Highest and Fastest Payouts Casinos

By playing in a highest payout online casino, you can both increase your chances of winning and lose less in the long run. Payout values ​​are important for all players and technically expressed as “RTP” (return to player). This value shows how often a game will pay and how much you’ll win back. It’s not directly related to your chances of winning, but it affects your winning frequency, which results in winning more in the long term. Therefore, regardless of the level of experience, each player must pay attention to these values.

The highest payout casinos are therefore the most convenient places to play. You win more often by playing in this type of casinos, and you don’t even need to change the games you play. By playing your favourite ones, such as slot machines, you can have both fun and profit. In the list below, you can see some of the best examples of these slots. To learn more about the highest payout casino games, keep reading.

Play at Online Casinos with Highest Payouts

It is very difficult to learn the real payout values of a casino. The highest payout casino has to work with an independent auditor agency to present real RTP values to its members. This type of agencies (e.g. eCOGRA) try all the games in a casino, determines the actual RTP ratios and presents them in a report. In general, a casino must have an average RTP value of 95% and above to be called as the highest payout online casino. You can see these types of reports on the homepage of the casino website at the bottom: Clicking on the logo of the audition agency and the report will be displayed.

Payout percentages, i.e. RTP values, are different for each game category. The figure we mentioned above is a value that shows the average of different values. Here is a sample casino games payout table:

Roulette 93.50%
Blackjack 99%
Video Poker 98%
Slot Machines 95%

The average of all these values ​​should be at least 95%. In general, we don’t recommend playing any game with an RTP of less than 95%. Because it will take you too long to recover your investment. In this type of low RTP games, you lose more in the long run. In this context, here are some tips:

  • If the casino does not work with an audition agency, you can see the RTP values ​​of the games on paytable screens too. This is especially true for slot machines. The average RTP values ​​of card and table games do not vary much, but a difference of 10% is possible in slot machines. Always choose a slot machine with a minimum RTP of 95%.
  • Card games have higher RTP values ​​than table games in general.
  • These values ​​are the numbers obtained by playing the game/spinning the reels at least 1.000 times. So even in a game with a high RTP value, you won’t start winning in a few minutes. However, you will always have the advantage in the long term.
  • If you prefer games that have the feature of “provably fair”, you can calculate the RTP values ​​yourself in every game, and you can always be sure that the games are fair.

F.A.Q About Casinos With The Highest Payout

What is a payout percentage?

RTP values indicate how much of your investment you can recover in the long term. Let us give an example and assume that you are playing a game with 97% RTP. In the long run, you can rest assured that you will earn 97 USD of the 100 USD you have invested in this game. So your loss will be no more than 3 USD. This calculation shows that you won’t lose much, even if you don’t get a big win (for example, a jackpot). Each casino game has an RTP value, and you should always choose the games with the highest values.

What happens when I win?

When you win a game, the amount will be instantly credited to your personal casino account. This process is automatic and does not require manual confirmation. So it is possible to see your reward immediately in your account. Your balance is updated instantly and used in all games you play. However, when you want to withdraw money from your personal account, this process will not occur momentarily, as explained below.

Will my banking method impact payout time?

Yes, it will. Each payment method works in a different way, which affects the overall time. In this context, bank transfers are one of the slowest methods. Credit cards offer above average speed. You can get more detailed information by taking a look at the table below:

Checks More than 7 business days
Bank transfer Between 3 – 5 business days
Credit cards 24 hours
E-wallets (PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, etc.) 12-24 hours
Crypto-currencies Instant – 1 hour

(*) These are average values and are not the same in every casino. Bank transfers at some casinos can be completed within 24 hours. Likewise, some casinos may need a few days to complete credit card payments. This table is intended to give a general idea.

The ideal banking method that an average player can use is the e-wallets. They are safer and faster than credit cards. If you are an experienced player and know how the system works, we recommend that you choose cryptocurrencies.

  • Do payout speeds vary from casino to casino?

Yes, payout speeds are different at each casino. This is because these things happen when you make a withdrawal request:

  • Manual Approval: The casino management reviews the request and determines if it is appropriate. This process can last for several days. If you haven’t verified your identity, it will take even longer.
  • Actual Payout: This period depends on which banks the casino is working with and which payment methods it supports. You can see the average times in the table above.

In any case, it is ideal for a casino to complete all payout requests within a maximum of 48 hours.

  • What is the highest payout casino game?

This title belongs to blackjack. Classic blackjack has an average RTP of 99%. When played optimally, it is possible to increase this value to 100%. Video poker games come in second. Some video poker variants have an RTP of more than 100%, but they are extremely rare. In this context, the game with the lowest RTP value is Keno: It has an RTP of only 70%.