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SideBet Blackjack

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There are numerous blackjack side bets in their variations. Most blackjack games have their own list of side bets and they all fall under various categories. The blackjack rules still stick; the aim of the game is to attain a value of a natural 21 to get a blackjack hand in order to win the game.

21+3 Side Bet

This side bet pays by the first two cards that are drawn by the player and the dealer’s card that is face up.

If the 3 cards constitute a flush, straight flush or 3 of a kind, the payout is at a 9:1 rate.

The house edge in this game is 3.24%.

Payout Table:



Suited 3 of a kind


Straight flush


3 of a kind






To play, place a side bet to start and when your two cards along with those of the dealer are dealt, combine these values to make the best hand.

There are a few versions of this game. The house edge increases as the number of decks used increases.

Super Sevens Side Bet

This side bet wages if the first card you have been dealt is a 7. If it is, the player wins and the payout is at a rate of 3:1. The winnings increase for consecutive wins. The house edge on this game ranges between 11-13%


1 seven


2 unsuited sevens


2 suited sevens


3 unsuited sevens


 3 suited sevens


Royal Match Side Bet

This bonus pays out when the first two drawn cards are suited. If you get a suited King and Queen, who act as the Royal Match, you get a top bonus. You win if you get any two cards with a matching suit, a suited pair of cards like two 7s or a Royal Match of the King&Queen and a straight flush which comprises of consecutive cards with the same suit.

If the game is played using 6 decks, the house edge rests at 4.1%.


Royal Match


Straight Flush


2 suited cards


Suited Pair


Perfect Pairs

The player gets the chance to place a bet if the two cards dealt are paired. Pairs can be of 3 types; rank and suit, the color of the suit and rank.

A perfect pair consists of two of a kind like 2 Aces of spades.

Two aces of different colors make up a colored pair.

The return to player rate for Perfect Pairs is 95.82%.

Payouts In Perfect Pairs:

Perfect Pair

25 to 1

Colored Pair

15 to 1

Mixed Pair

5 to 1

Over/Under 13 Side Bet

This calls for the player to bet if his hand will be over, under or have an exact value of 13. Here, the Ace has a value of 1. Under 13 there is a house edge of 6%. In over 13 there is an edge of 10%. If you bet for exactly 13, the payout is 10:1 and the house edge is then at 7%.