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Mega Jack HD

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This exciting high definition poker game found its pathway into the online casino industry thanks to World Match, which is the software company that produced it. Due to its impeccable graphics, awesome sound effects, impressive animations, an attractive theme and its high definition feature, players all over the world have been playing the game non-stop. If you are new to this game, no need to worry because I will take you through an unbiased guide that will give you a brief overview of what Mega Jack HD entails.

How to Play Mega Jack HD

The objective of Mega Jack HD is to acquire the highest five-card poker hand. With that in mind, place the bet and click on the deal button to get your five cards. At this juncture, you can decide to hold or discard any of these cards to increase your chances of forming a winning hand. Once you decide which cards you will discard, click on the deal button to replace them. This forms your final poker hand. To win at Mega Jack HD, your final poker hand must be similar to one of the winning hands including Royal Flush, Straight Flush, Four of a Kind, Full House, Flush, Straight, Three of a Kind, Two Pair, and Jacks or Better.

Minimum/Maximum Bet

Mega Jack HD is very friendly to casual players because it offers a minimum bet of 0.10 per round. While playing this World Match production, high rollers are not left behind because they can set a maximum bet of 5.00 per hand. This means that if you select the maximum number of hands, you can wager as high as 125 dollars per round.

The Bonus Round

This round is triggered immediately you land on one of the winning hands of the game. This is very appealing to players that love gambling because this feature allows you to double your wins if you correctly guess the outcome of the dice. However, you lose all our money if the dice fails to land on your prediction.

Tips and Tricks

  • Play with the maximum number of coins
  • Always draw for a flush over a straight
  • Avoid holding on to an Ace in addition to a low pair
  • Hold on to a low pair of cards even if you have three high cards

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