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A Round of Enhancements

NextGen Gaming offers you the following enhancements to make matches even more exciting

  • SuperBet matches unlock brand new features such as  extra free games and higher multipliers through a nominal additional bet
  • Select-a-Play matches offer the player a choice of free games so that the players can play comfortably at their chosen volatility levels
  • Up Wild is a one button trigger which offers you high intensity game-play with each spin
  • Slide a Wild is a patented feature where the player can manually place and control certain symbols or wild cards, thus enabling players to play according to their own preferences.

The most popular table casino game from NextGen Casino Gaming is its Roulette Master game. An incredibly thrilling European Style Roulette table, this game offers you the thrill of Roulette with life like 3D animations and amazing sound effects. Besides the usual bets, Special bets here include Red Splits, Black Splits, Zero game and many more.

NextGen Slot Machines

You cannot afford to miss the following NextGen slots

  • Medusa – This 5 reel 25 line video slot brings back to life the intriguing legend of Medusa and the game-play certainly lives up to its namesake. There are wild, scatter symbols abound with a fair smattering of free spins, multipliers and other bonuses. All of this ensures that you can now win a payout of up-to 5000 coins.
  • NextGen Slots also brings to you your favorite DC superheroes, re-mastered with superior artwork, impressive battle scenarios and palpable excitement. Currently, there are 3 slot machine games by NextGen, namely Batman, Green Lantern, The Flash; with Superman slated to make an appearance soon. All of the above are 50 timeline 5 reel games and come with their own sets of bonuses and features.

NextGen deliver exceptional gaming performance and longevity with a robust backend support, making it one of the most reliable solution providers in the online gaming industry.

Stellar Attention to Security & Customer Support

One of the defining features of NextGen Casino Games is the stellar attention they pay to user security and customer support for all their products, making them one of the safest and reliable platform providers in the online casino gaming market.

NextGen Casino Games provide an end to end gaming partnership to their clients, where expertise sharing is done with the aim of delivering targeted themes with a range of mathematical models. NextGen Gaming works on the host of experience they have built over the years through customers in various jurisdictions. NextGen Gaming was acquired by NYX Gaming in 2012 and its headquarters are situated in Sydney (NSW), Australia. It currently employs around 200 employees.