Penny Slots

Casinos find that the majority of their customers undoubtedly enjoy playing slot games. Given that, it is not surprising that new ones appear on the market on a regular basis. They are loved by Canadians, and indeed in 2021, many penny slots were played. Spins can start from as little as $0.01 per line, and even with multiple lines, clearly stakes stay low. As a further benefit for casino players, some online sites will provide them with free penny slots. There are, however, terms and conditions that affect withdrawal.

List of the Penny Slots

Great Blue Slot Machine Free Play
Great Blue
Frozen Diamonds Slot Machine Free Play
Frozen Diamonds

What are Penny Slots?

Granted, the term penny slots can actually be a little misleading. A lot of players will think that this means the wheel can be spun for just 1p fora low-limit machine. However, when playing one of these games,you will end up spending more. That is not the cost per spin, but what you would pay per line that is in play. In other words, you would not pay the total amount, although it is still not expensive.
By allowing the stake to be just C$0.01 per line, it does, in fact, ensure that you don’t spend too much, even with advanced casino games. The amount adds up, as it can be rare to pay just one line. The lowest tends to be around 25 lines, so each spin is actually C$0.25 a time. In truth, this is ideal for lower-stakes players.
Compared to other slot games, the cost is quite low, so players can get a lot of enjoyment and yet do not break the bank. Firstly, it is important that casino players are aware of the amount they are going to bet. If they want it to be the minimum, they have to select the correct number of coins per spin they want to commit. It will be understood that a nickel slot game will give bigger wins, but in Canada, there are customers who want to play slots for lower stakes regardless of the prize.

Types of Penny Slots

There are two types of penny slot machines. Firstly, there are progressive, and secondly, there are non-progressive. Each set has a wide variety of real money casinogames, and all will have Canadians who consider them their favourite. New players who play slot provider’s game may be confused and not understand the difference, which is the best if either. They are ideal, at least for those on low wages who want to play.

  • Progressive

The jackpot is built up every time there is a spin – most importantly, even on the lowest setting. There will be something at the beginning, but it will build up to a much better pot as a result. The growth in these gambling games is progressive and, therefore, cannot be exceeded. The amount players are told about the jackpots total is final. It is random and, indeed, is bound to be different every time.

  • Non-progressive

Here the jackpot figure does not change. Whatever the win for a specific symbol is will not increase regardless. If it says 5 Kings win C$1000, which is what will always happen. Here the symbols tend to be less adventurous, but many gamblers generally prefer that. There is something comforting about knowing what the big win can be, even with classic slots. There is more chance of winning here, but the amount may be a lot lower than on a progressive slot machines wins.

Penny Slot Machines on Mobile

Many players like to gamble on the go; therefore, it makes sense to adapt the games for use on a mobile platform. Because a smartphone is a normal phone for many to use, games can be played across the systems, including iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Windows. Given the fact, it is easy to access them, they are available through the browser or via the app.
The version of the games is the same on these devices as when played online. There will be the same casino login, and under these circumstances, games will be played the same way. They have effectively been adapted to make them suitable for playing these slots on a smaller machine. Android users, however, have a small barrier. They will, in fact, have to use the app to play at the Android casino.

Tips and Tricks to Play Penny Slots

It always helps to have an edge even when playing slot machine games with low stakes. To this end, there are some simple tricks that can turn out to be quite lucrative.

  • Bankroll Management – Even when playing penny slots, it is possible to run out of money quickly. Having a bankroll to last is going to be vital. There is the option to select different levels of stake. Not all insist on C$0.50, and it is possible to play just C$0.10 or C$0.20 at a time. The top online casinoscan always extend thelimit machine. In other words, more fun.
  • Use bonuses – Bonuses are available even on low stake games at Canadian online casinos. There is going to be a welcome offer, and that should give the account a bit of a boost. There are bound to reload offers made to keep customers, and even if there is not a big win, Canadians can have playing time at no cost to them.
  • Activate all paylines – If using a real money penny slot to play for wins, it is best to utilize all pay lines. Spending just C$0.01 means only one line is in use and that means the return to play percentage will be exceptionally low. Paying more per round will give a better chance of winning.
  • Know the paytable – Understanding the paytable is ideal. It may not give a higher chance of winning but will indicate what is needed for a win with a real money casino game.
  • Check the minimum bet for jackpot eligibility – Most machines have a jackpot feature, but there will be terms and conditions. It may be possible to win it if the correct amount of money is staked, given that the correct number of paylines is activated.

Penny Slots vs. Other Slots – What’s Better?

When playing, it will be up to each user to determine which is better. If someone has a lot of Canadian dollars to play with, they may want to use games with higher stakes and jackpots in the hope of a special win. There is the risk of losing a lot more money this way, but also the hope of a much bigger win on the slots provider’s games.
A bet using low stakes will mean more time can be spent playing, but will the excitement be the same? For realistic players, the winnings will be low as a penny slot, but they know that. So a decent win can take place, considering the low stake used.
In comparison, placing a big bet in CAD will give the chance of a bigger win. While it may be true, it can also lead to big losses. There is one area where they are the same, and that is the chance to select the number of paylines. Even with penny slots, games allow wagers more than C$0.01 can be placed on each line, so it is best to check the right selection is made.

Attribute Penny Slots Other Slots
Lowest stake Yes No
Highest win No Yes
Wide range of games Yes Yes
Can be played on mobiles Yes Yes

Popular Penny Slots

It will be easy for Canadian players actually to choose the best games to play. Even if the wins are lower on penny slots, there are, in fact, some good RTPs. The smaller wins are to be expected when there are lower bets placed. As spins can begin at C$0.01 per spin and the RTPs are easy to see, it should be easy for them to decide which one to choose.

Penny Slot Provider RTP
1429 Uncharted Seas Thunderkick 98.60%
Blood Suckers NetEnt 98%
Jokerizer Yggdrasil 98%
Zeus WMS 97%
JokerPro NetEnt 96.8%
Spartacus WMS 96.7%
Vikings go to Hell Yggdrasil 96.1%
Golden Goddess High 5 Games 96%
Book of Dead Play’n Go 94.98%
Wolf Run IGT 94.25%


Despite the name not reflecting exactly what the slot requires in payment, it is a cheap way to play advanced casino games. Some of the biggest names in the industry are providing modern slots in this category. At a time when more and more people are turning to slots for entertainment, it is good to know there is a way they can play at a top online casino for little outlay.

Frequently Asked Questions about Penny Slots

What are penny slot machines?

They are machines on every slots casino site that allow the player to place stakes that are lower than on many other machines.

Can I play penny slots for free?

Yes, in some cases. Our website allows this, hence we let gamblers play and not use money.

What is the jackpot of penny slot machines?

Many factors will come into play, such as variance, RTP and the game. For that reason, it is not possible to say.

Are penny slots available on mobile?

Mobile platforms can host games, and they can be played online or through an app.

What are the most popular penny slots?

There are many that players in Canada love, especially ones with a high RTP.  1429 Uncharted Seas actually has one of the highest among this form of lower-class entertainment.