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Penny Slots

As you know, a penny is the lowest currency denomination that exists and thus, is nearly worthless. Therefore, these slot machines unlike other slots, are a psychological concept of costing participants an incredibly low amount to relish. As such, a plethora of casinos across the globe offer these type of slots, such as the onlinecasinopolis.net.

By referring to certain games as “penny slots,” the usual assumption is increased affordability. Therefore, they attract a copiousness of gamblers from various regions across the globe, such as the U.K, Canada, South Africa and New Zealand, to mention a few.

These slot machines encourage participants to gamble on several pay lines at once. For instance, it is relatively simple to place a wager of 1.25p per line on a slot with a maximum of 25 pay lines. As such, a plethora of gamblers who play penny slots for real money should play with caution, as they end up spending more than they realize.

Penny Slot Machines Rules

For a fact, these games are indeed a bundle of joy but can prove to be a tad confusing in regards to the winning process. Therefore, incorporating the steps below will help you begin your journey to walking away with tremendous rewards.

  1. Selecting the game. At online casinos, you begin by culling the slot of your choice, (such as Luck Lady) based on its reviews as well as your preferences.
  2. Gambling the lines. As you know, rewards are upon the formation of winning sequences, usually three or more matching icons on activated lines, from the leftmost to the reel on the furthest right. A cornucopia of the latest slots for real money has a minimum wager of one penny for each spin with the highest being $5 on all pay lines. As well try to play cinderella free online.
  3. Multiple Bonuses. Without a doubt, a myriad of these games offer a broad range of bonus features, incorporated into the theme. Thus, to walk away with a win, participants should pin down those that include free spins, bonus levels as well as cash out multipliers, which re-trigger themselves. Hence, incredible rewards add up, in a heartbeat.
  4. The best casinos. For a fact, the casino you pin down, directly impacts your success. Firstly, you should cull one which has cutting edge software and is compatible with a broad range of devices, running the gamut from the latest tablets and smartphones to PCs. Secondly, trust and reputation are vital. Hence, top-notch casinos such as the onlinecasinopolis.net among others, always go that extra mile to ensure they have unique customer service with high ratings. Additionally, other casinos include free-slots-no-download, Spinit, Kaboo, Cashpot, Golden Spins and Vegas, among others. Enjoy for such amazing game like centurion slot machine.
  5. Putting down a deposit. The ability to make deposits as well as withdrawals in the blink of an eye is certainly an essential feature for all gamblers. Hence, phenomenal casinos provide a cornucopia of secure deposit and payment methods such as debit and credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, as well as American Express), PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, Eco-Card, e-check, and lastly, direct wire transfer.

By the way, here is a jokie video about the penny slot machines and how betternot to play them:

Go Big or Go Home!

Without a doubt, a casino would be as dull as ditchwater with the absence of intriguing bonus features, to keep players thrilled. As such, a wide range of online casinos offer a plethora of extra features, running the gamut from wild icons, scatters and multipliers, to loyalty and sign up bonuses, among others.

  1. Wild Symbols. Slot game wild symbols have been in existence since the initial One Armed Bandit made its appearance on the scene. Firstly, they have the power to be a substitute for all other icons and are the highest paying. Secondly, they can be utilized alongside other symbols on the wheels, thereby creating winning sequences. Thirdly, they appear sporadically on the reels. However, the only exception to this rule is that Wilds cannot replace scatters, free spins or other bonuses.
  2. Scatter Icons. More often than not, they are also referred to as a gambler’s best friend, because of their ability to unlock a copiousness of additional features, incorporated into the game’s theme. As opposed to other symbols which have to be lined up on an activated line, scatters appear anywhere on the wheels thereby triggering free rounds and other extra features.
  3. Multipliers. As the name depicts, these are lucrative features which give participants the ability to multiply their rewards by a pre-determined amount. Hence, their primary objective is to increase your cash prizes by double, triple, ten times or even as high as 1000 times.
  4. No Deposit Bonus. It is whereby, players have the capacity to retrieve a certain amount of money without making any deposit. A wide range of gaming sites, such as the ones mentioned earlier, offer this feature. The free-chip-no-deposit bonus is the most renowned, whereby, players acquire free chips before making any down payment. As such, these chips are used to make thrilling gambles, and if participants are lucky enough, they get to walk away as elated winners of huge cash rewards.
  5. Sign up bonus. It is an exclusive feature, to the provision by a myriad of online gaming sites. It is considered “free” money that a site offers to players (upon making an initial deposit), to strike back and make their money. Of course, different sites offer varying sign-up bonuses.
  6. Monthly Bonus. As the title suggests, participants receive these on a monthly basis as a reward for their loyalty. They come in many forms such as free spins packages, loyalty points, and monthly prizes, to mention a few.
  7. High roller bonuses. They are another way in which gamblers receive rewards for their loyalty. More often than not, gaming sites will categorize members into varying levels based on the games they have partaken in, such as Novomatic’s Cleopatra and Wheel of Fortune. Hence, Elite members can certainly expect generous awards.

Low Vs. High Limit Slots- Making a Wise Choice

  • High Stake Levels. High rollers indeed have a preference for high stake games as they relish the adrenaline rush when playing for hefty amounts of real money. Thus, they can wager thousands of dollars from one single spin and trigger massive prizes if they are fortunate enough to accumulate the idea slot symbols. Additionally, their payout percentage is significantly high, at at least 93%.
  • Small Stake Levels. Gamblers get to relish the thrills of online gaming without having to spend a hefty bankroll. As such, there are a plethora of games that participants can partake in, for as minimal as one penny per spin, such as Columbus slot machine. However, they have a slightly lower payout percentage of and least 75%.

Mastering the Art of Winning

As you know, the primary objective of gaming sites is to make a profit, and no player should begrudge of that. Bearing that in mind, it is your duty as a gambler, to conduct your due diligence by educating yourself on the fees associated with this type of entertainment. Therefore, below are the outlined mistakes you should heed, to avoid falling into the pitfalls of gambling.

  • Lack of a budget. It is the most common mistake which participants make. A myriad of players makes the assumption that small stakes mean minimal spending, which it is quite the contrary. The fact is, when playing for a penny per spin, the minimal losses add up in the blink of an eye, to become tremendous losses and thus, a budget is vital.
  • Progressive Jackpot. As a player, it is advisable to pin down penny slots for real money, which have an ever-increasing jackpot, as the longer you partake in the thrill, the greater your chances of coming out victorious, with some incredible wins in the long run. Practice makes perfect! Additionally, you should exercise on free games, acquire adroitness, and hence, increase your likelihood of walking away with the progressive jackpot.
  • Place maximum stakes. If the machine only activates bonus features upon betting on all pay lines, then you should do so, to optimize what the game has to offer and thus, increase your chances of winning big cash outs.
  • Have Fun. Most players who partake in real money penny slots, are quite focused on winning big that they often forget to have fun. Little do they realize that it is only in having a blast, that a good thing is more likely to occur, as positive energy yields good luck.

Aim for the Stars!


Evidently, the ubiquity of gambling sites which offer real bankroll treasures has indeed revealed the alluring world of gaming, to a countless number of people across the globe. Of course, it goes without saying; you have to be in it to win it!