Golden Dragon Slot Machine Free Play

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Golden Dragon slot is an online video machine developed by the well-known Microgaming company. If you are new to the online gambling industry, we use that adjective to describe Microgaming as it was one of the companies to start the whole industry and bear the burden for all the new ones that learned from them.

With that being said, it can be easily said that you cannot go wrong if you decide to give try any of the Microgaming’s new games. Golden Dragon is a brand new slot machine devoted to Chinese culture and their ceremonial dragons.


That’s right, you’ve read that right – 3 reels! As 5 by 3 machines are slowly fading away, companies need to come up with new ideas and ways to both attract new customers and satisfy loyal ones. And what better way to do so than reminding old-school players of the 3×3 structure while introducing the young and new ones who haven’t had a chance to see one yet.

The concept of the Slot Machines Golden Dragon, Funhouse and similar ones by Microgaming is very simple and unique. Players are only required to select 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 lines to activate and set the coin size before spinning. It doesn’t get any more simple, but yet entertaining than that.

Bet Span

You might think that there is not enough room to set a wide range for a machine like this, but you would be completely wrong.

By activating only the first win line and lowering the coin value down to 0.25 you get the minimum possible stake of $0.25. On the other hand, if all five lines are active and coin value is boosted up to 5, then you are in the position to gamble $25.00 in only one roll!

Considering its structure and concept, having an x100 difference between the upper and lower limit is outstanding, and should be used in the best way possible, by adjusting the wager size according to the available balance.

The Wild Dragon

The Great thing about the Online Golden Dragon slot machine is that pay table is presented on the main screen, right next to the reels. On the bottom one, you can see five possible combinations that regular signs can form, which make you profitable from a single spin. You can see that the shield is the highest paying one, and it does match with any other.

The top part is where all the magic happens. That is where the number of active patterns can be changed and it is where highest paying combinations can be seen. Three dragons on the fifth active line award up to 5000 coins! $5.00 coin value may result in a $25.000 reward!

Not only that dragons can bring huge prizes, but they also do their regular Wild duty of substituting for any other regular symbol.

If you are completely new to slot machines, we recommend clicking the “Help” button and where detailed information about slots overall and this particular one is available.