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Pariplay Games

Pariplay offers games that exceed the threshold standards of the gaming industry, it is, therefore, registered and licensed by the Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission, and the Gambling Commission of the UK. Additionally, the Australia-based iTechLab, tests and certifies the Pariplay gaming system and Pariplay slot machines to ensure that they are of the best quality for players.

Over the years, the company has been able to establish its foothold across North America, Europe, and Africa. The presence of its services in these countries is enforced by online gambling operators, private entities, and state lotteries.



Play Online Pariplay Slots

Pariplay network has four major platforms that categorize the services as per the different segments that developers intend to serve. The platforms include:

  • iGaming – This feature comprises of a combination of analytics, reporting, and tracking tools that enable the provider to convey games to online casinos. The company has invested in resources over the years and it, therefore, has an extensive wealth of knowledge and infrastructure that enables different game developers to provide their games to casinos that are powered by Pariplay.
  • iLottery – This is a component that enables the company to offer exiting and instant-win Pariplay games to players. This aspect is crucial for customization of the platform for a specific need such as daily tournaments, or jackpot games. It also allows the casinos and gaming companies to work under a fixed-odds strategy that is fair to all players.
  • Fusion Aggregation Platform – This aspect comprises tools that enable Pariplay online casinos to offer a huge variety of slots at select casinos. It is a system of content delivery and scalability that is unique and, therefore, gives Pariplay an edge when it comes to offering an unlimited number of games at a given platform. Hence, due to the immense scalability capabilities of this feature, Pariplay-powered casinos can offer thousands of options to players.
  • Mobile On-Premise – This is a revolutionary future that fosters interactions between players. It works through a technology that is native to Pariplay dubbed as eyeON. This feature facilitates interactive gaming for players who are located in remote locations to each other. EyeON brings them together to create an atmosphere and euphoria of a land-based community of players. The feature can facilitate interactive slots gaming that is becoming the norm in the fast-paced world of online casinos.

Advantages to Pariplay Casinos

  • Increased revenues as the extraordinary and innovative features attract more players.
  • Lower operations costs as for casinos as the mobile on-premise app encourages online gambling that is cheaper to administer due to a number of factors such as an absence of rent, reduction of labour and administration costs, elimination of land-based casino overhead costs, etc.
  • Lower house edges in casinos which translate to higher payout rates in Pariplay casino in comparison to other casinos that have been powered by different internet gaming services providers.
  • Pariplay online casinos can offer more games on their platforms in comparison to other platforms.

Advantages to Players

  • Interactive gaming solutions that encourage players to chat as they play.
  • Availability of the option to play a no-download or download version.

Features of Pariplay Slots

Unlike other slots game developers, Pariplay strives to diversify the features that they offer to players. This has enabled the company to appeal to a wide and a more diverse fan base because of the wide range of diversity, and the huge options that are available.

Rows, Reels, and Paylines

Developers have departed from the standard practices of designing slot games with five reels and three rows. Firstly, some games have five reels. They include Crypto Keeper, Fish & Chips, I Love Christmas, Tiki Madness, Fur Ball, Outer Space, etc. On the other hand, some games have three reels including Arctic Madness, Fruity Looty, Monte Carlo Classic, Candy Land, etc.

Secondly, same online Pariplay slots have one row such as Fruity Mandy, Nandy Looty, etc. Meanwhile, the majority of other slots have a standard number of three rows that are standards in online casinos.

Lastly, the pay lines also differ from game to game. For example, Tiki Madness has 1 pay line, Fur Bar has 25 pay lines, Reel Groovy has 9 lines, Jack In The Box Slot has 100 lines and the differences continue from slots to slots.

Themes and Bonuses

Classic, action, animals, fruits/vegetables, science fiction, space, food, movies, music, and nostalgia. These are some of the themes that players can consider when they select Pariplay casino. The themes have been carefully selected, and the graphics are displayed on high definition graphics to create the desired gaming experience.

Not all slots from Pariplay have bonus round. Some of the examples that have are 31 in number. Some of them include Sharknado, Gems Odyssey, The Three Stooges: Disorder in the Court, Easter Cash Basket, Red Hot Chilli Chips, Secret Jewels of Azteca, Chang'e Goddess of the Moon, and other slots. The bonus rounds are only awarded when a scatter symbol or a combination of wild icons trigger free spins.

Pariplay free slots are available on different casino platforms that have partnered with the gaming provider. Anyone can access theme for free without registration to familiarize themselves with the experience. Casino download versions are best suited for players who wish to play for real money.

Pariplay Mobile Slots

Pariplay mobile games are also available on online casinos. The HTML5 feature is engrained in these slots to make the video graphics to be supported by devices OSs such as Android, iPhone, and Windows phones.

Some of these games include:

  • Chitty Bang
  • Wild Cherry
  • Rio Fever
  • Asteroids Slots
  • Barn Ville
  • Hollywood Stars
  • Beach Bonanza
  • Dirty Jack

Pariplay Promotes Responsible Gaming Practices

The provider also ensures that players are not exposed to irresponsible gambling that is financially, psychologically and socially harmful. Therefore, the company has put in place rigid tools, systems, and measures that promote responsible gambling. The approaches include age verification, location identification (geolocation services) and a complex self-exclusion tool for players with uncontrollable impulses.

Pariplay has also partnered with GamCare-an organization that provides support, advice, information, and free counselling for treatment, prevention, management, and diagnosis of gambling addiction conditions.


  • Pariplay-powered casinos can be able to offer a huge variety of slot games given the versatility of the platform’s features such as iLottery, iGaming, and Fusion.
  • The provider offers games to casinos on cheaper offers compared to other gaming providers. This means that casinos are not under pressure to raise their house edge.
  • Pariplay encourages safe gambling by adhering to industry standards since the company is certified by credible institutions in the UK, Malta, and Gibraltar.
  • Its games are diverse and exciting in their own ways to attract players with different tastes.


  • Not all slots have bonus rounds.
  •       Some countries are not allowed to participate since the geolocation feature on Pariplay is designed to reject their location.