400% Deposit Bonus

400% Deposit Bonus

What Is a 400 Casino Bonus and Why You Should Use It

Almost all of the online casinos offer you something in exchange for making your first deposit. Sometimes it is a match percentage, sometimes a large number of free spins, and sometimes both. In this context, a 400 casino bonus Canada is one of the best promotions you can find – it’s match rate is 400%, and you can even get a couple of free spins to use on dozens of slot machines. Basically, the casino site will quadruple your starting budget and give you a boost in the beginning.

We can say that while match bonuses are common, but a 400% match rate is quite rare: usually, this figure is either 100% or 200%. You can also understand why you should use it from this statement. This promotion will give you, for example, 40 GPB for free in exchange for depositing 10 GBP. You really don’t want to miss out such an offer. Moreover, you can use your promo funds to play games and win prizes – you keep what you get. As long as you complete a wagering requirement, you can simply withdraw this promotion or use it to play more games.

So, how does a 400 casino bonus work? Which games does it cover and, more importantly, what is a wagering requirement? We will answer all of these questions below, but first, let’s start with a list of the best online casinos with a 400 deposit bonus.

Practical Examples to 400% First Deposit Bonus Offers

In order to explain how 400% first deposit bonuses work, we need to talk about match bonuses in general. These promotions match the amount of your first payment with a certain percentage. As the name implies, they are for new members only, and they can be used once.

A 100% deposit offer, for example, will match your first payment 1:1 – if you load 10 GBP, you will get another 10 GBP on top of it, courtesy of the casino. A 200% casino offer will match the deposit 1:2, so depositing 10 GBP will give you a 20 GBP gift. You get the idea: the match bonuses always have a percentage, and you simply multiply this figure with your payment amount to see your total promotion. 400% deposit bonuses work exactly like this too. Here is a table that shows how much you can win with a 400 bonus when you deposit different amounts:

C$10 C$40
C$20 C$80
C$50 C$200
C$100 C$400

400 First Deposit Bonus Casino Sites: Our Picks

And now, let’s answer the obvious question: which casinos have this bonus and can match your first payment by 400%? You don’t need to search the internet for the answer – we already picked them for you.

Below, you can see the best 400 first deposit bonus casino sites in 2019-2020. We hand-picked these websites and analyzed them in detail: a high first payment offer is not the only thing they offer. These casino sites also offer you safe, secure, legal and fair gambling. You can pick any of them and create an account today – and use your 400% slots bonus on dozens of slot machines.

Note that we can find a promotion for any gambling budget. For example, take a look at our list of 1 pound deposit casinos if you have only a single penny to gamble. Or, check out our free spins no deposit bonuses 2020 page and play casino games even without a budget! No matter where you live and what you are looking for, we can find you the best casino bonuses.

The Best 400 First Deposit Bonus Slots You Can Play

You can use your bonus to play slot games – the majority of 400 deposit bonuses are focused on slot machines anyway. As you know, there are lots of slot games to choose from: which ones are more suitable for use with this offer? For gambling beginners, we suggest that:

  • You should stay away from progressive jackpot games. These cost too much, and their RTP rates are usually lower than the average.
  • Penny slots and classic (fruit) slots are the best categories you can play. This is because the cost of spinning the reels is very low in these games: you can make dozens of spins even with 5/10 GBP. More spins will grant you more chances to land winning combinations.
  • Video slots will also be a good choice, but you should stay away from games with hundreds of pay lines (243, 1048, etc.). Pick games with 15-20 lines – the more the lines, the higher the cost per spin.

Can You Really Win Money With a 400 Deposit Bonus?

Yes, you can really win real money by using a 400 deposit bonus. As we mentioned above, you get to keep what you win. However, your promo funds will be in a “locked” state until you complete a wagering requirement. Only after that you can withdraw your winnings or use it to play games. Wagering means “depositing money to the casino and spending it on games”. And this requirement will ask you to wager a certain amount, which will be determined according to the wagering rate.

For example, if this rate is 35x and the offer you get is 200 GBP, you need to wager 7,000 GBP first (35 x 200). As can be guessed, if the rate is lower, the wagering requirement can be completed much faster. Therefore, your goal should be to find bonuses with the lowest wagering rates. We can help you in this regard: our recommended 400% deposit casinos always have lower rates.

Claim Your First Deposit Bonus 400 Today!

That’s right! Without wasting any more time, just pick one of our recommended casinos and quadruple your starting budget – get a 400% match bonus for your first deposit and use it on dozens of slot machines. Remember that slot games are not your only option: sometimes you can use your bonus to play online casino games and live dealer games too! In fact, why don’t you take a look at our best live casinos in the Canada article to get some recommendations? Whatever you choose, keep visiting our website – we constantly update our 400 bonus casino lists for any type of gambling needs!