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Spanish 21 Game

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Spanish 21 casino game comes from the classic Blackjack game, except for a selection of several new rules and twists. It’s played with 48 cards; without the 10s and the house, it gets a slighter better edge. However, there a few bonuses which allow the player to enjoy the gameplay.
Rules: How to Play Spanish 21 Casino Game?
When playing, it makes a huge difference when you already understand Blackjack rules. The game starts with the player placing a single bet. Both the player and the dealer are then dealt two cards from the shoe composed of six or eight decks.

Tips On Winning the Bonus 21

You can achieve bonuses for holding quite uncommon hands. A hand of 21 that comprises five cards or more will pay you out at more than even odds:

  • 7 or More Cards pays 3 to 1.
  • l6 pays 2 to 1.
  • 5 pays 3 to 2.

If you make 21 with 3 cards, which are either 7+7+7 or 8+7+6, you will get a bonus payout. You’re a winner with 3 to 2 odds, but if you hit three cards from the same suit, then this will pay 2 to 1.  The same combo in spades pays 3 to 1. A hand that consists of three 7s of the same suit and if the dealer has 7 as his up card provides a player with a huge bonus payout, the amount of which differs depending on a casino.

The main deviation between Spanish 21 and Blackjack is that your 21 will always beat the dealer’s 21. You can get the Bonus 21 if your total is 21. There are several bonuses which are paid out for reaching 21:



7+7+7 Spades


7+7+7same suit


7+7+7 mixed suits


8+7+6 Spades


8+7+6 same suit


8+7+6 mixed suits


7/6/5 mixed suits


A dealer may hit or stand on a soft 17. And do not forget to match the dealer odds.

Betting Strategies & Stake Options

  •  Double Down Rescue:  the right to rescue the doubled portion of your bet if you are unhappy with your non-busted double down hand. When you use this rule, you forgo your original bet, and this is discarded.
  •  Doubling Down: a choice to double down on two cards or more, regardless of the sum value, including if they were split.
  •  Late Surrender: This increases your odds against the house. If you are dealt two bad cards, then you surrender and forfeit 50 percent your initial wager, and this will be discarded from the hand.
  •  Pair Splitting: You may split any of the same value, including Aces. Thus, you can make up to 4 hands.
  • Super Bonus: You are rewarded with the Super Bonus if you get 7,7,7 of the same suit, and the dealer draws a 7 of any suit. If you don’t win the Super Bonus, then the other players will be awarded the Envy Bonus which pays out $50. If you opt to double or split, then the Super Bonus will be void.

Spanish 21 Casino Game Strategy Tips

Spanish 21 Strategy is rather complicated. The right way to proceed is dependent upon the amount of cards you drew so far. You need to look at the total value of your hand in comparison to what the dealer shows, while at the same time take into account whether you doubled yet or not, as well as any bonuses you could potentially win.

The concept for Spanish 21 is particularly savvy, as the odds are occasionally even better than with your standard blackjack, which has a house advantage of lower than 0.5%.

A hand that does show potential is 7+7+7 or a hand that equals 21. These hands are different from similar hands, which are not eligible to win prizes. You will need to take note of the specific rules used in Spanish 21 to play well. The basic strategy will vary depending on the game version.

  • Hard Totals – You should always hit with sums of 8 or less, and stand with sums of 18 or more.
  •  Soft Totals – You should always stand on a soft 19, 20 or 21.
  •  Splitting Pairs – 4s, 5s or cards valued at 10 should never be split, unlike Aces.

Spanish 21 is a thrilling alternative to the madly popular Blackjack; it provides additional bonuses and new rules. Once you have grasped the fundamentals of blackjack, you can start playing variations of the game that offers similar challenges but with an extra twist like Spanish 21.