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Privacy Policy

What Data We Collect?

  • Unidentified information of our users. This information cannot be tracked back to you and will give anonymous data only.
  • The information your computer sends us. Each time you visit a website, your computer will send a lot of information; such as but not limited to, browser type, operating system, system language, and the previous website you were visiting before redirected to ours. Like all other websites, we collect this information to provide you a better user experience.
  • User activity. We collect data about our visitor’s activity for research and analytic purposes while you are visiting our website. Data of how many pages you viewed, how much time you spent on a specific page, the actions you took to reach another page and how many clicks you made will help us to provide you a better UI/UX experience.
  • Connection details. Your connection details (i.e. speed/type), IP address, geographic location, hardware information, and another type of information that may identify you may be collected. Most of these data are also used for security reasons.

What Don't We Collect?

Your personal information. Your name, surname, address information, etc. are not collected.

If we collected information that may identify you, we could choose to anonymize the data. In this way, it cannot be used to identify you. However, we can use this anonymous data as we wish without restrictions of this Privacy Policy.

If, by any chance, your personal and non-personal information combine together in our collected data, we will treat it as a personal information.

What Are Cookies and How Do We Use Them?

Cookies are small files in your computer, placed by almost every website you visit. These files contain information about your surfing history and preferences. By using cookies, the website will recognize you and activate a certain feature, for example. In this regards, we use three types of cookies:

  • Session Cookies. These are temporary cookies and deleted from your device when you close the browser.
  • Persistent Cookies. These are stored on your device even if you close the browser and help us identify you.
  • Third Party Cookies. These belong to other companies, who run a content on the page you are viewing, i.e. analytics and monitoring tools.

Why Do We Collect This Data?

We use all of this information for:

    • To offer you our Services;
    • To recognize you and activate your custom options;
    • To correspond with you;
    • To show you ads and banners if we choose to do so;
    • To keep track of what you are doing for statistical studies;
    • To make anonymous analyzes to improve our service quality;
    • To make changes to our Services and evaluate their results;
    • To intervene when a problem arises in our Services.

Who Do We Share This Data With?

Your personal information is safe with us: we don’t sell or share this data with other parties, except it is stated in here. Although, we may disclose this information to our subsidiaries, affiliates, and subcontractors; which assist us with our operations and provide our Services. We can also share this data to perform research, diagnostic, and analytic studies.

However, if one of the following situations occurs, we share your personal information with authorized individuals and organizations:

  • If we get a legal request from authorized sources; such as courts, law enforcement agencies, and governments;
  • To apply our policies and carry out investigations on the matter;
  • To investigate, detect or prevent illegal activities and fraud/security problems;
  • To defend ourselves against legal claims;
  • To prevent harm to our intellectual rights, and safety of our users.

Information Collected By Third Parties

This Privacy Policy and limitations in it does not apply to third parties; including but not limited to, their websites, services or applications. Please review their Privacy policies if you have concerns and know that you agree that we have no liability when it comes to information collection and usage done by these third parties.

How Do We Store and Transfer Your Information?

We take all necessary precautions and use the most advanced technology to store your information. We encrypt all your stored information using SSL technology and take precautions to prevent them from being seen by unauthorized people. Although, we give no guarantees that we will be able to prevent all unauthorized access and cannot be held responsible for this type of actions.

We are a global company, therefore, we may move/transfer your data outside of the European Union and/or the USA. If the personal information protection laws are not at an adequate level, we will do what is needed to provide a protection at the same level. However, you allow your personal and confidential information to be exported and stored outside the European Union by accepting this Privacy Policy.

If you think that your personal information is not treated according to our privacy Policy and/or there is an abuse attempt by another person in regards to your personal information, contact us at [email protected]

For How Long We Store This Information?

We collect and store your personal information as long as needed, there isn’t a time limit. However, you may contact us anytime at [email protected] and request a change and/or update of your confidential information. We can also rectify, replenish or remove incomplete/inaccurate information data at any time and at our own discretion.

Corporate Change

If a company change occurs, the acquiring company will assume the rights and obligations of your personal information stated in this Privacy Policy. By company change, we mean that another company purchases our company in whole or in part, merges with us and/or purchases a majority of our shares.

Minors/Underage Individuals

If you are under the age of 18, the Services described in this Privacy Policy are not for you. Do not use our Services or give your confidential information if you are a minor. We do our best to detect minor/underage personal information and discard those if we find them. You can also contact us at [email protected] if you think a minor shared his/her confidential information with our company.

Updates & Changes

We can change the Privacy Policy and its terms occasionally. The most up-to-date version is always available on the website. We will announce the updates at least 15 days before making a change. Continuing to use the services on our website means you have approved all the updates and changes.

Every person has a right to privacy. Therefore, we are devoted protecting the privacy of our visitors while they are visiting our website. The privacy policy below will tell you how we collect, use and store your personal information while you are enjoying our services. Our privacy policy is a part of our ToS, and by accepting that, you also give the consent to these policies. Please read the following information carefully, and don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.