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History of the Casinos

People always gambled: On street corners, in private homes, on ships, in clubs ... Even archaeological excavations show that cavemen play games with dice from bones. However, the first continental casino in the world opened in Venice, in 1638. You can visit this building, which is known as Casino di Venezia, as a museum today. Even the "casino" name was used in here for the first time. (This word is Italian and means “pleasure building”.) There were only card games here because the roulette had not been invented yet. In 1856, the Monte Carlo Casino introduced roulette to the world as a game. The vast majority of card games were invented in Spain, and almost all of the table games were invented in France. The roots of many games we play today depend on Europe and have a history of nearly 200 years.

It took a long time for the casinos to come to America. Until 1930, gambling was illegal in the US. For this reason, casino games were played on steam-powered river ships: These ships were always traveling, so they could not be controlled. Poker was invented on these ships. In 1931, gambling was legalized only in Nevada and “Las Vegas” emerged. Up until the end of the 1990s, the dominance of continental casinos continued. In 1999, Microgaming opened the world's first online casino: InterCasino. We all know what happened after that date. There are now thousands of online casinos in the world, and they all promise a different experience. Online gambling is a billion-dollar industry, and it keeps growing every year. The number of options is so high that you cannot be sure which website you need to use. That's why you need unbiased, professional, and actual online casino reviews. OnlineCasinoPolis offers you the best quality and most detailed reviews in this industry.

Bonuses & Promotions

Online casinos may have been opened in 1999, but it took a long time for people to start trusting them. In those years, the idea of making a deposit on a web site seemed strange and unreliable. To get rid of this disadvantage, online casinos started to arrange bonus promotions. We do not know which site came up with this idea for the first time, but it became very popular in a very short time and started to be implemented by all websites. The roots of many of today's promotions are based on advertising projects in those years. Some of the most popular bonuses in today’s casinos are:

  • Sign Up Bonus: Also known as "Welcome Bonus". Offered to those who become members of a casino for the first time, and gives many advantages. The most known advantage is the “no deposit” bonus. In this promotion, the casino credits a certain amount of money to your account for free. (Usually $ 10-20). You only need to sign up for an account, no need to make a payment. This gift money can be used to play games.
  • Deposit Bonus: Also known as "Match Bonus". It is mostly offered as part of the welcome package. However, it is possible for old members to benefit from this campaign. In this promotion, the money you deposit is matched by the casino in a certain ratio. For example, if this rate is 100% and you deposit $ 50, you will get another $ 50. It is possible to find match rates up to 300%. By using this promotion together with the sign-up bonus, you can get a starting capital of thousands of dollars.
  • Free Spins Bonus: It gives you free spinning rights that you can use in slot machines. It is usually offered as part of a sign-up or deposit bonus. Depending on the campaign conditions, it is possible to earn an average of 150-200 free spins. You are only allowed to use these rights on a few pre-selected slot machines. But if you make a profit, it becomes yours.

Today, even if people have no problem with depositing money to websites, these promotions are still ongoing. The reason for this is competition: The number of casinos is very high, and customer loyalty is very low. For this reason, the casinos continue to organize all these campaigns.

Software & Games

Every game you play at a casino is developed by a company and offered through a delivery platform. Usually, the game and platform developer is the same company. This has many advantages, because the platform also provides features such as electronic payment infrastructure and fraud control. For example, if you deal with Playtech, you do not have to worry about the number of games and how they will be presented. By integrating the platform developed by Playtech into your website, you can have a full-fledged gambling system in a short time. This system presents new games to your members as soon as they are available. It sets the rules of the games, the chances of winning, and the RTP rates. In fact, it can even organize special offers and campaigns for specific members.

In this regard, the most used software by online casinos are:

  • QuickFire: Developed by Microgaming, this platform is considered the world's largest distribution network. There are about 400 games on the platform and it supports not only casino games, but also sports betting. Almost all major brands use QuickFire infrastructure.
  • Bally Systems: Almost all the casinos in Las Vegas use this software developed by Bally. The software not only controls the games, but also the players. For instance, it can process images from hundreds of security cameras at the same time.
  • Synkros: Used by a large majority of online casinos in the Asian market, Synkros is developed by Konami. It is capable of generating reports for each and every player. It also offers special and personal bonuses to the players.

As far as the gaming variety is concerned, it is possible to say that there is a provider for every taste. Microgaming, for example, offers the most number of options and it manages to appeal to every liking. We recommend you try Thunderstruck II, Motörhead, Hot as Hades, and Vegas Party titles. Bally is an expert on classic slot machines known as "Vegas slots". Quick Hit Pro, Cash Spin, 88 Fortunes, and Big Vegas are the games you should take a look. For progressive jackpot games and slots adapted from movies, you should opt for the IGT. We recommend you to start with Stinkin Rich, Cluedo, Wheel of Fortune, and Crown of Egypt games.

Languages, Deposits, & Currencies

As you can guess, all online casinos support the English language. However, the websites that serve on a multi-national scale support all major languages. Especially if you live in a country affiliated to the European Union, you can probably use the website in your native language. There are also casinos that support the Eastern European and Asian languages, although they are not many.

