prizes.These four points above describe the reason why people try and win real money slots. You could put a thousand dollars on playing a title, but it will be of practically no use unless you pick a few rules of safe gambling. This comes in the form of limited budget setting, even bets and patience. New players ought to follow this rule as a mantra if they are looking to get themselves acquainted with the world of real money slots. While you may or may not even hit the jackpot, you could still go home a happy person winning a considerable amount of prize money playing these productions. If you are someone who does not like the idea of risking any money on online slots, you can also play them for free. There are however some advantages as well as disadvantages of playing free and real money titles. We have discussed them in detail below:

1. Free slots

  • No budget means no risk:
    Playing free slot means players don’t have to spend a penny from their pocket on playing them. They can register themselves in any online casino or even play them for free without the need for registration. This is especially useful for new players who want to get a feel of how slot machines actually work.
  • Privacy and security:
    Most online casinos provide you ample privacy and security to players and make it a point never to disclose their information in any way. This is also true for free mode. One can play any title they want without the fear of getting their privacy invaded and any sort of information leaked in any way.

2. Real money slots:

  • All wins are yours: As soon as you register yourself in online slots for real money and make a deposit, you stand a chance to enjoy the fruit of your playing. This means that you can bet on any slot game of your choice and play them with your own money. Any wins that may come with it are for you to enjoy.
  • Different welcome deposits and bonuses:
    Registering and depositing cash in online casinos entitle you to the many different bonus features and rounds available on the dealer website. A player who has deposited money also get first preference when it comes to getting weekly gaming bonuses and promotions.
  • Choice of betting options:
    With real money slots, you get a plethora of betting options that are unfortunately available on free slots. There are different kinds of betting and gamble options available on online casinos and members specifically. Such privileges are not available to free slot players. Gamblers also get access to play best online real money slots.

How to Win Real Money at Online Slots

Every gambler who registers in an online casino comes with the goal of earning good prize wins to take home. Finding a place to play casino for real money can indeed be quite a task and one that is best equipped for professionals. While there are many real money casino websites out there that you can simply go register, we go a step further and help you select the best online casinos out there. These online casino games with real money are selected by us as per your needs and requirements. All you need to do is tell us your personal requirements, and we shall go ahead and find you a good real money casino to play. You can then play casino slots online for real money as per your wish and convenience from anywhere and win real money at online casino as you should. We help you select the best online slots for real money present in the market currently so that you can make informed decisions and play at a real money casino of your choosing.

How to Play Online Slots for Money

There are no hidden secrets when it comes to playing slots online for real money. The standard rules and features all remain the same everywhere apart from a few kinks and unique changes. This can be in the form of a raw bonus, a game within a slot game, wheel bonus etc. In today’s time, slot machines for real money are dominating the online gambling industry, and as a gambler, you would only want to be a part of a portal that keeps your needs and requirements in focus. We help you in that critical task and find you the best online slots for real money that’s suitable for your needs. All you need to do is register yourself and start playing at these online slots for real money. There are some basic rules one ought to know if they are playing slot machines for real money:

Welcome bonuses:
Welcome bonuses are part and parcel of every online casino that you register yourself in. As the name suggests, welcome bonuses are given to new customers which is a 100% match to their first deposit. Supposedly you make a deposit of C$500 in your account, the website, in turn, will give you C$500 from its own pocket as an added welcome bonus.

No-deposit bonus:
No deposit bonuses are not that different from the welcome bonuses and have a relatively lesser intensity than them. This bonus is handed out to gamblers once they successfully register themselves in their respective portals. This can range anywhere from C$5 to C$10.
Free spins:
Other famous offerings of casinos offering slot machines with real money. Players are allowed free games by the portal whenever new games are being released to the canadian public. This is also done to promote old games as well. This strategy works for fruit machines and helps in promoting them as well as earning kudo points from their loyal customer base.

Important FAQ’s to Keep in Mind

Every new player indeed has some questions when it comes to playing slots for the first time. Here we have a look at some of the important FAQ’s to bear in mind while playing slots:

  • Has anyone really won money in online slots?
    The answer is a definite yes. Many folks indeed have won money and jackpots whilst playing slots. You don’t stand to be a loser but always gain more experience.
  • If I play the demo version, can I win money?
    Unfortunately, no. You cannot win any real money whilst playing a demo version of slots.
  • How can I withdraw my casino winnings?
    There are many ways you can withdraw your earnings from casinos. This differs from casino to casino. All major withdrawals take anywhere between 3-5 working days and money can be credited to an online medium of your choice including Paypal, Skrill, Monero, bank transfers etc.
  • What does your winning amount depend on?
    All your winning amounts simply depends on how big your bet is. The bigger your bet, the more you stand to win.
  • Can I win big cash amounts?
    Progressive jackpots can offer you some of the biggest wins whilst playing slots. Progressive slot wins increases every time a game is played, betted on and not won. This is accumulated util one wins the entire thing. Once this happens, the game is reset again.
  • What is the probability of winning?
    Slots are a game of chance, and as such, there is a particular probability of one winning money constantly.
  • What are the minimum and maximum stakes?
    Minimum and maximum stakes vary as per the games you play. You can find more info via the help screen tab of any title.
  • How old must you be in order to be eligible to play slots?
    One must be over the age of legal consent as per the laws of their country you are currently residing in.
  • Is there a limit to a minimum and maximum deposit?
    This again varies from casino to casino. Players must make sure to read the guidelines whenever they register themselves on a new casino.