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Kong: The 8th Wonder Scratch

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Kong: The 8th Wonder Scratch is a popular slot game developed by the renowned software developer, Playtech. Kong is a 5-reel 20-line game that was inspired by the movie, thus the Kong: The 8th Wonder Scratch features several scenes from the blockbuster movie. The game is quite popular because it can be played in two modes namely Big City and Jungle. Both of the modes provide special symbols and exciting features so as to increase the winnings of the player.

How to Play Kong: The 8th Wonder Scratch?

The very first thing that you need to know here is that the game keeps on going back and forth between the two modes continually. To play you need to:

  • Begin by selecting the Bet line. This can be done by using the +/- buttons present under the Line Bet box.
  • Next, the number of paylines that you wish to bet on must be chosen. The player can bet on about 20 paylines per spin. The paylines can also be selected by clicking directly on the number present on the side of the reel.
  • The total stake for each of the spin is calculated as number of payline*Line Bet
  • After the paylines and the Line Bet have been selected, the spin button must be clicked so as to start the slot. The reels can also be spun using the Bet Max Button.
  • Auto play mode can also be used to play the game which allows the player to set a predetermined number of total spins that are to be played consecutively. 

After the wheels have come to rest, the winning combinations will be highlighted on the reels, and the amount that has been won will be displayed in the winning field.

Useful Facts about the Game

The main aim of the Kong the 8th Wonder Scratch is to detect in one of the total six areas an image which is identical to that of the prize symbol that determines the prize for the payout. It might reach to up to ten thousand bets. The players can scratch off the card’s protective covering using the mouse and get the shape of a coin. All the areas can be revealed automatically upon clicking on the special button present in the control panel.

The Payouts in the Kong the 8th Wonder Scratch

All payouts for the game are displayed on the screen of the Paytable. They will be the same regardless of the modes that you play in that is Big City mode or Jungle one. On each of the individual paylines, only the highest combination of winning is displayed. However, multiple wins can take place on different paylines. All of these are added together and then paid along with any of the scatter wins as the total win. 

All of the lines must start on the 1st reel and then work from left to right across the reels in an unharmed chain of approximately three symbols on the payline.