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Craps is one of the oldest known dice games and has a history of over 200 years. This game is very fun and lucrative. Although, at first glance, it may seem confusing, there is actually a direct and simple rules system: It takes you a few minutes to learn the rules. If you are looking for an alternative to card games and slot machines, we recommend that you try to play craps. In this article, we’ll talk about everything you need to know about this unique dice game. But first, you should start with the free craps to play online. These games are completely free of charge and will give you a general idea about the game.

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Craps Betsoft
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Play Craps Online for Free

By playing free online craps, you can learn all the rules of this original game without having to take a financial risk. It is possible to play craps game online for free on our website. Moreover, there is no need to download a program or complete a registration: All of our games can be played in mere seconds through your browser. Pick one, start playing, and switch to another one whenever you feel like doing this. This game has a lot of betting options and playing craps online for free is the best way to learn them.

Craps Online Features Overview

It is easy to play craps online: You can see the basic rules of the game given step-by-step below:

  • The first thing you need to do is to determine the bet amount and type.
  • Take a look at the table below (in the FAQ section) to learn which types of bets you can place your money on.
  • This game is played in “rounds”. The result of the first roll will determine what the outcome of the second roll should be. Here is an example: If you roll a 6 first, this will be your “point number”. This means your second roll should not pass that point number in order to win.
  • Click on the “roll” button to start playing and have fun. Online craps games have tables that show you the results of previous rolls, so you can easily track the most common outcomes.

Here are some tips that will help you through your craps adventure:

“What are the best bets in craps?” is a fairly popular question. It is hard to determine this since there are a lot of possibilities but we can show you a list of the house edge rations for each individual bet. Take a look at the table below:

COME 5.56
PLACE WIN 1.11 – 2.78
BIG 6 / BIG 8 2.78

As a general rule, the house edge should be as low as possible. In this concept, don’t pass bets are generally the most advantageous ones. The important thing to remember here is that the probabilities increase further with each roll and become incalculable at some point. So the first roll is the best roll in terms of winning odds.

  • Never bet on a single outcome total. Always prefer open bets that allow you to bet on more than one outcome. The possibility of single outcomes is always quite low.

F.A.Q. About Online Craps

What are Craps?

Simply put, craps is a dice game that players bet on the roll outcome. It appeared in London in the early 1800s and was first played in New Orleans in America. Over time, the game has changed, and new betting options have been added to it. It is played on a special table. The same is true for craps online. All betting options can be seen on the table. In other words, it is possible to understand which outcomes to bet on even by looking only at the table.
Online version of this game is played against the computer, so it has a pretty fast gameplay its offline predecessor in land-based casinos is not so fast as it is managed by more than one person.) The game is played with two dice and bets are placed before the roll. You can see the basic craps betting options in the table below.

PASS LINE Wins if the result is 7 or 11. Loses if it is 2, 3, or 12.
DON’T PASS Wins if the result is 2, 3 or 12. Loses if it is 7 or 11.
COME Wins if the second roll is 7 or 11. Loses if it is 2, 3 or 12.
DON’T COME Wins if the second roll is 2, 3 or 12. Loses if it is 7 or 11.
PLACE WIN Wins if the result is 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10.
BIG 6 / BIG 8 Betting on the result will be either 6 or 8.

Keep in mind that these are the most basic options: Depending on the variant you play and the casino, additional betting options can be offered. Some changes can also be made to the current betting options. Craps is a very characteristic game and each casino prefers to add something unique. So when playing it online, don’t forget to read the paytable even if you know the rules.

What craps variants are available online?

Craps is a game with many variants. The variant played in casinos is called Bank Craps. You can see some of the other variants below.

  • Street Craps: This variant is the original version of the game. Craps is a game that has emerged in the streets and still continues to be played there.There is no table in this variant, and the game is played, literally, on the road.
  • Mini Craps: This one has a smaller scale table and is managed by fewer people. Betting options do not differ. Because it offers a faster gameplay, it is possible to say that it is more suitable for beginners.
  • New York Craps: Place, Come, and Don’t Come betting options are not available here.
  • Simple Craps: This is a very simple variant that the players can bet only on the total of the roll outcome, no additional options are offered.

Truth be told, the only online variant you can play is Bank Craps. This is the most advanced and most known one. As all of the other variants are much simpler, casinos are mostly not interested in them. However, this is not a disadvantage: Bank Craps is the most entertaining variant that offers the most.

What is the difference between live and online craps?

Live craps is a live and real-time broadcast of a real croupier on the internet. So there is a webcam in front of the table and the croupier, and everything that happens on the screen takes place in real time. It is possible to join this broadcast from all over the world. This game is exactly the same as the one played in land-based casinos. Other players can also participate in the game or even place bets. Live craps also offers multiplayer features, and the game is played in the “real world”.

Online craps, on the other hand, is played against a computer software. The results are determined by an RNG software. There are no multiplayer features, it’s played solo. However, there is no difference in terms of rules and chances of winning. Online version of the game has some advantages, which can be seen below:

  • You can play anytime and anywhere. For live craps, you have to find a broadcast.
  • Online version has a much faster gameplay.
  • Communicating with other players is not always a positive experience. There is no element in online craps that can spoil your gambling experience.

How do I know that my craps game isn’t rigged?

It is not possible to know this in the games that are played in land-based casinos. There is always the possibility that the game is rigged, and you cannot understand or prove it in any way. However, there is no such disadvantage in online craps. By choosing to play craps online, you get to use the advantages of the RTP (return to player). This means that you can make a fairly consistent estimate of how much you will earn and lose, and if the results do not match those estimates, you can understand that the game is rigged. Let’s give an example: The average RTP rate of craps online is 98%. In other words, you should be able to recover 98 CAD of every 100 CAD you have invested in the long term. So your loss will be a maximum of 2 CAD. If you lose more than this, you can understand that there is a “problem” in the game. Therefore, you can significantly reduce your chances of playing a rigged game by opting for online version.