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Couch Potato Slot Game Review

The Couch Potato slot game is developed by the provider Microgaming. It is a cartoonish game with a potato as the main character. The potato is sitting lazily on the couch. Generally, the term couch potato means a person who has a lazy attitude and does not do any work. However, Microgaming has turned the negative concept of couch potato into a positive concept by developing the Couch Potato slot machine. Here even the laziest person can win loads of real money. The slot has simple gameplay consisting of 3 reels along with 3 rows. Moreover, the game has only one payline, so you don’t have to worry about selecting lots of paylines.

The Couch Potato RTP rate is 97.43%, so winning money is pretty feasible. Furthermore, you can try the slot without downloading. It is a free slot no download. So you do not have to download the game as you can try it directly from the online casino site.
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Advantages of Couch Potato Slot

The Couch Potato casino game is an easy slot with a 3×3 reel grid. In the recent world of slots, many game providers try to make contemporary slots with multiple reels and rows along with a huge number of paylines. This results in complicating the game, and amateur Canadian players might find it scary. Thus, they shy away from gambling. However, it is not the case if you play Couch Potato slot due to the easy gameplay. The slot is very interesting as you can wager 1, 2, or 3 coins on a single payline. Moreover, the winning values are also different according to the number of coins you have on the bet.

Moreover, every player from Canada and other places can play the demo or free play version of the slot without paying money in an online casino. Another benefit of playing the Couch Potato slot is that you can play it from all kinds of mobile devices. So you do not need to be at home while playing the free or full version of the Couch Potato slot game.


The Couch Potato slot is full of numerous high-paying symbols. Moreover, the values are different for the coins you wager on the payline. Some of the symbols in the slot machine are as follows:

  • 3 of the Couch Potato symbols award 2000 if you wager 1 coin. If you wager 2 coins, then 3 symbols give 5000. If you have bet 3 coins on the payline, then 3 Couch Potato symbols award 15000.
  • If you have wagered 1 coin, 3 Orange 777 award 60. If you have bet 2 coins, then 3 of a kind pays 120, and if you wager 3 coins, then 3 of the Orange 777 symbols pay you 180.
  • The Blue 777 pays 50 for 3 of a kind wagered on 1 coin. If you wager 2 coins, then 3 of a kind award 100. If you wager 3 coins, then 3 of a kind pay 150.
  • If you get 3 White 777 symbols after wagering 1 coin, then you get 40, and if you have bet 2 coins, then 3 of them pay 80. If you wager all 3 coins, then 3 of a kind give you 120.

Special Features of the Couch Potato Slot

Couch Potato Free Slot Paytable

The Couch Potato has minimalistic classical slot gameplay, so it has few bonus rounds or promotions. Among the special symbols is the wild symbol that also acts as a multiplier. Some of the special features of the slot are as follows:

Wild Symbol

The couch potato TV set symbol is the wild symbol in this slot. So it replaces other symbols to make winning combinations. Moreover, if you get 1 wild couch potato symbol, then it replaces as well as pays 5 times the winning combination value. Further, if you can get 2 wild symbols on the reels, then it multiplies the winning combination value by 25 times. Thus you can easily increase your win values by getting the wild symbol.

Moreover, it creates its win if multiple wild symbols appear next to each other on a payline with one of the wild symbols displayed on the first reel. However, these wins are not multiplied.

Quick Spin

The Couch Potato online game also has a quick spin option, and you can use it to spin the reels quickly. You get the quick spin option on the settings menu. So if you are in a hurry but still want to play the Couch Potato for some rounds, then you can activate the quick spin feature and play fast. However, the quick spin doesn’t affect the outcome of the reels.

Strategies to Win the Couch Potato Slot Game

It is very easy to play and win the Couch Potato slot game if you know some tips, strategies, and tricks to play slot games. You can see these strategies and tips to play below:

  • Try to have fun with the demo version of the slot so that you get to know gameplay without risking your money. You can try the demo version in lots of online casinos.
  • You can modify the size of the coins and the number of coins on each line from the settings menu. You can also activate the quick spin feature from the same settings page.
  • Click on the Spin button, and the reels start spinning. The win button shows the amount of money you have won.
  • Aim for the wild symbol to form easier winning combinations and boost the total winning payout.

Microgaming Overview

Microgaming is an age-old slot developer, and they always develop slots with high-quality graphics and sound effects. Another specialty of Microgaming slots is that you don’t have to download them before playing. Thus, you don’t have to download Couch Potato Microgaming slot game. Some of the other top slot games by Microgaming are Mega Moolah, Game of Thrones, Jurassic Park, Gladiator, etc.


The Couch Potato slot game by Microgaming is an easy to play slot as it has 3 reels and the same number of rows along with a single payline. However, there are many ways to win money, like the wild symbol that can also act as a multiplier. The RTP of the slot is 97.43% which means you can win pretty generous payouts. Although there are not many bonus rounds, you can win money using the wild symbol. It is one of the best slots for players who want to play a fun game of slots. Online casinos Couch Potato popularity is well deserved. You can also check the website for reviews of other popular slot games.

Frequently Asked Questions about Couch Potato Slot Machine Free Play

How many reels and rows are there in the Couch Potato slot?

The slot has a 3x3 playing grid with a single payline.

Is there any jackpot prize in the Couch Potato slot?

Unfortunately, there are no jackpot prizes in the Couch Potato slot.

What are the special features of the Couch Potato slot?

The special features are wild symbols and quick-spins.

How can you win real money from the Couch Potato games?

If you create an account in a casino and play the slot after depositing some money, then you can win money.

How to try the Couch potato without paying any money?

Many casinos have the demo or free version of the slot. So you can play the demo version for fun without paying any money.

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