Sports Betting Sites in Canada

Sports betting is incredibly popular now in 2021. Its growth signals new ways to bet money and win, ranging from your favourite sports to favoured teams. You can bet on games like Hockey, NFL, or Soccer. Canadian sports bettors have gained valuable experience from this. This experience leads to finding the best Canadian sports betting sites and apps. The top-ranked CSB Sportsbooks will be proof of this. The hard work has been put into bringing quality bet entertainment. You can even try free bets from the best betting sites. This lets you try out sports booking beforehand. Examples of other good services are target markets, banking options and legal security.

Best Sports Betting Sites for Canada

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Canada’s Best Sports to Bet On

Betting fans will be able to see what options there are. Sports betting involves tons of new games to watch. Canada has plenty of more options than most other countries. Canadians will be thrilled that betting on sports games is simple to do. Here are some great examples:

  1. NHL Hockey Betting – Hockey is a famed sport in Canada. It’s one of the local specialties to bet on.
  2. NFL Football Betting – American Football has NFL tournaments. These leagues have plenty of options to place bets from team players to the number of carrying points.
  3. NBA Basketball Betting – Basketball NBA involves many well-known teams in America. Canadian teams have been rising through the ranks.
  4. UFC Betting – the Ultimate Fighting Championship has lots of potentials. Its history has been known in gambling for years.
  5. CFL Football Betting – The Canadian Football League is where you can bet specifically on Canadian teams. There are plenty of local teams in this country alone.
  6. Soccer Betting – Soccer is the western version of UK football. It is the sport where players primarily use their foot. They have special bets like corner betting.
  7. College Football Betting – College Football lets you gamble on college-specific teams. These have universities from across the world.
  8. Horse Racing Betting – The Horse Races are a classic sportsbook betting on your lucky horse to win big amounts. This style of gambling has been around for a long time.
  9. Curling Betting – Curling is a lesser-known sport but still a valid option. Betting in this sport is determined by the number of points.
  10. Rugby Betting – Another popular UK sport that expanded across the globe. Betting covers both national and international leagues.

How We Rate the Best Betting Sites in Canada

There are multiple factors in 2021 Canadian sports betting sites. The best sports betting sites will have the highest rating in the reviews. Recommending these Canadian sports betting websites is the purpose of the reviews. This is why it’s important that all sports betting evaluation is done correctly. Here is what to look out for:

  • Bonuses and Promotions – Look out for special deals. These can give you extra rewards to be used in betting. Some of them can even be free bets. Most are gained in a welcome package. This is when you are offered benefits from registration. Others will have long-term rewards like VIP clubs.
  • Banking and Payout Speed – Banking options allow you to deposit money. Money deposited is what will be used in a bet. They will also be used to withdraw your winnings. Different sites use different payment methods. The payout time will also vary depending on the method. Check the banking options when you visit the site itself. We check to see if a deposit method can also be used for withdrawing too. Sometimes they may only allow one or the other.
  • Security, Safety and Customer Support – These are the most important factors. This determines how safe you are whilst gambling. A license and registration will review how they follow the law. The law of their area must be obeyed as a top priority. Look for a logo of a license at the bottom of the home page. Examples include MGA, eCOGRA, or Canada licenses like ICLG.
  • Competitive Odds & Additional Features – Check out what betting options are there. There are a number of ways to bet to make things more exciting. For example, if you can use competitive odds. These are odds that can grow higher as time passes. Riskier bets can be placed, which leads to higher rewards. Other features can be available. Live betting allows you to place sports bets in real-time. The match will be happening before your very eyes.
  • Range of Sports, Markets & Bet Types – A sports booking site may only be fun if it has your favourite sports. The more sports available the more there is for everyone. Players will enjoy a site that can tailor towards their needs. This includes the range of services they provide. It also helps if they support the language of the player, what currencies do they have to make banking easier. The markets are just as important as they can mean contact with specific audiences.
  • Convenience on Mobile – Mobile gambling is a constant new development. It can be a great help for those on the move. As long as they have the correct software to run it, that is. Mobile betting means you can place a bet from anywhere. An internet connection is required, regardless. Since smartphones and tablets are more compatible, it means easier access. The best sites will make the interface simpler to use as well.

