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Rocky Scratch

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Rocky Scratch is one of the licensed scratch cards game. The player has to select his wager and opponent to show whether you won a prize with the Rocky or not. Select from Clubber Lang, Ivan Drago or Apollo Creed then relax and enjoy a short video from the movie scene. This quick and simple game is a big hit with the players.

Important Information to Play Rocky Scratch

Let us know the steps how to play Rocky Scratch:

  • Click at + and – near the card price field in the lower right corner to choose your bet per card.
  • Click on the “Play” button at the underside the window to buy the card.
  • Click on one of the boxes inside the scratch card that is not shown to scratch that box and show the symbol below.
  • Click at Auto Pick for making a random choice and also scratch it.
  • It is also possible to play with Autoplay option. Drag the mouse over the Autoplay button to show the different options and choose the number of games that will be played repeatedly. Click on one of the numbers to begin the Autoplay function. A random pick is scratched on every card automatically during Autoplay.
  • Click on stop button to stop the existing Autoplay session.

Useful Facts about Rocky Scratch

Some elements of the game are shown on the game window such as total bet, total win, card price, play/Auto-pick and autoplay. A total bet is a bet per one active round or scratch card. In case you win, you will see the amount in the total win field. All prizes are the multiple of card bet. The price of the card is the bet per one card. It is suggested to click + or – nearby the field increases or decreases the field.

Other Information about the Game

It is possible to buy the card by clicking on the play button. By clicking Autopick that is shown at the time of current game round, a random box gets scratched by it automatically. It is advised to keep the mouse cursor on Autoplay and choose a number of games which are to be played repeatedly. The Autoplay function can be started by selecting a number. By clicking on the Stop button, you can end the Autoplay session.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let us answer to some FAQs about Rocky Scratch game:

Where Does Casino Toolbar Exist?

A number of menus and buttons are there in this toolbar that permits the user to change client settings or get a benefit of the features available in the casino client.

What Does Bottom Toolbar Contain?

The bottom toolbar contains a few components like free spins, play for real money and cashier.
The game is really enjoying to anyone who loves to enjoy Hollywood movies, boxing or just wants to participate in a game that is funnier than other online titles.