Talismans of Fortune Slot Machine Free Play

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Talismans of Fortune Slots by Evoplay

Play Talismans of Fortune online to harness mystical powers, explained in this review. These abilities can grant you amazing prizes along with other magical items. The mystic shop will be set on a 5×3 reel online slot, with up to 9 paylines to win on. You can find all sorts of trinkets that could lead to a big win. Every item will bestow upon you a promotion of power. You may find yourself in many aspects of Chinese culture. You will feel as though you a taking a visit to a mythical realm. The slot has an RTP of 95.82%.

What Is So Unique about Talismans of Fortune Slot Machine?

Talismans of Fortune

Talismans of Fortune is based on the many temples that surround Chinese culture. These temples are said to be the most sacred places in the country. Not only are they said to be home to emperors, but they are also supposed to be protected by ancient spirits. These spirits are sealed within the magical talismans. These will be your ticket towards untold riches. So, explore grand temples such as the one used in the game. The red architecture and golden pillars show you every inch of luxury. Behind the temple, you can see a small snippet of the rest of the city.

The reel grid will be located inside the temple. Above it will be the green roof with golden dragon statues placed in the center. Whenever a win is landed, golden sparkles will send out across the line. This signifies which payline you have won from. The symbols are all based on artifacts you would find in a temple such as this. Once the bonuses activate, a blue filter will wave across the whole screen. The wins you gain from this will be lit up even brighter for you to see.

Why Play Talismans of Fortune Slot Game?

The free slot game uses incredible visuals to signify your wins. To win in this game, you need to form a combo with at least three of the same symbols on a payline. If you can grab more in the combo, you will receive a bigger reward. The bonus symbols will be here to help you. They can increase your chances of winning overall. They can also increase the size of the prizes. Use the helpful buttons found below the reel grid to set your bet or view any important information. You can automatically set the max bet if you wish so with one button press.

The Paytable

Talismans of Fortune Paytable

The paytable is your major source of info on what prizes you can win. They will show you the value of every symbol in the game. They even show you how many symbols you need for a specific reward later down the line. Whenever you adjust your bet, this will also affect the payout rate of what you will earn. The minimum bet you can place in the game goes down to 0.10. The maximum bet goes all the way up to 300.00. The currency will differ depending on localization. Canadian dollars will be used in Canada as an example. Here is what you are capable of winning:

Symbol Description Symbol Value (3x to 5x)
Lantern, Lotus, Medallion x0.5-x10
Glyph, Handle x1-x15
Comb, Buddha x0.5-x50 (2x to 5x)
Frog Statue x0.5-x75 (2x to 5x)
Vase x1-x200 (2x to 5x)
Talisman x2-x200

Bonus Features of Talismans of Fortune Casino Game

The bonuses of this game are here to help you gain more winnings than you thought possible. Every new symbol will come with its special feature. To help make things easier for the player, the special features are all combined. You can find everything and more all together in one symbol. This is represented as the Talisman of Fortune. The first feature it has is the Wild symbol. The Wild allows you to substitute all other symbols except for special ones. You can use this to fill in gaps for possible combinations. This increases your chances of winning.

The second feature has the power of the Scatter. The Scatter can allow this symbol to land anywhere and score a payout. This means it doesn’t have to be in a combination. Every time you land a Talisman, one of the lanterns will light up. If you light up three lanterns, you will be given 10 free spins. Keep landing talismans to keep lighting lanterns. This will keep the free spins going.

During the free spins, one of the regular symbols will be transformed into the Lucky symbol. If you land enough of the Lucky symbol, it will expand across three positions on the reel grid. This, as well, can help you score more combinations by having more of the same symbol. If you light up all lanterns during the free spins, you will be given five extra spins.

Talismans of Fortune Features

Tips and Strategies

Because everything you need is in one symbol, you only have one objective in terms of strategies. Try to land as many talismans as you can to light up every lantern. You only need to land three so that you can trigger the free spins. Landing any more will lead to extra spins, which is still helpful. From then on, you have a second objective. You now need to land the lucky symbol to get more consecutive wins. Since Talismans are also Wilds, this will be more helpful during the free spins.

Free play can be a great way for you to get some practice in with this kind of game. You can find the free slot no download version of the game from the official site of Evoplay. You can also find this demo on online review sites such as this one. The main advantage to this kind of gaming is the unlimited time. You can play for as long as you want without spending any real money. Some can use this version simply for their amusement. Others can use this version to learn all about the rules and see for themselves if it’s the right game for them.

Software Provider Evoplay

Evoplay is all about the evolution of gaming itself. The technology used in their games is about innovation and impressive visuals. They wish to make online gambling more than what it started as. This includes making some of the games rival that of professionally made video games. There is even one slot machine they have that is based on a classic dungeon role-playing game. You can always expect to find something here made with that little extra effort. Anything less is simply not on the table for this provider.


Talismans of Fortune is one of your classic Asian-themed slots made with a little extra in mind, according to this review. The simple method of having combined bonuses can help you learn the rules quickly and focus on just one thing at a time. That way, players can earn winning in a more streamlined method, without confusing them with other strategies. It can be the perfect game for beginners who wish to get into modern games without having any trouble.

Frequently Asked Questions about Talismans of Fortune Slot Machine Free Play

Can you play Talismans of Fortune for free?

It is possible to play the demo from either this online review or from the official site of Evoplay. 

What bonuses do Talismans of Fortune have?

Use the singular talisman symbol as a Wild and Scatter. Light up lanterns for free spins. 

Can you play Talismans of Fortune for real money?

You can play at any online casino that is connected to Evoplay. Recommendations can be found from the review sites such as this one. 

What other games has Evoplay developed?

Evoplay has plenty of selections to choose from. Examples include Tree of Light, Runes of Destiny, Temple of Dead, Valley of Dreams, and Rise of Horus.