Best Progressive Slots Canada 

Canadians are taking a special interest in a new kind of slot game, and it should not come as a surprise. Online progressive slots allow for a much bigger reward to be won. Players spin the reel, and with each spin, the award gets bigger.

The games are all fun, and many would say that they are the best ones available. It has been estimated that in 2021 prizes can be well into the millions of C$. Casinos have realized just how popular they are and are happy to put more progressive slots onto their sites. As a result, there are many gamers.

List of the Progressive Slots

Lucky Larry’s Lobstermania 2 Slot Machine Free Play
Lucky Larry’s Lobstermania 2
Rainbow Riches Slot Machine Free Play
Rainbow Riches
Faust Slot Machine Free Play
Pharaohs Fortune Slot Machine Free Play
Pharaoh’s Fortune
Circus Slot Machine Free Play
The Twisted Circus
Choy Sun Doa Slot Machine Free Play
Choy Sun Doa
Viva Las Vegas Slot Machine Free Play
Viva Las Vegas
Golden Dragon Slot Machine Free Play
Golden Dragon
Lobstermania Slot Machine Free Play
Wonder Woman Slot Machine Free Play
Wonder Woman
First Class Traveller Slot Machine Free Play
First Class Traveller
Burning Hot Slot Machine Free Play
Burning Hot
Abra Kebab Ra Slot Machine Free Play
Abra Kebab Ra
T-Rex Slot Machine Free Play
Super Jackpot Party Slot Machine Free Play
Super Jackpot Party
Dolphin’s Pearl Slot Machine Free Play
Dolphin's Pearl
Indian Dreaming Slot Machine Free Play
Indian Dreaming
Quick Hit Slot Machine Free Play
Quick Hit
40 Super Hot Slot Machine Free Play
40 Super Hot
Pharaoh Slot Machine Free Play
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What are Progressive Slot Games?

Progressive slots differ from regular video slots. So, what are the differences? How should you calculate the ultimate award? The game providers and sites take a slice of each spin and put it towards the top reward. As a result, the bonanza can get bigger fast. Wins can be random or as a result of a bonus game. Players can be on different sites, yes, but can still pay into the jackpot as long as they play the same game. If enough people are playing, it is possible for there to be a big prize up for grabs. In Canada, wins come about in a variety of ways. While there are no guarantees, there are tactics to ensure that the player can win the roll-over award. To show that this is the case, here are some tricks:

  • Stake the Maximum – In progressive slot games, one should lay the maximum stake to have a chance of winning the top honour. As this will be off-putting for some bettors who wish to bet with lower stakes, there are lower-level choices. Therefore, the more spins one makes, the more tickets one can get. The hope is that the algorithm will select a ticket held.
  • Random Jackpot Win – Any spin can generate a win with an online slot. Specific combinations do not have to show, and there does not have to be a bonus game. However, your stake may have to be the maximum to ensure you are in with a chance to win the progressive jackpot.
  • High Symbol Hit – The right payline must show the correct sequence of symbols. Furthermore, to win, five symbols must appear on a specific payline. This combination will lead to a good win and collect the roll-over award.
  • Bonus Games – Playing the base game can trigger bonus rounds on a lot of options. A jackpot wheel will appear, and the result of the spin will dictate how much you can win, and of course, it could be a massive prize.
  • Random Number Generators – This is the system used to ensure that all users have a fair chance. The system is used in all slot games and at the best online casinos. One can only win a top prize as a result of the random number generator.

Standalone Progressives

If this is the case, there is only one machine in the entire casino that can drop the roll-over prize. It has no contact with other machine types or the overall network.

Local Area Progressives

One casino can be the link for several games. While it will be a physical casino and not online, there are terms & conditions for you to read. Four or five machines may be capable of giving the award. When it is online, it is different games that will be linked.

Wide Area Progressives

More than one casino and provider will be involved. One-pot will hold all of the bets, and if you make the winning spin, there will be a massive amount of cash won. Examples of these games are Mega Moolah, Arabian Nights, Jackpot Giant, and many more.

Bonus Features on Progressive Slot Machines

Not all of these will have the same bonus features, but all will be fun and possibly lucrative. Mega Fortune begins if three or more luck symbols line up in the correct place. A win can occur after spinning The Wheel of Fortune, and your prize could be massive. To get the progressive top prize, the three circles need the three arrows in the right place.

The online slot game goes to a different level when playing Empire Fortune. This game has three bonanzas. First of all, there is a Free Spin bonus that gives 30 free spins. On the same, the machine can multiply these ten times. The Fireworks option provides 12 rockets that could lead to the ultimate win. Finally, the wheel is the one to get. The prize here is 500 times the stake.

