400% Bonus in Online Casinos in Canada

If a gambler wants to join a casino, they will want a bonus to entice them. In 2021, there are a lot of outstanding offers. In Canada, extra offers are available regularly. One that is extremely popular is the 400% casino bonus. With plenty of games to choose from, Canadians can enjoy the bonuses on offer. Players are always on the lookout for new ways to enjoy gaming and the experience it brings. When there are the best bonus offers available, people will be more than happy to sign up for the site.

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What Is the Reason for a 400 Casino Bonus?

The casinos are prepared to give such an offer as they want to bring in new customers. Why would a player leave one casino for another if there was nothing in it for them? A 400% bonus would be more than enough to encourage people to change their allegiance. There is little anyone can do to make someone take an offer other than making it.

400% Deposit Bonus

This offer will usually be a first deposit bonus. So, there is an incentive to put a good amount in the account in the first instance. It will allow the player to select their favourite games without spending a lot of their cash. Many online sites will offer a match deposit bonus, and it is only the deposit bonus offers size that will differ. There will be details of what players need to do with any money that they win.

When an offer such as this casino play option appears, it will be a good idea to take it as soon as possible. The casinos cannot allow unlimited players this type of reward, or they would go out of business. It should reach the number of players it is targeting soon enough. If not, its competitors will attract all the players. For that reason, make sure that you are one of the people who can get bonus offers and increase the chance of a profit.

Types of 400% Casino Bonuses

It will help to know what is on offer as not all offers are as straightforward as a set percentage. As a result, there are good reasons to stay with a casino after the first offer.

  • First Deposit Promotion ‚Äď This offer entails making a deposit into the new account and getting ready to play with it. The organization offering the deal will match the deposited cash.
  • Welcome Bonus Package ‚Äď The welcome bonus packages is the way to describe an additional offer above and beyond the matched deposit. Here, the gambling platform may give free spins or scratch cards.
  • Loyalty program ‚Äď With a loyalty program benefit, the offers will be ongoing.¬†Several deposits¬†may lead to additional offers. The stakes you choose will help the casinos determine the points or free spins to give you.
  • The Free Spins ‚Äď This offer is just what it claims to be and may improve an account balance. Conditions may apply when it comes to free spin bonuses, but not all of the time.

At the best casino, every person should know that there is something good for them.

How to Calculate 400% Bonuses?

A 400% offer is eye-catching and hard to resist. But, what exactly does it mean for the player? When described as a first deposit bonus casino offer, it is clear. When you join the casino and make the first deposit, the gambling destination of your choice will give 400 times what you put in. That’s a lot of money to get through. Quite simply, if you put C$100 in, then they will give an extra C$400 to use when betting. Really, it is that simple and easy to work out.

For some, it may be hard to believe that casinos will be this generous, but if this offer appears, it will be a good day. It is not likely to be around for long, though. The casinos will have a set amount of people who can take it. Once that number of new players has signed up, it will drop to a much lower percentage or may disappear altogether. Any percentage will be good, but getting the best in bonus offers would be the icing on the cake.

There is a slight downside, however, and you should always consider it. That is, the players need to wager the prize money as a match deposit bonus. If players take away all the money through promotions, the casinos would have to close down. Players have to start wagering, and it should not be a shock as the gambling website should have been open and honest. A new player may not be aware of what these are. So here is a simple explanation. It is not possible to withdraw the money you have won from a 400% bonus. Instead, play games with it again. Only then can it turn into cash if there are winnings.

Wagering Requirements

As well as knowing what wagering requirements are with this bonus type, it is vital to know what the actual figure is. Concerning wagering, it is far better to have a lower number of times. There are a few reasons why a lower amount of wagering is necessary. If it is 10x wagering, that will take a lot less time and be a lot easier than if it was 50x. Working out the wagering from these bonuses should be easy. Here is an example using a win of C$200.

  • When having to wager 10 times, it would be C$2,000
  • When having to wager 50 times, it would be C$10,000.

This is both a good and bad thing for players in Canada. The good part is that there will be a lot of fun playing before having to use more of their cash. The downside is the time it takes. It could take even longer if there is a limit on the amount that you can wager on each spin during the fulfilment of a bonus offer. If there is a cut-off time, it may be difficult to get through it all. High wagering may take time to carry out. Looking for a casino that does not have such a high wagering figure is essential. If you find it, sign up at once.

How to Find the Best 400% Casino Promotion?

Casinos are not shy about advertising the fact that they have 400 first deposit offers. Also, note that some sites collect all the information. They ensure that everything gamblers need to know when it comes to 400% bonus casino promotions is at hand. Also, one has to consider the wagering and timescale of an offer. It is right to expect a clear explanation when it comes to terms and conditions. Here are some tips that should help you find the best casino.

  1. Check if there is a maximum limit available for matching. It is no good putting in C$500 if the site will only match the bonus up to C$400.
  2. See if there is a casino that has a low rate. If you have to use C$100 to even get access to the bonus offers, it is not that good a deal.
  3. The site will retain the money for a while. Sometimes a withdrawal will make the offer null and void. Then, the player ends up with nothing from these online casino deals.
  4. Look for the ability to stake high throughout wagering. Only being able to stake a few cents is not going to be exciting. It might drag out the experience.
  5. It will be better to pick an offer where the permitted games have a higher RTP.

How to Claim Your 400% Deposit Bonus?

The player now selects where to start the game. After deciding that the welcome bonus is a good one, it is time to register with them.

  1. Enter all the personal details they require. This has to happen.
  2. Next, you should select the offer that you want.
  3. Make your 1st deposit.
  4. Look out for an email indicating acceptance.
  5. Wait for confirmation of registration.
  6. New players only will be able to take this offer.


It is now time to start enjoying the deposit bonus casino sites. Some of their games can be so much fun and so realistic. Following the rules is paramount, and this is from the minute you log in for the first time. Such a good offer is not going to appear every day of the week. Therefore, when one arrives, you should make the most of it. The bonus casino wants new players and wants to keep them even after the first offer. While each casino will give a player just one opening offer, there are a lot of casinos out there for Canadians.

Frequently Asked Questions about 400% Bonus in Online Casinos in Canada

Do Canadian players get 400% casino bonuses?

Yes, they do.

How do 400% bonus casinos work?

The casino gives the player money with the explicit instructions that they have to wager the winnings.

Is there a 500% bonus casino with no wagering?

It is unlikely that this offer will appear. If it does, it will probably only be available to a few VIP members.

Can a 400% Bonus Casino Expire?

Yes, nothing good lasts forever, so take it while it is there.

Is the 400 casino bonus the biggest casino bonus?

No, there can also be 500% bonuses.