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Jackpot Poker

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There is not a separate category called jackpot poker. Jackpot poker (JP for short) is a feature offered at some poker games by some online casinos. If you lose a high hand (for example, Four of a kind), the casino will give you a jackpot prize for a consolation. The amount of this prize varies from casino to casino. If you have been a member for a long time and have always played with high bets, you can get a pretty big figure. This feature is usually offered to VIP members.

In addition, there are some poker games using this name. These games can belong to different categories, but they all offer a bonus side bet: If you manage to create a specific combination of cards, you get a special jackpot reward in addition to the regular payout table. In such games, you need to place a separate side bet in advance. For example, if you get Full House and already placed a side bet, you will earn an additional prize for that. According to the rules of the game you play, this jackpot prize can reach thousands of dollars.

It Is also a Tournament

That's not all: Most online casinos choose to call their poker tournaments JP too. The jackpot here represents the tournament's big prize. In other words, the definition of JP coincides with three possibilities:

  • A special feature, usually offered to VIP players in terms of consolation,
  • A poker game with side bets,
  • A tournament organized by an online casino.

In any case, you are likely to win a grand prize. But be careful if you are going to play JP with real money. These kinds of games are preferred by professional gamblers, and the betting levels can reach pretty high figures in seconds. In other words, if you are a beginner, proceed with caution.