Sports Betting Online vs. Betting In-Person

Betting Online In-Person Betting
You will gain access to more options for betting. More games are available all over the world. Gain access to major sports but have smaller gaps in the market.
Bet from anywhere you want and at any time of the day. You have to enter a physical property. This is only open at certain times of the day.
Some of the excitement can be taken away. This is because you are given more control over the sportsbook. The thrill from a real sportsbook brings a stronger community. Meet real players to become friends with.
Earn all kinds of promotion features. These can be more rewarding with minimal losses. Limited offers are available like trips or hotels. The time on these offers can be shorter.

Sports Betting Bonuses

Sports betting sites with bonuses offer great opportunities. Sports betting bonuses will aim to grant better rewards. Many of them are similar to casino bonuses. You can find free bets online. You can be given boosts to your winnings for a limited time. Faster payouts can even be granted through loyalty points. Here are the main examples:

  • Sign-up Bonus – This is granted to you from the moment you register. These will give you prize boosts as a thank you for signing up. Read the terms and conditions before making a decision. You will find that it is only granted with the first deposit. Some can continue for a few more deposits. Cash boosts will be given to betting more than what you have.
  • Free Bets – These are bets you can make without spending real money. It requires no deposits to be made. The money will be granted to you from the sportsbook. This means that if you win, you can make maximum profit. These are granted through no deposit bonuses. Use of a promo code can be found in online deals.
  • Money-Back and Cashback – This will reward money back to you. Say that you spend a certain amount. Cashback means you will get all of that money back. Or, at the very least, you will gain part of it back. Cashback means you get to play without suffering losses or at least alleviating it.
  • Loyalty Bonus – Earn a loyalty bonus from a long commitment of the sportsbook. This can be a VIP club where you climb the ranks: the higher your rank, the better the rewards. Earn loyalty points to spend on additional benefits.

Sports Betting Tips

Earn sports betting tips from reviews like this one. The best sports betting tips come from online communities. Players can work together to see what odds work best. Discussions can be taken place before the matches begin. General gambling tips can also be used here as well. These can be learned from casino communities too. The best betting strategy will be a combination of both genres. Here are a few elements you can learn already:

  • Claim Special Deals – Make sure that you claim whatever bonuses available. These can grant benefits that can offer much more. It is a good idea for beginners to get into the habit. Learn about the deals available to you. Look at the rules to see what is eligible.
  • Set a Budget – Make sure to bet only necessary. Set yourself a budget for how much you will spend. Know the limits so that you don’t suffer huge financial losses. This can help prevent gambling-related disorders such as addiction.
  • Strike Early – The faster you place a bet, the better your odds. This can mean getting in before anyone else does. Striking early means that you can earn more money than others too. Once more people place bets, winnings are distributed to more people.
  • Play on Various Betting Sites – Keep updated with the latest news and changes. If your site has a major change, this can affect your betting. It may not be suitable for your needs anymore. Consider switching to a different site if changes are not to your liking.

Mobile Betting Apps

Canada has access to mobile betting too. The best sports betting apps can be found on Android or iOS products. Devices such as an iPhone or iPad can be used to host sports betting app. Players can download the app from the stores. Android will have Google Play. IOS will have the Apple store. Since you can bring a phone or tablet anywhere, it’s easy to bet. The same quality will be upheld the same as a browser version. The interface will be optimized for mobile usage. Make sure to set up an account for the mobile version as well. This may require a new banking option.

