Classic Slots

classic slots

Classic slots have been one of the best casino games ever. Back in time, casinos included only these types where players should only get three similar symbols on the same reel. The whole game in classic-themed slots was just about spinning the reels and waiting for luck to do its magic. Although the casino classic slots are still there, game developers introduced some features to suit the current year 2021. However, Canadians can still find these options either online or in real casinos.

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Wolf Run
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Couch Potato
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Rise Of Horus
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The Twisted Circus
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Choy Sun Doa
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Viva Las Vegas
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Golden Dragon
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Wonder Woman
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First Class Traveller
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Burning Hot
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Bruce Lee
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Super Jackpot Party
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Funhouse slot
Indian Dreaming Slot Machine Free Play
Indian Dreaming
Quick Hit Slot Machine Free Play
Quick Hit
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How to Play Classic Slot Machines?

These are simple games in terms of structure and how to play them. Even if you are new to classic casino games, you will still get it right. Here are the easy steps:

  • Step1: Try to find a casino with free classic slots. If you can’t, there are video slots with the same rules. These will work for you.
  • Step 2: Know the rules! There are 3 reels and one playline. However, the new versions may contain more than that.
  • Step 3: Set your bet and spin. The goal is to get a winning combination on the same line.

As simple as this!

What Are Classic Slots?

These are the machine-based ones we used to find in old casinos. These machines used physical reels where players could feel and hear the reel spinning. Nowadays, casinos replaced most of these casino pokies with video ones. Although they might work in the same way, there are some differences between both.

One of the typical features of classical machines is that they offer no bonuses. This is, perhaps, the reason why new gamblers, especially those who gamble online, often avoid them. However, old-school gamers still love the way they work.

History of Classic Slot Machines

Charles Fey is the one who created the first classic slot machine. He named his slot machine the Liberty Bell. This design is what we call now a classical slot machine – a one-arm bandit with 3 playing reels. Later, Herbert Mills upgraded this machine and changed the symbols to fruits, thus marking the beginning of the classic fruit machines of today.

Today, the 3-reel machines are available online. However, there is some advancement in these traditional games to suit the online world. For example, the classic 777 slots which are popular among online gamblers. They work in the same way as old casino games but with additional features.

Types of Classic Slots

Although these games look similar, they have some differences. First, they vary in terms of symbols. While most will have a Wild and a Scatter, a game will also have a few icons that are unique to its theme. As well, traditional versions vary in relation to paylines. While the standard range is 1 to 5 lines, even games with similar lines might have separate betting rules. To get you started, here are the two main kinds.

  • 777 slots

As mentioned, the 777 options work in the same way as most slots. However, the three consecutive 7s is a lucky number as it means a jackpot.

  • Fruit machines

Fruit machines are the most common slot types in the world. Although they have been there for many years, they haven’t lost their charm yet. These are similar in a number of reels but different in fruit symbols. For each machine, either online or in physical casinos, you can find different attractive fruit symbols.

Bonus Features of Classic Slot Machines

Whereas the one-armed bandits’ kinds don’t offer bonuses, their modern versions do offer some.

  • Free spins

This is the basic bonus feature for any slot machine. When you spin the reels and get bonus symbol combinations, you will get a specific number of free spins. This number varies according to the slot game and the bonus you managed to get. Hence, you can spin again to win your bet.

  • Wilds

Wilds are one of the bonuses gamblers prefer, especially for old-fashioned slot machines. This is because they increase the chances of winning a combination a lot. Wilds will change its symbol to any symbol that makes a winning combination. If you manage to get 2 matching symbols and a wild in a 3-reel machine, it automatically changes to the same symbol. So, you win this bet. However, wilds have other alternatives which are available only in modern games.

  • Scatters

Finally, scatters allow players to win any game regardless of the symbols. When you receive a scatter bonus, you receive a reward without having to make any combinations. Further, the amount of the reward depends on the slot machine itself.

Mobile Classic Slots

Many players prefer mobile gaming for its convenience. You don’t need to go anywhere to play your favourite slot game. Furthermore, you can play your favourite fruit slots on mobile. Canadian people have plenty of mobile slot games to choose from. Moreover, some of them are downloadable as applications for all operating systems. Alternatively, there are real-money mobile machines and casinos. There, you can bet for money or just spend some time wagering for free.

Most famous old-style slot developers optimize their games to mobiles. Thus, slot games will adapt to the screen and offer a user-friendly experience.

Classic vs Video Slots

Many beginners would go for video options thinking that since they are newer, they will be better. However, we cannot always say that the video slot titles are better, nor vice versa. Actually, it is a matter of preferences. Some players do play both and find different amusements in each of them. The differences between the two selections are summarized as the following:

Classic slots Video slots
Features A limited number of features.

Some have no bonuses, and some may include free spins, basic wilds and scatters.

A larger number of features and bonuses.

Bonuses include wilds and their variations, jackpots, bonus games and others.

Symbols Mostly the traditional fruit symbols. Various symbols that depend on the theme of the slot machine.
Reels Mostly three reels. However, some might have 5 reels. Can have five or more reels.
Rows One to three rows. Three and more.
Paylines One payline and up to five in some cases. Many paylines that may exceed 5.
Winning Have to make a winning combination on an active pay line to win. Players can win and get the payout from other additional bonuses and features specific to each video slot.

Classic Slots Strategy

Certainly, you will be happy playing these games. However, they are hard to win, and losing can be a break to your wallet. Thus, there are some strategies you should follow if you want to play fruit machine online.

  • Play for the lowest coin

While most don’t offer many options in this regard, you should always search for the lowest coin options available. This will allow you to play a couple of spins without losing much money. If it happens, and you win, it won’t be much money as well. But, in the end, gaining less money is far better than losing much.

  • Set limits

Always set your own limits. Don’t go to an online casino with all the money you have for the month. A good way to do this is by using a particular Visa or MasterCard for gambling. This way, you will set a limit of money you will gamble with each day.

  • Play these games for free

You might love the land-based casino experience, but unfortunately, there are no free physical casinos. If you are new to fruit machines or want to try your luck without losing money, it is better to play for free. This can only be done through online pokies. You can play as much as you want online to enjoy the game but limit your visits to casinos to save your money.


Fruit machine or triple 7 games are straightforward and basic casino games of all time. They are not the same 3-reel slots of the old days, although these might be found somewhere. There are many advancements and new features to make them more exciting with more odds. Gamblers have both options available online, either the old types with no fancy features or bonuses or the modern kinds with the same gameplay as the fruit slots but with additional features. Although a 777 or fruit machine gameplay may seem boring to some people, they are still the top favourite casino games for others. They have been there for years, and we believe they will remain with some advancement.

Frequently Asked Questions about Classic Slots

What types of slots are called classic slot machines?

These are the typical 3-reel slot machines with no additional features. These are usually the old era fruit slots.

Is it possible to play fruit slots for free?

Yes, but you should search for a free online casino to do so. And as you do that, make sure you play the best free demo games on our website.

Do classic slot machines have free spins?

Some offer free spins, while others have no bonuses as the first old-school slot machines.

Are classic slot machines available on mobile?

Yes. Like most casino games and slots, the conventional fruit game choices are available on mobile phones and app stores.

Can I play fruit machines for real money?

Yes, some physical casinos in Canada still offer these. Also, you can play for real money online.