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Premier Roulette Diamond Edition

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Diamond Edition is considered the successor of the popular Premier Roulette game. If you have not played yet, we recommend that you take a look at the original version. It uses the La Partage rule system and offers a serious advantage for the player. The Premier Roulette Diamond Edition (PRDE for short), unfortunately, does not use French rules. It is a classic European roulette game which belongs to the high-roller category. This is because it offers a maximum bet amount of 1.000 coins for the outside bets. In addition, PRDE includes some useful features like the statistics screen which we first saw in the original version.

The interface has been modernized, and mobile devices are supported this time. PRDE is easier to play than its predecessor. It does not offer a lot of features to make a difference, but it is obvious that it is a quality game and developed with care. Microgaming once again shows its expertise on casino games. You can play the game both for free and real money. We offer you both options, and also show you the best online casinos to play with real money.

How to Play the Diamond Edition?

The interface is both modern and easy to understand. A three-dimensional wheel is at the top of the screen, and betting options are at the bottom. The box labeled "History" on the left shows statistics. You can use it to see the previous results of the wheel. On the right side of the screen, there is another box named "table". This changes the color of the interface. This is just a visual change, you can view the roulette table in 6 different colors.

The betting range starts at 0.25 and goes up to 1,000 coins. The poker chips at the bottom represent your betting options. To start the game, click on one of these chips first and then one of the betting options on the table. As you can see in the list below, there are multiple bet types and different payout ratios. You can also change the speed and get rid of the wheel turn animation. If you win at the end of the round, you get a prize according to the payment table. If you lose, there are two options available:

  • Rebet: Start a new game with the same bet types and wagers.
  • Rebet x 2: Start a new game but with double wagers for the same bet types.

Of course, you can choose a completely different betting option for the new round.

Your Winning Odds and Payouts

You can use the following table for betting types, odds, and payout values:

Bet Type

Inc. Numbers



Straight Up

Only 1 number

% 2.63

35 : 1



% 5.26

17 : 1



% 7.89

11 : 1



% 10.53

8 : 1



% 15.79

5 : 1

Column / Dozen


% 31.58

2 : 1

All Other

Half of the numbers

% 46.37

1 : 1

The Premier Roulette Diamond Edition is one of the best examples of online roulette games  but it does not offer a different feature set. However, the payouts are quite high: You have a chance to win 35,000 coins.