Twin Spin Slot Machine Free Play

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Play Twin Spin online to experience double the fun. This 5 reel online slot is packed with up to 243 ways for you to win. This game aims to deliver classic casino entertainment mixed with some of your favourite tropes. As the name suggests, you can expect some twin action from multiple bonuses. One promotion lets you see double, while the big win itself can be worth just as much, all the while getting to see some old-fashioned slot gambling. The RTP for this slot is set at around 96.6%, giving an average return rate for any player level.

Twin Spin Slot Machine Features

Twin Spin Slot MachineAs mentioned before in the review, Twin Spin is based on some classic form of gambling. Slot machines of old would have had many symbols that appear in this title. Symbols include the cherries, the lucky diamonds, lucky number 7, liberty bells, and many more. Everything back then represented what gambling is truly about. The theme stays true to this style of gambling throughout. Whether you are a veteran or a beginner, the form it takes becomes instantly recognizable. The only difference is the emphasis on the “twin” aspect. However, this is mainly connected to the special promotion.

When the game starts, you will see the reel grid in full view. The background will be like a dazzling light show. The closest comparison would be with a memorable Vegas showroom. While the lights do their thing, the reel grid will show you the 243 paylines available on both sides. Apart from that, it will look like a regular grid. The extra lights will come off the symbols themselves. Even the traditional card numbers will have different coloured lights. They will look as if they come off the sign of a Vegas stripboard.

Benefits of Playing Twin Spin Slot Game

Just like a classic casino game, even the rules are easy to grasp and handle. The game hopes for you to land combinations on the paylines. Since there are 243 of them, you can find it very easy to collect winnings if you try hard enough. All you need is a combo of three or more of the same symbols. The bigger the combination is, the higher your prize will be. There are a few bonuses to use that can help with this. Either they can increase the size of your prizes further or increase the odds of landing them.

The Payouts

The paytable is your key to learning what you can win. This can be accessed by visiting the in-game menu. It will show the value of every symbol that is within the game. It even shows how many you need to land for the bigger prizes. If you change your bet, this will alter the value of the rewards. The minimum bet you can place in the game goes down to 0.25. The maximum bet goes all the way up to 125.00. Make sure to check your currency before betting. The game version in Canada will use Canadian Dollars as an example. Here is what you can win:

Symbol description Symbol Value (3x to 5x)
9, 10, J 3 – 25
Q, K, A 4 – 40
Cherries, Liberty bells 10 – 250
BAR 15 – 400
Lucky 7 30 – 500
Diamond 50 – 1,000


Bonus Features of Twin Spin Casino Game

Twin Spin is unique in many ways. It doesn’t have many conventional bonus symbols. For example, it doesn’t use a Scatter symbol but relies on other means to get the bonuses active. However, the review states that it still uses a Wild symbol, so this can always be relied on. It allows you to substitute any other symbol in the game apart from bonuses. This means that gaps can be filled in for possible combinations, further improving your odds.

Another important feature to look out for is the Twin Reel feature. This is the signature bonus that belongs to this game exclusively. Every spin you trigger will have a chance of activating Twin Reels. Two adjacent reels will randomly be split into two. This will cause both reels to have identical symbols, meaning two of them can be in a row already. If you trigger another spin, there is a chance the reels will split off again. Two can become three, and then three can later become four. Even five more reels will appear with identical symbols. Not only does this guarantee combinations to trigger, but it also means multiple combinations can be triggered at once.

Other features are also available that are separate from bonuses. You can trigger the auto max bet function below the reel grid. This will allow you to automatically set the bet to the maximum amount.

Tips and Strategies

Twin Spin Slot PaytableThe Wild should always be aimed for since this can be the one to have some level of control over. It can increase your chances of winning overall and improve odds for bigger prizes. The Twin Reels bonus can be your best bet at gaining guaranteed winnings, but it is difficult to control. Nevertheless, even if it splits only once, it can be worth it. This is why you should save your bigger bets for the likelihood of when it will activate. Win enough of the smaller prizes to gather enough disposable income for bigger risks.

The free play version is your best bet at practicing the game and figure out which financial method works out for you. The free slot no download version can be played without having to spend any real money. The demo can be found on the official site of NetEnt. You can also find a demo available from a review site such as this one. With all the time you want, you can play just enough to learn everything about the game. It is a great way of seeing if this game is right for you before committing with real money.

Software Provider NetEnt

NetEnt, also known as Net Entertainment, is all about focusing on better gaming. They have built their company and adapted for many years to improve the world of online gambling. They have worked for over 20 years to develop their technology to the best of their ability. They pioneer many thrilling games to popularity, all thanks to the presentation of the visuals and the improvement of the gameplay features. The growth of their entire culture has been for the benefit of the players. It is thanks to working with many other studios that they were able to make the improvements that were needed.


Twin Spin is what you want from a classic slot game and even more along with it. The Twin Reels is what makes this game so unique, with the ability to make your grid even bigger than what was thought possible. It makes for some exciting gameplay, as you will never know when this event is going to trigger. The addition of the visuals makes for some shining spectacles whenever you gain a big prize.

Frequently Asked Questions about Twin Spin Slot Machine Free Play

Can you play Twin Spin for free?

Twin Spin can be played for free from the official site of NetEnt. Find another demo from an online review site. 

What bonuses does Twin Spin have?

The game uses a Wild symbol for substitutions. There is also the Twin Reel feature which duplicates the reels for more combinations. 

Can you play Twin Spin for real money?

You can play for real money by registering with an online casino. Find excellent recommendations from an online review site such as this. 

What other titles have been made by NetEnt?

Many popular games have been made by NetEnt. Games include such as Starburst, Reef Raider, Dead or Alive, and Vikings.