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Classic Slots

There are two things that distinguish classic slot machines from other games: they have a very simple ruleset and offer higher winning odds. They are simple because they still work according to the “old” slot rules: in order to win, you have to land the same symbols together. No need to worry about things like pay lines, bonus symbols, and mini games: just one line, few symbols and a little luck are enough to score a prize.

They offer higher winning odds because as the number of symbols and lines decrease, the likelihood of landing winning combinations increases, believe it or not. Forget flashing lights, flashy ads, and high prize amounts: if you want to earn small amounts on a regular basis, you have to choose classic slots. Professional players do exactly the same: they leave the other slot machines to “tourists” and head for classic slots.

Video About How Does the Classic Slot Machines Work

The example of how to win jackpot is represented inthe video below with the example about the Mega Moolah slot which you can play on this page.

 It's easy to recognize a classic slot machine: just choose the simplest and most unpretentious game. Technically, every slot machine that has up to 3 pay lines and up to 10 symbols without bonus symbols and features belongs to this category. Low graphics quality is another common feature. We are aware that these do not sound like attractive features, but if your aim is to win money, classic slot games will be the best option. In addition, they offer a more relaxed experience and that special “old-school” feeling which you cannot find anywhere else. Enjoy for such amazing game like monopoly slot.

How to Play the Classic Slot Machines?

As we mentioned above, it is very easy to play classic slots. Symbols usually consist of fruit pictures. BAR, bell and 777 symbols can also be seen. Instead of the 5 reels in video slot games, they only have 3 reels. There's only one pay line, and that's in the middle. To qualify for a prize, it is enough to place the same 3 symbols side-by-side on this line.

All you have to do is place your bet and pull the lever. Features like wild, scatter symbols and mini-games are usually not available. This is actually an advantage, because the only thing you need to follow is the reels themselves - there's nothing to distract you. The few bonus features they have are really worthy of an advantage. The most common feature they have is the “free spins”, and it is extremely easy to activate this round.

Speaking of bets, classic slots have lower betting levels. Let’s give a real example: you can play almost all slots with a minimum bet of 1.00 coin. However, this value is per line – not per spin. If the machine has 20 pay lines, for example, the minimum bet is actually 20.00 coins per spin. Classic slots have one pay line: so their minimum bet is really 1.00 coin. If you are on a budget, old school games will be your best option. As well try to play the lucky frog.

Top 7 Tips to Play the Classic Slots

  • Progressive Games Are not That Good. The general rule is if a machine offers a very high prize, it payouts less than often. Choose games with fixed jackpot pools, or, simply avoid this feature.
  • Place Low Bets. Unlike other games, the payout table in the classic slots does not change according to your bet amount. High stakes are only used to activate the jackpot feature. You can still win satisfactory prizes by playing with the smallest bet amount.
  • Don’t Use “Strategies”. There are no strategies for classic slots, or any other type of slot game. It is just blind luck – do not believe people who say that they have a “system”.
  • Watch Out for RTP Values. You cannot use strategies, but this does not mean that you shouldn’t try to increase your winning odds. Prefer games with higher RTP values to limit your losses and increase your chances. %95 and above is good.
  • Practice First. Never play a game with real money before practicing. Practice makes really perfect - use our game collection to play for free and understand the rules.
  • VIP Clubs Are Good. Try to join the special members club of an online casino – this way, you can get extra free spins and other advantages to play games.
  • Check for Bonuses. Every casino offers some kind of bonuses to its members: choose the best ones and follow the daily/weekly promotions. Check our online casino reviews to find the best place.

Classic Slots Developers & Games

All casino developers produce traditional slots. Contrary to popular belief, this category does not consist of only old games: classic slots always have a customer base, and new games are regularly released. Among the best-known game developers are companies like Microgaming, IGT, Novomatic and NetEnt. Some of the most popular classic slot games are:

  • Jackpot 6000 / NetEnt;
  • Bar 7’s / Novomatic;
  • Mega Joker / NetEnt;
  • Sizzling Hot Deluxe / Novomatic;
  • Triple Diamond / IGT;
  • Mystery Joker / Play’n GO

Area & Regions of Availability

It is possible to play these games from almost anywhere in the world. However, it is not possible for citizens of countries like America, Turkey, Tunisia, North Africa to play in accordance with local laws and regulations. England, Canada, Argentina, Australia, Italy, the Netherlands and citizens of other European countries can play without restriction. Before you start playing, check your local laws: even if you live in a restricted country, it is always possible to find an online casino that will accept you.