Progressive Mobile Slot

As many people like to try gaming at casinos when travelling, mobile progressive slots are becoming more available. Android and iOS smartphones can host a great deal of fun. Progressive jackpots have moved to this platform as well. There are issues to consider, however, if deciding to gamble on a mobile phone. Any wagering requirements will be the same as in a casino.

Reliability is vital as an interruption in games is going to spoil the experience. We can recommend some sites as they are the best. What could be worse than getting close to the roll-over prize and losing connection?

You can use both browser and app, and the experience will differ from when using a laptop. Phone size will not be an issue. However, the site may look a little different with some changes to graphics for this type of slot.

When using the app, first download it. As it is designed specifically for mobiles, the experience should be better. Connectivity will be good, and again iOS and Android phones can use the app.

Biggest Progressive Slot Wins

Before playing, many gamblers would like to know what they could win. That is if they are lucky enough to secure a great win. Which game is the best, which bonus is the best, what are my chances of winning? Thousands of bettors will have asked those questions thousands of times when games run on RNG. Microgaming is the software provider that has made many of the highest payouts. Netent is responsible for the other highest amounts, so both organizations will rightly be popular with the users.

Mega Moolah is the individual game that has provided the best payout against the chances. In 2018, there was an incredibly lucky gambler who managed to win €18,915.721. Mega Moolah also paid out the second-highest amount overall at C$20,057,734 for someone in North America who was able to beat the odds. A lucky British man managed to win £13,312,882; and at the time, this was the highest ever payout, but it has since changed. There was someone who was luckier and got a bigger one.

How to Play on Progressive Slot Machines?

Playing the best progressive slots is not a lot different from playing any other slot game. The process is just the same.

  • Sign up for an account
  • Make a deposit
  • Select the game to play
  • Select the amount to bet
  • Spin the wheel and hope for a win.

When choosing a game on the slot machines, consider the RTP first. Firstly, the closer to 100 the percentage is, the better the chance of a win. Often the only thing that matters will be symbols landing in the correct order. With some progressive jackpot slots, five symbols landing on a payline will be just what you need. Some will take the player to a bonus game. Other icons will also give the win on a random spin.

Progressive Slots: What do You Need to Know?

While it may seem that the only things bettors want to know are that the game will provide big wins, there are other things to consider.

  • These progressive jackpots can put the odds in the gambler’s favour.

Just by playing a game like this, one should already be thinking about winning big. The question to ponder is how big the award can be? It is hard to know what the win can be because nobody knows how many spins can cause it to happen. If the gamer joins from the start, it could be long before they can get another chance. Hence, it is different from progressive games such as video poker, where play can begin after reaching the target.

  • Slot machines with progressive jackpots have worse odds.

Usually, people will be aware of the house edge with online casinos and know that there is always an advantage for the games provider. By checking the RTP, they will know what chances they have of getting a win. The house edge tells the gaming site what each bet will cost the gambler trying to win a progressive jackpot. One has to remember that the RTP is overall and not for each person. It is also a long game. Two issues are vital regarding why there is a lower payout percentage from progressive games.

  • The bet – A part of every single bet will go towards the jackpot and increase it. As a result, these games have become so popular.
  • Payback – The payout from the jackpot will determine the percentage of payback. 5% will come from this top prize if there is a 95% payback percentage.

The chance of winning can be well in the millions, and that is a lot of money. While it will be a great win when it falls, others may be more fruitful.

  • You usually can’t win the progressive jackpot unless you play max coins.

It is true, unfortunately, when it comes to these games. Due to the size of the possible win, a small stake will not be enough. However, these may not be for the casual bettor and a person who likes to bet small as it will exclude them from the top award. The gambling website will pass this information on to Canadians.


It should be clear by now that there is a massive benefit from playing these sorts of games and trying to win the biggest progressive jackpot. The win can be immense, and the games are exciting. Knowing what is needed to win the top prize keeps the bettor on the edge of the seat. Seeing the symbols land on the payline one by one must be exciting, especially if they are bonus symbols.

Frequently Asked Questions about Progressive Slots

What are progressive slots?

These are games that can give a payout. Sometimes they act alone; others directly link to other machines.

Are progressive slots available on mobile?

Yes, most of them are.

Can you play progressive slots for free?

You may try out progressive slots for free here, on our web page. However, there will not be any money won. It will all be for fun.

Progressive slots - the most generous slots?

Mega Moolah has given the biggest payout of all similar games. These pay much more when one wins.

Do progressive slots have free spins?

Yes, there are all the features of other slots. The only difference is the ultimate payout which can be much bigger than with other machines.