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Casino Games of Barcrest

Unfortunately, it is hard to find casino games of Barcrest nowadays. Although slot titles are still available, after the SG Gaming merger, their card and table games collection has been withdrawn from the market. Here is the list of Barcrest casino games you can still find:

  • Monopoly Roulette Hot Properties: Based on the famous board game with the same name, Monopoly Roulette brings the “deal or no deal” feature to a classic title. If the ball lands on the “hot” pocket, you are asked to double your bet or not.
  • Key Bet Roulette: This is the classical European roulette with a twist: the wheel also has multiplier rewards. The multiplier range changes from x20 to x50, and the usual payouts are still there. This must be your first choice if you like roulette games, because of the high payout range.
  • Lucky 5 Reeler: This is actually a slot machine, but with a very interesting setup: you can play with 25 reels at the same time. There are 5 sets of reels at the screen; you get to spin all of them at once and each one offers another chance to win.

Play Online Barcrest Slots

Over the last few years, Barcrest has developed multiple slots perfectly designed for playing online. Most importantly, most of these new generation slots come with more features and better bonuses. Some of these slots include Merry Money and Ooh Aah Dracula.

Barcrest has some of the best slots in the industry. Additionally, their slot machines come with great bonuses and have extra features that allow players to accumulate more prizes. Because of their commitment to offering only the best services to players, the provider introduced 5 reel slots with multiple lines. These types of slots replaced the old 3 reel slots.

Looking at the slot machines available today on the internet; ‘high roller’ remains to be the most innovative feature. With the ‘high roller’ feature, a player is free to choose lesser spins for more money. The best thing about choosing lesser spins for more money is that you can unlock additional features or enhance your payouts. For instance, Rainbow Riches comes with free spins known as ‘try again’ which allows the player to re-spin if they are not comfortable with their total. This feature is perfect for players who don’t like being high rollers. Additionally, the ‘try again’ feature makes the game more exciting.

Most players prefer playing Barcrest games because they are usually settled down especially between spins. Most slots contain soundtracks and come with amazing tunes. If a player stops spinning, the soundtrack or tune will stop as well. This allows the player to take a short break between spins. Also, Barcrest slots come with unique logos artistically placed on top of the reels. In most cases, these logos will flash or animate each time a player spins the wheel.

Although the games don’t come with the best graphics, most of them come with multiple bonus rounds. Furthermore, these slots are creatively designed to keep players engaged throughout their play. Some slots such as the Ca$hino game come with multiple bonus games, breakouts as well as free spins. The other titles worth mentioning are the following:

  • Ooh Aah Dracula. One of the most popular Barcrest slot games is Ooh Aah Dracula. Players love playing this slot game because of its ‘cool’ Dracula version. Its bonus game feature gives players an opportunity to win more. Ooh Aah Dracula also gives players an opportunity to search on a gravestone for additional wins. You’ll also love Ooh Aah Dracula’s high roller play feature, which is very entertaining and one of the most rewarding. We recommend you to try this Barcrest casino slot; you’ll love every bit of it.
  • Merry Money. If you are one of those players who value graphics, we suggest you try Merry Money. It has some of the best graphics in the industry and is perfectly designed for online play. Its bonus game is very entertaining and gives players an opportunity to earn more prizes.
  • Elvis Top 20 is another Barcrest casino slot worth trying. It comes with up to three bonus games and has some of the best soundtracks and tunes.

Go ahead and play Barcrest free slots on our website. You don’t need to download or register in order to enjoy any of these games. Additionally, playing Barcrest slot machines on our website is absolutely free.

Barcrest Mobile Slots

Barcrest designed most of their games such as Ooh Aah Dracula, Rainbow Riches, and Grand Casino with mobile in mind. Most Barcrest mobile games come with amazing graphics to give players a wonderful playing experience.

In addition to impressive graphics, Barcrest online casinos give players an opportunity to cash in their wins at any time. Additionally, players are free to take punts on what they can win in the upcoming spins.

The mobile slots also come with ‘Best Strategy Indicator’, a feature that gives hints to players to help them make informed decisions when playing. They also allow players to stake any amount ranging from 0.10 to 500. The slots also come with a high roller feature that is remarkably tempting and offers an opportunity to win more.

Pros & Cons

Barcrest is a reputable developer known for creating some of the most-played slot games in the industry. Their slots come with amazing tunes to improve your concentration and keep you focused on the game. Barcrest casinos will give you a memorable playing experience. They come with great features and are easy to play. Their bonus rounds and multiple free spins provide an opportunity to earn more. Since these slots are available on mobile, you can enjoy them on the go.

Try some of the Barcrest slots mentioned above for free without risking your money. Remember to make good use of the ‘Best Strategy Indicator’ when playing some of these slots in order to make informed decisions.


  • Bonus rounds
  • Multiple free spins
  • ‘Best Strategy Indicator’
  • Easy to play
  • Supports mobile
  • Amazing soundtracks and tunes
  • Gives players an opportunity to win a lot of prizes


  • Barcrest slot games don’t have the best graphics

Barcrest Games, Slots, Casinos

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