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Video Slots

Slot machines are divided into two main different categories in general. If we briefly summarize these:

  • 3-Reel Slots: They are also known as "fruit slots" and "classic slots". Their rules are fairly simple, and they are used in casinos since more than a hundred years. The number of symbols, reels, and pay lines is very few.
  • Video Slot Machines: These games, which appeared in the 1960s, are still the most popular type of slot machines. Because they work through a computer software, they can offer a wide range of features and high-quality graphics. Their rules are still straightforward, and the payment amounts are satisfactory. They usually consist of 5 reels and 20 pay lines. Although, it is also possible to see 1024 pay lines in this category.

“Free Spins” is a feature you can find in almost all video slot machines. When certain conditions occur (for example, 3 scatter symbols on the screen), you still get a certain number of free games. Often, when these spins are used, multiplier numbers also increase. There is no limit to the number of free games you can win, as this feature can be activated superimposed. So even in a single game, you can get hundreds of free spins. All you need to remember is that this feature does not affect your chances of winning: it only allows you to turn the reels without paying a fee, your odds stay the same.

Among these two categories, video slot games are the more advantageous choice. The reasons for this are:

  • Video slot machines offer a lot of features and bonus rounds compared to other games. These features and rounds allow you to earn high amounts of money.
  • You have a better chance of winning because they have more reels, symbols and pay lines. As well try to play true illusions slot.
  • They can be played on any device with an internet connection and the rules can be learned easily.
  • Numerous pay lines, many betting options: video slot games can match your budget.
  • A video slot machine offers RTP value of 95% on average. Which means you can get $ 95 of every $ 100 you spend in the long run.
  • Because the graphics are created with computer software, there are hundreds of different themes to choose from. Enjoy for such amazing game like triple crown slot online.

With OnlineCasinoPolis, you can enter the colorful world of video slot games at no cost. Here is the video with instruction on how to play video slots in online mode:

Providers of Video Slot Machines

When it comes to producing video slots, there are literally hundreds of providers. However, only a few of them can produce high-quality games with different varieties. If we mention some of these companies:

  1. WMS: One of the oldest companies in the industry. With more than 100 years of experience, WMS provides mostly classic slot games of a certain quality. You may be surprised to hear this, but they are also the developer of a famous PC game: Mortal Kombat.
  2. IGT: The biggest company in this industry is the IGT (International Gaming Technologies). IGT is the provider of the highest-paying slot machine series (MegaBucks) and awarded more than 100 million dollars to this date.
  3. Microgaming: Another big giant in this business is MicroGaming. The most important thing about them is that they have built the world's first online casino. In this respect, it is possible to say that they are one of the pioneers of the industry.

Video Slot Games Bonuses

As mentioned above, one of the biggest advantages of video slot games is that they have a variety of features and bonus rounds. Let’s take a closer look at some of these:

  • Wild&Scatter Symbols: These are the special symbols which can be found in almost all video slot machines. Wild is used to replace any other symbol in the game, and scatter awards wherever it appears on reels. It is also used to trigger bonus rounds, especially the free spins feature.
  • Multiplier: Video slot games pay with multipliers – for this reason, the higher you bet, the more you earn. Multiplier values start at x2 and can go up to x1.500.
  • Bonus Rounds: The mini-games offered at the bonus rounds are quite varied. You will usually be asked to choose from a range of options, or you can play a simple game suitable for the theme of the game. The prize is either cash or a multiplier.

Mobile Performance

If you are an owner of a device that runs on iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and/or Blackberry platform, you will be able to play most of the video slot titles with ease. The only limitation here is in the case of very old games. Because they are built on the Flash platform, they are not compatible with iOS (but still support other platforms). The new generation games are compatible with all platforms as they are developed with HTML5. Some games are optimized for touch-based controls and are therefore easier to play.

Video Slots for Real Money

Video slot games can be played for real money – the free versions are just demos with full features. To do this, it's enough to visit an online casino. After depositing money in your online casino account, it is possible to play and earn real money from anywhere in the world using mobile devices or PCs. Here are some of the most popular games you can find in OnlineCasinoPolis and play using real money:

  • Wizard of Oz: Developed by WMS, Wizard of Oz offers the chance of following footsteps of Dorothy and win up to x1.500 times your bet. With 9 different bonus rounds, this journey will be fun and profitable!
  • Cleopatra: Being one of the most popular games of IGT, Cleopatra offers old-school fun with high payouts. 20 pay lines, 5 reels, 15 free spins, and an ancient world to explore, which is filled with riches.
  • Monopoly: Ready to roll the dice? Monopoly slots is another high-quality (and famous) game from IGT. The RTP value is very high (%96.01) and there are lots of bonus features which will award you generously.

Video slot machines offer a wide range of options for all kinds of gamers to enjoy. With OnlineCasinoPolis, you can get the best examples of these games without paying a dime and downloading software.