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Craps Betsoft

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We have other craps by the Betsoft. Like the other games of this type, we have one with great sound support and graphics. Smooth animation is also there, and everything looks great on the green table. You just need to decide where to place your bet.

How to Play Betsoft Craps

If you play it for the first time, you can also look for the help button. It contains what you need to know. The same rules apply here like in other tables. You put your bet on an outcome, and there are pass and not pass bets. Like the come and don’t come bets. The lowest one is 1£, and the highest is 100£. You can set the odds and clear the bet if you accidentally click the wrong one. With this online craps, you can wager minimum at 1 pound and with the chips of 1, 5, 25, 100, 300.

Useful Facts Strategy

If you look at the dice at craps, you will see that the dice is transparent, that is because the box person can see if the dice is not yours or smuggled. The history takes as all the way back to the Crusades. Later the game was brought to America. Like in other games of this type, stay at your range because you don’t want to bet and stay without the money on your account. Crap styles are similar and no matter if you play it by Betsoft, Playtech or Microgaming you will see many similarities.

What to Avoid?

You can play the game at the Bet365 casino, Euro mania casino, Dassist casino and much more. All of this casinos can give you bonuses up to 100%. It has many variations all over the casinos. Sucker bets – You need to know that betting on the Big 6 and Big 8 are known as sucker bets. Do not do this even if it looks appealing to you. When you bet on 6 and eight, that means you place your bet on these numbers before rolled number 7. You should know that for every win on this bet the house gets 9.1 percent and it is totally unfair.

Bonuses and Benefits

There are no progressive bonuses and jackpots, but there are many chances to win. You should know that betting chances are always 50/50. Look at the paytable for more stuff that can be useful to you. The only bonuses you will get are from casinos like:

  • Jackpot city – gives a bonus of 1600£
  • Royal Vegas – bonus of 1200£
  • All Slots – 1600£
  • Redbet – 1000£

These are ones of the best casinos to deposit your money.

Additional Info and Phrase for Users

There is also the mobile version that is supported. The rules are the same, and there are chips from 1 to 500. Stakes vary in Craps by Betsoft, they go from 1 to 100. For the VIP level, there is a minimum of five bets. You can see after the dice roll is completed the total outcome in an isolated window. It is located at the top right of the screen.