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Marilyn Monroe

Play Real

Also the best online slot in United Kingdom are available from this company. Here you may also enjoy a lot of photos and pictures of the sexiest and the most beautiful American star Marilyn. So in case you adore blondes, don’t miss an opportunity to play this wonderful slot and receive the best emotions.

Charm of ‘Marilyn Monroe’ Slot For Money

A star play with a sexy actress has got five reelings and twenty paying lines. There is no accumulative jack pot and plays of bonuses but there are free spinning rounds which may become quite profitable. The betting limits hesitate from 1 cent to 1000 and you may always choose whether to play with a demo version or for real and earn coins to exchange them for money like you can do in special Monopoly slot. The pay off percentage is about 94 percent in a play and it is quite high.

Among the images you may see a Hollywood star, a picture of a camera and a famous and iconic star Marilyn in her most famous dress and images. Also a TV guide and ordinary signs like letter representing card signs but made in a glamorous Hollywood style. As well try to play true illussions game.

A Glamorous ‘Marilyn Monroe’

A scatter sign is presented by an image of this gorgeous woman and it gives a lot of advantages in a play as usual. A wild scatter in pictured with the help of a Marilyn photo with her famous mysterious smile and on that sign words ‘Wild’ are also written, so you may not confuse the sign with the other ones. After a special play of bonuses you may receive free spinnings and in case in a process of those spinning rounds you receive three and more scatter signs you have some more plays of bonuses. Enjoy for such amazing game like mega jack game.

In a play of bonuses you need to select two pictures of a seducing Monroe from five pictures and then you find out how many free spinnings and multiplying signs you are lucky to have.