Among the accepted currencies, the Euro ranks first. Contrary to popular belief, the USD is not in second place: the British Pound is the second most used currency. Because every casino that is licensed by the UK Gambling Commission must support this currency. USD is in third place. Almost every casino supports these three currencies. Recently, the number of casinos that support electronic cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin has also increased considerably.

You can use multiple methods to deposit money to the casino. Bank tellers, credit cards, and electronic wallets (Neteller, PayPal, Skrill, etc.) are among the most widely used methods. You can also use almost all of these methods to withdraw money too.

Player Eligibility

In order to be able to play and earn money in an online casino, you must be at least 18 years old wherever you are in the world. It's illegal for kids under 18 to gamble. Even if you manage to become a member, you won’t be able to withdraw when you earn a profit.

Secondly, what you need to be aware of is the laws of your home country. Online casinos operate with licenses and each license is valid for a different country. For example, a casino that wants to serve British players must first obtain a license from the UK Gambling Commission. However, this license does not mean that it can accept players from any country. If gambling is considered as illegal in your country or your hometown is excluded from the scope of the license, it is likely that you will not be accepted as a member of a casino. Every website clearly announces the list of the countries it accepts. If you are connecting from a different country, it won’t allow you to create a membership. You can still sign up with solutions like VPN, but remember that you might have some problems when you want to withdraw the money you earn.


When someone says "jackpot", you should first think of progressive slot machines. These machines do not have a fixed prize pool and the amount of rewards increases with every game played. Think them like a lottery: Until someone wins the prize, the money accumulated in the pool is constantly rising. Sometimes it reaches millions of dollars. The most famous one among the progressive jackpot machines is the “Mega Moolah”. Four of the top five jackpot awards in the Guinness Book of World Records belongs to this game. As a matter of fact, the biggest jackpot prize ever won is 39,710,000 USD. But be careful when playing on these machines: You have a lower chance of winning than other games and you always have to play with the maximum bet amount. In other words, they are not suitable for players who play with a limited budget.

Mobile Compatibility

If the online casino website is encoded with HTML5 technology, we have good news: You can use any device you want to use the site. HTML5 gives the same result on all devices (desktop PC, mobile phone, tablet PC, etc.) regardless of operating system. So there is no difference in performance and features. The sites developed with Flash technology can only be viewed with desktop PCs and Android devices. Almost all casino websites today use HTML5 technology. This also means that you can play most of the games on the site with your mobile device too. The history of mobile casino games is quite old, even extending back to almost 90's. However, the development of mobile casino websites started in 2010, like the HTML5 technology. In this regard, Realistic Games is considered to be the first company that used HTML5 for a casino website. 

Best Online Casinos in Our Reviews

There are many reviews we offer you, but some casinos deserve to be listed separately because of their features. If we take a look at the most reliable casinos with the best bonus offers:

  • Slotty Vegas: New members get 50 free spins and a deposit bonus of up to 500 Euros. Slotty Vegas focuses mostly on slot machines and offers hundreds of slot games together.
  • Betat Casino: If you sign up for the first time and deposit at least 20 Euros, Betat doubles this money. The upper limit of this bonus is 500 Euros. You also get 50 free spins that you can use in Starburst game.
  • All British: All British, who accepts only players from the UK, give 100 Sterling and 100 Free Spins as sign up bonus. However, you can use the free spins only in Starburst, Aloha, and Pyramid games.
  • Casumo: Casumo was launched in 2012 and is managed by the CSL Group. 200% match bonus (up to 1,200 Euros) and 200 free spins are available for new members. In addition, “Reel Races” promotion gives a prize of € 1,000 to the most winning player in slot machines every day.
  • 888 Casino: 888 Casino opened in 1997 and it has about 25,000,000 members. First time members qualify for a no deposit bonus of between 15 and 888 Euros. In addition, both new and old members can use the 100% deposit bonus (up to € 1,500).

We recommend that you first try free versions of the games on our website, then choose one of the addresses above to play with real money. We continue to review and rate all online casinos for you. Keep following us for the most up-to-date reviews and bonus campaigns.

Casino Reviews Infographic


When people of Europe think about gambling, they think about the fine casinos in Monaco. In America they immediately picture Las Vegas.Naturally, most gamblers presume that the Sin City of the USA with all its glitz and glamour, flashing lights and high rollers is the top place for gambling revenue.

It’s true that these finest casinos make lots of cash and show a considerable profit, but surprising as it may seem, they are not the top. The title belongs to Macau, and if this looks unbelievable to you, go to to see 6 more interesting little-known casino facts. Macau is the top place for casino turnover and revenue. It towers over America to the ratio of 7:1, and simply crushes it on a daily basis.

That’s correct, hard as it appears but Macau generates so much more revenue than American casinos. This is due mainly to the position of Macau with its easy access to seaports and the fact that the casinos offer more games that appeal to the oriental and Asian communities.

Furthermore, Asia and China have more people who view gambling in casinos as making investments, and the average worker is becoming so much richer, that it is a simple numbers game as to why they are way ahead of American gambling revenues. Coupled with the fact they offer better odds than America and it is easy to see why Macau is the new leader. America has the fame but Macau has the cash!