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Centurion Slot Machine Free Play

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Video Slot
Wild Symbol, Scatter Symbol, Autoplay Option, Multiplier, Free Spins, Bonus Game
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Developed by Barcrest, and brought to you by OnlineCasinopolis, Centurion Slot Machine assures you of a thrilling online casino experience, irrespective of your location. The game features different symbols which are responsible for activating the bonus rounds, free spins and awarding you with different multipliers. Using your own legionnaire, you can play Centurion slot machine for free or use real money for a chance of winning real cash.

Themes and Symbols

If you are a big fan of Roman themed online slot games such as the Golden Rome, Roman Chariots, and Call of Coliseum but you always wish that you could play them in a more exciting and funny way, then this is the game for you. Barcrest has designed the game with 5 reels and 20 paylines. This coupled with the high RTP percentage of 95%, you are assured of a win that will make you chuckle, even if you can’t win the top prize, which hardly pays out.

The game’s graphics are detailed with keen attention paid to ensure that players across different mobile platforms won’t notice any difference when they switch from the PC to mobile platform. Thanks to the high graphics, the  symbols appear realistic enough and bring out the Roman theme.

The high-value symbols include the Centurion Logo, Chariot, Coliseum, Roman Coins, a sword and a shield! All these symbols ensure that you are rewarded handsomely when you play centurion slot machine game.

Just like other online slot games, Centurion Slot Machine  also features the usual low-value symbols such as the Ace, King, Queen and the Jack. While these symbols might not be as rewarding as the high-value symbols, their presence on the reels might help you win a substantial amount of money, enough to keep you going until you hit a significant amount. Enjoy for such amazing game like mega jack free play.

Wild and Scatter Symbols

Centurion has the WILD logo as the wild symbol. In this game, WILD substitutes for all the other symbols, except for the bonus symbol, to form winning combinations.

On the other hand, the scatter symbol is the Centurion Bonus logo. Different numbers of the scatter symbols will trigger different mini games as follows.

  • 3 scatter symbols will trigger the Road to Rome, Caesars Free Spins, the Wild Poker spins and Prizes on Parade bonus rounds
  • 4 scatter symbols will trigger the Road to Rome, Caesars Free Spins and the Wild Power Spins bonus rounds
  • 5 scatter symbols will only trigger the Wild Power Spins and Road to Rome Bonus Rounds

Why are the bonus rounds decreasing, you might be thinking, right? Well, this is to ensure that you have better bonuses!

Bonus Rounds

As already mentioned there are four bonus rounds in this game; the Prizes on Parade, the Wild Poker Spins, the Caesars Free Spins and Road to Rome bonus round. Read on to discover more about each bonus round.

The Prize on Parade Bonus Round

It features three shields with each one containing an arrow as well as a number of prizes that you are required to collect by selecting the ‘Stop’ button. If you land on one of the prizes, it will automatically be added to the running total, at the top left corner of your screen. If you land on an arrow, you’ll progress to the next shield and repeat the same procedure above until you land on the ‘Collect’ field. As well try to play cinderella free online.

The collect option will see that you are automatically awarded your prizes, which are then multiplied by your bet!

The Road to Rome Bonus Round

In this, you’ll be presented with a game board which has the Centurion symbol on it. Your objective in this bonus round is to roll a dice, which will help you move the centurion around every time it lands on a box. The winnings come once you successfully manage to guide the centurion to Rome or by successfully landing the dice on the ‘Go to Rome’ square.

Once you reach Rome, you’ll find different multipliers ranging from 40× up to a maximum of 250× waiting for you. A random selection will be made, after which your original bet shall be multiplied by the selected multiplier!

Wild Power Spins

This bonus round awards you with a maximum of three Wild Power Spins. On the first spin, the Centurion drops down and place 3 wild symbols vertically on the 2nd reel; place 3 wild symbols on the 3rd reel during the second spin and finally place 3 wild symbols vertically on the 4th reel.

After all the wins have accumulated, the Wild Power Spins comes to an end!

Caesars Free Spins Bonus Round

Once active, you’ll be presented with two wheels, and you’ll be required to spin each of the wheels to choose the number of free spins you wish to play and a multiplier for each win within the free spins. Once you are done selecting, the game’s screen will change to the free spins screen.

Other Features

In addition to the free spins bonus round, Centurion Slot Machine game also has the reel modifiers game. You’ll be awarded the modifiers once the Centurion appears at the bottom corner of the reel screen blowing a trumpet.

There are up to four reel modifiers in this game, and they include:

  • The reelus maximus during which a colossal symbol will appear anywhere on the reels
  • The big win which assures you of a massive win if the centurion announces ‘Big Win’
  • Super bonus reels which increase the number of bonus symbols for each spin
  • The 5 of a kind bonus round which ensures that you’ll at least get one ‘5 of a kind’ reel win

How to Play Centurion Slot Machine Game

As already mentioned, Centurion Slot Machine game is readily available on both the PC and mobile platform. You can play Centurion slot for free or choose to play using real money. However, in the first case, you will only win virtual currency which you cannot withdraw. This is why we highly recommend that you play Centurion slot machine using real money so that just in case you win a huge sum, you might log out of the online casino smiling.

The game is an affordable one, with a bet range of between €0.2 up to a maximum of €250. This makes sure that both high rollers, casual players and those with a tight budget can easily play the game with much ease.

To select the amount that you wish to bet, simply click on the + or – button under the ‘Total Bet’ section. This is the equivalent of the ‘Stake Up’ and ‘Stake Down’ options in the game’s land-based machines. Once you are done setting your bet limit, click/tap on the spin button to set the reels in motion.

It’s important to note that if you place the maximum bet of €250 and happen to match all the five wild symbol, the machine Centurion Slot Machine will pay up to a maximum of €250,000 on one spin since the game always plays on all the 20 paylines! This is a rare thing to happen, but you can be sure of other frequent payouts.

Does the free game have the same features as the real money one?

The free centurion slot game has similar features as the real money game. Graphics, gameplay, symbols, payouts and the RTP are all the same. What differs is the form of currency used. While the free centurion game has virtual currencies, the real money version pays out actual money that you can withdraw.