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Progressive Slots

Progressive slot machines were first introduced in the 1980s in Las Vegas. By that date, the highest award of these machines was a fixed number – hence the jackpot name comes from. As the name implies, progressive machines changed this rule and brought an ever-increasing reward system.

The biggest difference from other slots is that in progressive machines, there is no limit to the prize that can be earned, and with every game played, the amount of the jackpot prize keeps on increasing until somebody wins. This system, originally invented by IGT, continues to attract attention today, and literally, offers the chance to become rich within seconds.

Progressive Slots in United Kingdom

You can play progressive slot games anywhere from the world: whether you live in the UK, New Zealand, Canada or South Africa, there is a right game for you. Although it is illegal to play these games in Canada and South Africa, you can find a list of the best casinos in OnlineCasinoPolis that accept the citizens of these countries. Here you can find the most lucrative and easy to play progressive slot games, gives you the chance to turn your dreams into reality!

How to Play the Progressive Slot Machines?

The rules of progressive machines do not differ compared to other slot games: you are still trying to place the same symbols (usually, at least 3) on a pay line. Wild and scatter symbols and various bonus rounds help you, too. The most important difference between these machines is that as we mentioned above, there is no upper limit of the cash prize they award. This is because the progressive machines are located on a network, and the game played on each machine involved in this network causes the amount of the prize to increase continuously. In this respect, it is possible to say that there are three kinds of progressive slots:

  • Stand Alone: This machine is not connected to a network, but every game played increases the prize amount.
  • Local (In-House): These machines are connected to other games at the same casino and on a local network. Therefore, every game played in the casino allows the prize to rise.
  • Wide Area Network: A large number of games in different cities are located on the same network. Since the number of games played is large, such machines award the highest prizes.

The most important thing to note is the conditions for winning the jackpot prize: some machines require a certain number of symbols to appear on the screen. Others, however, may require you to land a specific symbol combination. Since this rule is different in each game, we recommend that you take a look at the game's pay table before you start playing. Enjoy for such amazing game like free diamond game.

Jackpot Sizes in Casinos

Jackpot prize amounts vary according to each game and each casino. Sometimes, even the same game can give different prizes in different casinos. Let’s take a look at the biggest jackpot prizes awarded to this date (1):

Jackpot Prize Amount                    Casino                                   Game                                                 Winner

39.710.000 USD                                Excalibur                                MegaBucks (IGT)                            Anonymous

34.959.000 USD                                Wynn Las Vegas                   MegaBucks (IGT)                           Cynthia Brennan (US)

27.580.000 USD                                Palace Station                       MegaBucks (IGT)                            Anonymous

22.620.000 USD                                Bally’s                                     MegaBucks (IGT)                            Johanna Heundl (US)

20.062.000 USD                                Betway                                    MegaMoolah (McG)                       Jon Heywood (UK)

So You Won a Jackpot…

First of all, let's say that progressive machines do not use standard RTP values: like the prize amount, payback values increase with every game played. Almost every progressive slot machine starts with an RTP rate of 95% on average. Every game played increases this value by a very small amount (e.g. 0.0001%). After a certain point, the RTP value reaches 100% and the lucky player wins the prize, guaranteed. Unfortunately, there is no way to calculate this, it just depends on luck. The odds to win other cash prizes than the jackpot are the same as in other slot games. But remember: if you are looking for slot games that pay consistently in low amounts, progressive machines will not be the right choice. As well try to play mega jack free play.


After winning a prize, if you are playing on an online progressive machine, you do not have to do anything: the amount you earn will be automatically transferred to your account. If you are playing on a physical machine, do not leave the machine at all and take a picture of the screen until the casino officials come.

Top 5 Tips to Play the Progressive Slots

  • Real Information Only. Do not forget to give only real information when registering with a casino. If you register with untrue information, even if you earn a reward, you won’t be able to get it.
  • Place Maximum Bets. Most of the progressive machines do not activate the jackpot prize if you do not play with the highest bet amount. If you play with a minimum bet, you only feed the jackpot pool.
  • Less Is Fine. The less the number of pay lines and symbols, the higher the likelihood of getting winning combinations.
  • Practice. Almost all progressive slot games have versions that you can try for free. Before you start playing with real money, practice with free versions and thoroughly understand all the rules.
  • Use Promotions. Each casino gives a promotion to its new members. Do not forget to use promotions such as free spin rights or extra money deposited in your account.

Progressive Slots Developers & Most Popular Games

IGT is one of the most popular progressive slot developers. In fact, as you can see from the list we shared above, IGT owns the biggest jackpots awarded so far with their game series MegaBucks. MicroGaming is another famous and well-known developer. In this context, let’s see some of the most popular progressive slot games:

  1. MegaMoolah: Probably the most famous and well-known online progressive slot game. It belongs to MicroGaming and distributed more than 20 million dollars as in prize money so far.
  2. Quick Hit: Bally's famous QuickHit series is very popular because of the many variants included. The progressive jackpot prize usually does not go below $ 10 million.
  3. Hot Shot: The Hot Shot series, again owned by Bally, combines the high prize amounts with the simplicity of classic fruit slot games.
  4. Deal or No Deal: Based on the same-named TV show, this game is owned by IGT and offers both an amusing gaming experience and a prize of over $ 1 million.