Best of Wazdan Casino Games

Unfortunately, there are not many casino games in the company’s collection. However, they can still offer a title for each category. The best ones are:

  • Wazdan Keno: This one is also called “Extra Bingo,” but they are the same game. A very classic title with a paytable of 80 numbers, which you can pick 10 of them at each round. We recommend starting with 3 numbers, the odds are much higher (%97) that way.
  • Wazdan Roulette: Played with the European rules, which means the reel has only one “0” section. Unfortunately, French rules are not used. Although, the house edge is only %2.78 for all bets, which means that a myriad of strategies will work, since the casino advantage always stays the same.
  • American Poker Gold: This is a video poker title that is played with a deck of 53 cards. Which, in contrast to the name, indicates that German rules are being used. You can take advantage of the Joker card – it gives you an edge of %16 per hand.

Play Online Wazdan Slots

You can play in Wazdan casino online free of charge without downloading. Wazdan slots are some of the easiest games you’ll ever play. They are straightforward yet exciting to play. They contain three, four, and five reels. We should also mention that most slot games contain ten possible winning combinations only. Compared to other slot games available on the internet today, the winning combinations offered by Wazdan casinos are very few.

Its games don’t come with the best video and audio effects. The developer should have paid more attention to these crucial areas. Nonetheless, these slot machines have some of the best graphics. At the moment, Wazdan slots probably have the best graphics.

If you are a newbie, we recommend you to try the various Wazdan casino games available on our website. You’ll be able to learn the ropes of online gambling easy and fast without losing money. Additionally, you’ll be treated to some exciting features as well as rewarding bonus rounds.

While these slot machines are simple and newbie-friendly, they are not as boring as many new players would assume. They are fun to play and provide an opportunity to earn high rewards. If you’re playing at Wazdan casinos for the first time, we recommend you to start with the Magic of the Ring. This slot comes with multiple game symbols that pack a lot of rewards. Some game symbols you’ll come across in this slot include dragon symbol, wizard symbol, and golden rings symbols. Magic of the Ring also comes with some exciting features. One feature that will earn you a lot of rewards is the scatter symbol.

Another Wazdan game worth your time and effort is Ten or Twenty. This slot is perfect for players who love Wild West themes. This slot also comes with a lot of rewards including free spins. Its graphics are perfect and will keep you playing for many hours nonstop. Ten or Twenty comes with multiple payline versions including five, ten, and twenty.

There are various ways to enjoy Wazdan free slots. Players can play them for fun on our website. Additionally, players can play in Wazdan online casinos for real money. Playing any online casino slot for fun allows you to try, understand the various rules, and come up with a betting strategy. Once you’ve mastered and understood the rules of a certain slot, you can go ahead and start playing for real money.

At this point, we should urge you to always play slot games in reputable casinos only. Since there are plenty of online casinos on the internet, and new ones are coming up every day, consider conducting thorough research before playing slots in any online casino for real money. Conduct your research online and ask your friends to recommend you some of the best casinos online.

Go ahead and play Wazdan free slots on our website. You don’t need to download or register in order to enjoy any of these games. Additionally, playing on our website is absolutely free.

Wazdan Mobile Slots

While Wazdan slot machines don’t come with the best designs, the developer makes good use of quality technologies when creating these slots. That is why a good number of the slots are available in HTML5 to allow playing on mobile devices.

Gone are the days when a player had to turn on their laptop or visit a land-based casino in order to play slots. With only a few clicks on your mobile device, you can enjoy your favourite game from the comfort of your home. The best part is that a good number of Wazdan games are compatible with both Android and iPhone devices.

Wazdan mobile games aren’t any different from their full version counterparts. Additionally, they are straightforward to play and work very fast. You can play these games from your Windows, Android, or iOS device. A good number of tablets also support Wazdan-powered online casinos.

This game developer promises a wonderful experience to mobile players. That’s why they use up to date technologies when creating some of these games. The developer also understands that players have varied tastes and preferences that’s why their slots come in varied themes.

If you choose to play Wazdan mobile slots, you’ll enjoy a lot of bonuses and high rewards. You’ll also have an opportunity to play some of the most addictive and fun games available today. Since mobile slots offer multiple reels and multiple paylines, your earning chances are very high.

While Wazdan is an upcoming gambling developer, they’ve created some of the best slots available today. Many players especially newbies love playing their slots because they are easy and straightforward to play. They don’t come with multiple and complex rules as it is the case with a lot of online slot games.

Wazdan provides a lot of exciting casino games and most of them support playing on various platforms. Players can play these slots online from their mobile devices, whether Android, iOS, or Windows. Additionally, these games can be played in land-based casinos.


  • Playing these slots is easy and straightforward
  • These slots allow playing on multiple platforms


  • Only ten possible winning combinations are offered


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