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Blueprint Gaming

Few Salient Features of Blueprint Casino Games

  1. Blueprint Gaming Slots appeal to a variety of players. They have basic games with super simple gameplay based upon the classic Blueprint Gaming slot machines. While other terminals offer complex and challenging experiences where multiple bonuses, levels and hidden modes of playing.
  2. While traditionally terminal manufacturers, Blueprint Gaming has overcome the cross-platform barriers and now available on virtual mediums such as tablets and mobile device.
  3. They have also developed special in-game moves and high-reward innovations which are not available in anything other than Blueprint Gaming slot machines. Transforming symbols, an idea analogous to many gem based games is such an example.
  4. Blueprint casino games are also equally focused on creating a number of games that do not involve gambling. These are gameplay rich and offers hours of clean enjoyment.

Slot Machine Games by Blueprint Gaming

Let’s analyse some of the Slot Machine Games by Blueprint Gaming:

  • Casper’s Mystery Mirroris a blueprint gaming slot machine 5 reels, 40 line take on a nostalgic character. This is a basic slot game but is popular because of the Mystery Mirror symbol and the free spins. Combined, this can lead to the jackpot reward.
  • King Kong Cash features one of Blueprint Gaming slots’ salient strengths, slipping in big bonus rounds amongst the basic slot pulling levels. Banana Canon Wilds, King Kong Spin Streak and Golden Kong Free Spins are just a few examples of rounds that keep the players glued to the screen.
  • Worms is a 5 reel, 50 line slot game which encourages high bidding. It also has many fun bonus rounds that can be accessed by getting specific patterns. The Bet in the Trail bonus rounds offers as much as 1000x rewards.

Consistently Praiseworthy

Blueprint Gaming has gone from strength to strength over the years by providing consistently praiseworthy games which are engrossing, vivid and boasts of challenging and refreshing gameplay. Blueprint Gaming is turning out be the top choice when it comes to the online casino games industry.