Crazy Wizard Slot Machine Free Play

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Video Slot
Wild Symbol, Scatter Symbol, Autoplay Option, Multiplier, Free Spins
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Play Crazy Wizard to have yourself some spell-binding fun. The online slot will be hosted by the incredible sorcerer, a man who has become more powerful in his old age than most other mages. In this 5×3 reel slot machine, you will be aiming to score a magical combination. All of which can be landed on up to 10 paylines available. Make use of the Wild card and Scatters to gain yourself some bonuses and goodies. All of which can be used to make more spectacular combos. The RTP is calculated at around 95.56%. Take your chance at becoming the next grand wizard under this old man’s insane tutelage.

Crazy Wizard Slot

What Is So Unique about Crazy Wizard Slot Machine?

Crazy Wizard online has most of what you would expect from a magical theme. The man himself is the first face you see from the moment you start this adventure covered from head to toe in his blue robes. His face is half-covered by the darkness of his hood. Everything about this slot is shrouded in mystery, a mystery you may want to uncover when the time is right. Surrounding him is an ethereal aura that gives you an impression of his power. He may be old, but he certainly has one or two tricks up his long sleeves.

When the game starts, the reel grid will appear in fiery magic. The flames of his spells will continue to envelop the arena as you press on to spin the reels. The grid itself is protected by a silver barrier that separates the reels. Every symbol will be a different aspect of magic you may have already come across, from the potions to the spellbooks. Even a flaming dragon will make its appearance. The crystal ball represents a stronger force of magic, something that can grant you more winning if you can land it. Meanwhile, the Wizard will appear to make his rounds spurring you on with his form of special magic.

Benefits of Playing Crazy Wizard Slot Game

To win the rewards, you must first spin for the prizes. Deposit your money using the online casino to make your bet. Your objective is to land at least three of the same symbols. The higher value the symbol is worth, the bigger your reward will be. Use the special symbols in the game to activate bonuses. This can improve your chances of winning. You may also be able to use a casino promotion. This will grant you more opportunities than any other.

The Paytable

Crazy Wizard Slot Paytrable

The paytable has everything you need to know concerning prizes. The table will showcase what each symbol is worth. This will include how many to land to get the biggest rewards available. Note that the currency of the version you’re playing will be used. Canada will use Canadian dollars as an example. The bet will also determine what you win. If it changes, the prizes change too. Here is what you can win:

Symbol Description Symbol Value (3x to 5x)
9, 10 2 – 25
Q, J 5 – 30
A, K 5 – 100
Potion 10 – 125
Candle 15 – 250
Crystal Ball 5 – 500 (2x to 5x)
Spell Book 10 – 1,000 (2x to 5x)
Wild 70 – 2,000


Bonus Features of Crazy Wizard Casino Game

The different bonuses in the game can be what you need to get an edge in. These bonuses can come from the smallest of gems to the biggest of rewards. If you use them correctly, it will help keep things more interesting. The first symbol to look out for is the Wild symbol. This will be represented as the grand wizard himself. The Wild can act as a substitute for all other symbols in the game. The only one it cannot represent is the Scatter. This can let you fill in gaps for possible combinations. That means you will get extra chances of winning.

The second symbol to look out for is the Scatter. The Scatter symbol will be represented as the Golden Dragon. This Dragon will breathe fire as you land them. Scatters can be landed anywhere and don’t require to be in a combination. What is more, is the bonus attached to them. If you land at least three of them on the reels, you will be rewarded with 10 free spins. Land four of them on the reels to be given 20 free spins. Land all five to receive 30 free spins. Free spins allow you to spin the reels without having to place more bets.

Tips and Strategies

The best way for you to get a big win is through the free spins. Preferably try and land all five Scatters if you can. This can get you the biggest number of spins. What is also helpful is that they can be retriggered. This means you can keep the chain going as the spins commence. As long as you land more Scatters, that is. The Wild symbol will be most helpful in securing more winning combinations. It also serves as one of the highest-ranked payouts. Landing Wilds will be the best bet at getting massive prizes all in one go.

If you want to see how you will do, you could always have a go at the free play version. This will let you play the game without spending any real money. The demo will let you use tokens instead of money. Spend the tokens to spin the reels. You won’t win any real money, however. Nevertheless, this can give you the chance to play the game and practice getting the free spins. See how many you can chain together and look at your prize count. You can find the free slot no download version from the official site of Spielo. You can also find a demo on many review pages such as this one.


Spielo is a small-time slot machine creator. They have humble beginnings and are still working their way up to becoming the next great software provider. They have already made excellent games like this one and are continuing to produce new titles for the coming year. The studio first started in 1990. Whilst they have a long history, they are still getting their bearings when it comes to the online gambling world. No matter what, they aim to improve themselves and have made substantial connections to popular casinos across the globe.


Despite the name, Crazy Wizard is a surprisingly simple slot game. It has everything that a modern-day machine could ask for, making it perfect for any beginner gamblers out there. If you ever want to see what online gambling is all about, this can be the perfect spot to start with. The paylines, payouts, and RTP rating show off an acceptable starting point for those that want to see how it all ticks. You can find many other more complex machines from the official website of Spielo.

Frequently Asked Questions about Crazy Wizard Slot Machine Free Play

Can I play the slot for free?

The free play version is fully available on the site of Spielo. Review pages will also let you try it out before linking you to the real money version

What bonuses does Crazy Wizard have?

You can use the Wild symbol to get incredible substitutions. The Scatter can also grant you up to 30 free spins if you land all five.

Can you play the Crazy Wizard slot for real money?

Spielo may be small, but they have still sold their products to successful online casinos. You can find them from a list of top-tier recommendations.

What other titles have been made by Spielo?

Spielo has created many brands you might have heard of. Examples include Maya & Gold, Poseidon, Princess of the Amazon, Detective Chronicles, Fortunes of Egypt, and Irish Magic.