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Timer Roulette Pro HD

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Timer Roulette Pro HD has 36 numbers and a single zero. Its uniqueness has something to do with its table layout. This game is just another version of Fair Roulette though it is also available in many variants with different chip values and limits on the table.

How to Play the Game?

  • The wheel rotates automatically each time the timer resets.
  • The winning number is identified once the ball stops in one of the numbered sectors. The numbers in the wheel are alternately colored. They’re in red and black. The zero number is green.
  • The interface provides two functions. The first one is an essential interface that allows you to play the game quickly and easily. It’s ideal for beginners. The other interface is advanced, which is designed for expert players.

Timer Roulette Pro HD is popular in the UK though it’s also available in different countries. However, playing it for real money is only accessible in some countries with no online gambling restrictions.

What Are the Rules?

The player’s goal is to guess at where the ball lands. Before you start the round, you’ll need to place a bet first. Then, set the clock to zero to start the game. The wheel turns, and the ball lands on a numbered hole. You’ll win if you placed a bet on that number or color of that number.

You’ll be paid simultaneously each time the game ends. It’s only possible to make a new bet after the ball has been removed from the hole. Now, if it lands on zero, any single and double bets are regarded as a loss. The payout ratio is the same as the regular roulette. You can only start to play for real money when you’ve registered an account with the online casino and made a minimum deposit.

How to Win?

You must make a right guess on where the ball lands. There’s no such thing as a strategy to winning it. It means that no scientific system lets you win in every round. That’s because the only way to do it is to be fortunate.

Because it’s a game of chance, you have to quit while you still have money in your bank. The more you get negative results, the more likely that you’ll lose in the next few rounds. Thus, you must make a profit goal or loss limit. Make sure that you stick to it. Else, you’ll be losing more. Don’t place a bet with more than the money you’ve prepared to lose.