Popular Canadian Payment-Withdrawal Methods

You can find the best deposit methods for Canada sports betting. These sites will make sure to provide plenty of options. You can choose whichever you feel more comfortable with. The deposit methods may differ from the withdrawal methods. Further identification may be needed for withdrawing. The privacy policy will protect your financial information. SSL Encryption is the minimum requirement. This is true for all gambling establishments. Here are good examples to use:

Method Description Min Deposit Fees
Credit/Debit Cards (Visa, MasterCard) A common method for banking. Use the card details to connect to the bank. CA$5.00 Free
Discover Credit cards are used for online banking. CA$35 2%
Interac Online Electronic transfer of money CA$25 Free
InstaDebit Secure bank-based payment. CA$10 Free
iDebit Online Canada banking. Utilizes connection to secure bank payments. CA$100 CA$2.00
PayPal Online wallet CA$10 Free
Neteller Online wallet CA$10 Free
Skrill Electronic Wallet. Similar to Neteller and PayPal. CA$10 Free
Paysafecard Digital payment card. Used for more than just betting. CA$5.00 Free
Bank Wire/Bank check The direct transfer of money from your bank. CA$100.00 Free

Is Online Sports Betting Legal in Canada?

Canada’s gambling laws are spread throughout the country. Sports betting Canada requires each area’s permission for it to be legal. Betting sites that accept Canadian players are those who understand them. There is an authority for every jurisdiction in Canada. Some of them have different guidelines. They also may have different views on what is illegal. These places each have a code that a gambling site must follow. Failure to do so will be an unauthorized business. This is for the safety of all players involved. If they don’t follow the law, they can risk persecution.

Examples of Canadian gambling licenses are as followed. The Kahnawake Gambling Commission, the Alberta Gaming, Liquor and Cannabis Commission, the Gaming Policy and Enforcement Brand of the Ministry of Finance, the Liquor, Gaming and Cannabis Authority of Manitoba. These are just a few that look after certain areas. Places like Quebec, Toronto, British Columbia, and so forth. It is best to look at their guides to see what is allowed. Look for the one that covers your area. You may wish to try a site from another area. That is if you can trust the approval of the license. Rest assured, all of which cover the standard safety protocols.

How to Start Playing on a Canadian Sports Betting Site?

  • The first matter is to decide on your betting site. Look at the reviews to gain a better understanding. Check if they meet all of your requirements. This includes payment options and sports. Check to see if there are any bonuses to claim. Including the sign-up bonus is a good place to start.
  • Register for the site you have chosen. This will involve setting up an account. Fill in the account with your personal details. Setup a username and password to log in with. The account will then be finalized.
  • You can now proceed with the payment method. Choose which option you wish to deposit with. Check to see the waiting times and deposit limit. Depositing real money will allow you to use that money to bet.
  • The deposit that is made will then let you place a bet. Check out the sportsbooks to see what games are playing. You can choose live betting or place a bet before the game begins. Decide on what part of the sport you are betting on.
  • Once the game has been done, calculations will start. This determines how much you have won. The bigger the odds, the more money you win. You can then withdraw the winnings you have been given.

Sports Betting FAQ

How do sports betting work?

Deposit money into your account. Use the payment methods to do so. Once a deposit is made, use that money to bet. You can place a wager on any sport. The odds determine how much you can win.

Are sports betting legal in Canada?

Canada allows states with sports betting. This is done through various licenses. Each one belongs to a different part of the country.

What is the legal gambling age in Canada?

The legal gambling age is between 18-19. It differs in each area. This is also different for both casinos and the lottery.

Which sports do Canadians like to bet on?

Lacrosse and Ice Hockey are the national sports of Canada. These are the most favoured sports to gamble on.

Are there any sports betting bonuses for Canadian players?

Yes, there is. It can be an exclusive cash bonus or free bets to be made.

How long does it take before I can withdraw my winnings?

This can differ depending on the payment method. Withdrawals can take between 24 hours to seven business days.

Can I make deposits and receive my winnings in Canadian dollars?

Canadian casinos will happily accept Canadian dollars. Other currencies can also be available.

Can I bet on my smartphone or mobile?

Mobile sports betting sportsbook is possible. This is done through downloadable apps. You can find them on certain Canadian sites.