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Elven Princesses Slot by Evoplay

Play Elven Princesses slots to capture the hearts of these fair fantasy maidens. Experience a thrilling adventure that takes you through a magical realm. The princesses have all kinds of mystical powers that can grant you untold riches. This 5×3 reel online slot contains dozens of animations and spectacular battles. The three princesses can grant you special abilities to use on the reel grid. This way, you can expand your options so that you can win on the 30 paylines available. RTP for the game is calculated at around 95.41%. Volatility is set between medium to low. Expect a proper challenge for most veterans of gamblers.Elven Princesses Slot Reels

Describing Elven Princesses Slot Machine

Elven Princesses online is a perfect example of what Evoplay offers. They specialize in more epic slot machines, which recreate cinematic set pieces for the player to be invested in. You can find all kinds of hidden details if you observe and watch closely. From the moment the game starts, you are greeted with a bloody battlefield. Weapons and soldiers are laid waste across the terrain. Lightning will strike upon the field with untold fury. The clouds will darken as the spins get more intense. The moon will shine bright whenever the player scores themselves a big win.

The reel grid is protected by a magical barrier. As they spin, the symbols will glow with a faint aura to signify their importance. When a combination is scored, the payline will be set aflame with a different colour. As special symbols are activated, one of the three elven princesses will appear. Each one is decorated in a unique design and colour. They represented the three main combat roles of any classic role-playing game. Choose the warrior, the mage, or the archer. Each one will attack the reels using their unique powers to grant you more bonuses.

Benefits of Playing Elven Princesses Slot Game

To win this game, you must land the correct combinations to claim a prize. First, you must spin the reels to land them. Spinning requires a bet made beforehand from your casino deposit. After the reels have spun, a prize will be offered depending on what kind of symbol you land. If you land any special symbols, these will unlock new gameplay features that can offer advantages. They can increase your chances of winning or increase the size of the prize. Use different bonuses to have more control over the reel grid. This will let you choose your path or see what luck has in store.

The Paytable

You can view this paytable by viewing the in-game menu. The paytable has the power to show you what each symbol is worth. Not only that, but it will show you how many are needed for the prize to be bigger. Changing your bet will change these values accordingly. The minimum bet that can be placed in total is 0.10. The maximum bet that can be placed is 500.00. The localization will change on the currency. Canadian dollars will be taken into account with the Canada version. Here is what you can win:

Symbol Description Symbol Value (3x to 5x)
Staff X0.1 – x1.2
Bow and arrows X0.1 – x1.5
Axe X0.1 – x2
Chalice X0.2 – x2.5
Flag X0.2 – x3
Relic X0.2 – x4
Mage X0.3 – x5
Archer X0.4 – x6
Warrior X0.5 – x10


Bonus Features of Elven Princesses Casino Game

The bonuses in this game provide a promotion depending on the elven princess used. There are three different variants of bonuses available. Each one grants a new way to win with their special animations. The regular Wild symbol is the crown. This can act as a substitute for all other symbols in the game, except for the Scatter. The Scatter symbol is the Diadem. It can only be landed on reels 2, 3, and 4. Land all three to activate the free spins round. Both the Wild and the free spins will have different effects depending on what elven princess is activated at that time.

The Wild specials can be activated at random after any spin. Warrior Wilds award 2 or 3 Wilds to appear diagonally on the reel grid. Archer Wilds have more Wilds appear anywhere on the reels. Mage Wilds have the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th reels covered in Wilds. For the free spins, one of the princesses is chosen at random before they are triggered. This will give them unique effects. The Elven Warrior awards nine free spins, which can be expanded by landing more Scatters. The Elven Archer grants seven free spins with a 3x multiplier. Every Scatter you land will increase the multiplier by 1x. The Elven Mage awards five free spins and grants three Sticky Wilds. Each new Scatter will become a new Sticky Wild.

Elven Princesses Slot Paytable

Tips and Strategies

The three princesses have all of the power in this game. They can grant you all kinds of new opportunities to grab. Though they are random, that means that you will always have a chance to initiate them. Depending on what you get will always be a bonus to you in one way or another. Try and aim for the free spins. These will offer the best advantages, no matter which princess is chosen. The Elven Mage has the best chances of winning with all the sticky Wilds. However, it is only five free spins, so make them count.

If you ever want to practice this slot to see what it is all about, there is always free play. This will be a demo version of the game, which can be played without spending real money. With no real money to worry about, you are free to enjoy the game as you see fit. See if you can unlock the bonuses to see how it all works and how it benefits you. The free slot no download version can be found on the official site of Evoplay. You may also find a free version from the review pages that have info on them.

Software Provider Evoplay

Evoplay delivers to you the next evolution of gaming. Their entire company is dedicated to the last developments of online gaming. They can let you do more than just spin reels with traditional slots. They aim to go further by having more gameplay features and more graphics than any other slot game out there. See more spectacular designs and efforts into the animations and presentation. Better yet, they offer full contact for any local casino that wishes to house their games.


Elven Princess is a truly exciting game to play and takes advantage of modern technology. It houses all kinds of bonuses attached with a full, visual presentation that makes for some exciting gameplay. You can have all sorts of adventures to replay, as the princesses themselves have extravagant designs to look at. You can also appreciate the level of detail that has gone into the background and win styles, with new music that plays for each free spins round that plays.

Frequently Asked Questions about Elven Princesses Slot Machine Free Play

Can you play the slot for free?

You can find the demo available from the official website of Evoplay. Try playing the game for free on review sites to get a hands-on impression.

What bonuses does Egypt Gods have?

Use the free spins to get yourself more chances of winning. The expanding symbols will allow you to score a combination much easier.

Can you play Egypt Gods for real money?

You can play on plenty of online casinos connected to Evoplay.

What other titles have been made by Evoplay?

Evoplay has plenty of titles to get invested in. Examples include Dungeon Immortal Evil, Fruit Nova Super, Temple of Dead, Nuke World, Rise of Horus, and Midnight Show.