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Roulette Scratch

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Microgaming developed a wide variety of roulette games. They are available online, and one can download them from the different sites. Microgaming is the primary developer of Roulette scratch which representation of the wheel table game.

The Basic Strategies

Players can now match numbers on the wheel with the list provided. Matching the numbers will guarantee you a win, and you will walk away with a hefty prize. You will be able to see the wheel on the left side of the screen. But first, you must place your bet before continuing with the game.

Roulette Scratch Game Description

This game consists of an animated slot with four of the winning symbols. The symbols have different values and depend on the amount that you wager. There is the bonus roulette round, but it has a lower return compared to the standard roulette. The wheel is responsible for doubling the zero roulette.

Bets and Wagering

Roulette scratch is simple and clear for any user with a European wheel theme. It has one to thirty-six numbers and a zero. The wheel has a panel with five scratch cards that signify the betting number. Before you begin playing take time to analyze your stakes and bet the most appropriate amount. Keep in mind your budget and the possible win before placing a wager. Increasing your bet will increase your chances of winning and raise the stakes higher. After betting, play and start spinning. The point at which the wheel stops represents the winning number. Double check your bet number by scratching on the five game panels.

Tips and Strategies

Once the ball or the arrow lands on the roulette bonus point, you get to activate the bonus game. The game’s value varies according to the amount placed. The super streak will continue to spin and to accrue the wins. However, when you start losing it stops. You will be paid the accumulated amount, and you will be redirected to the standard roulette.

The Original Game and Other Similar Games

The first and the most popular games were the slots. The slots are comprised of standard percentage of 94.7% RTP while its bonus game consists of 93% RTP. Later on, the gaming industry changed online, and mobile versions emerged. They were similar to the original but with distinct features. The slots are available in Coral, Ladbroke, ScratchMania among other popular online casinos.


The games strategies differ and, therefore, it is not advisable to use one strategy for every roulette scratch game

Supplementary Information

There are special features that make it worth playing they include

  • A reveal option button that is easy to access.
  • Autoplay button presents you with a chance of playing through the multiple games in a quick sequence. It improves your winning chances.
  • Supper Streak Roulette


Is it possible to play free flash on the roulette scratch? Yes, it is possible. You can play the free version for real money by downloading the most recent adobe flash player. Will I be able to know my account balance? Every casino has button for accessing your account information simply click the button. Can I make money from playing? The real money version will earn you cash after placing a wager. Why should I play Roulette scratch? It is simple and guarantees one an amazing gaming experience and earns you money. Is there a mobile version? Yes, and it is available on Google play.