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Funky Monkey Slot Machine Free Play

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Developed by Playtech Funky Monkey Online Slot is a game packed with loads of fun, frolic, and excitement. Based on a Musical Monkey the casino players experience something out of the box.With colorful graphics and enthralling designs, Playtech aims at providing a memorable gaming experience for the funny monkey players. Funky Monkey Online Slot offers only one pay line it is simple and basic in form and structure available both for real and virtual play.The catchy name, minimal flashing of lights and cheesy gimmicks add on to the simplicity of Funky Monkey. The graphics resonate with the mischief the game boasts of with the image of Funky Monkey holding a bongo and representing itself as the ultimate happy to the lucky mascot. The game has 5 reels.

Funky Monkey the Money Minter

The classic Vegas style Funky Monkey slot game is packed with exciting wins with every new turn off the classic 3 reel slot.The promising online slot powered by Playtech not only provides an opportunity for winning a real jackpot but amuses it’s players with easy money as well. With the paytable on display at the top of the reels, the players can anticipate their wins easily, the payouts are fairly good with chances of prizes up to 2,500x the base bet amount being made available for winning.The ‘bet one ‘ button is another fortune feature which increases the bet being placed and the amount of money that can be won.The lowest bet amount varying from 10x to 800x the wager amount and the high bidding section allows players with an opportunity to win between 30x to 2500x of the amount that has been bid. Such awarding returns on a simple game like Funky Monkey slot is what makes it popular among slot players.The overall prizes are rewarding. For landing three symbols on a line, the player wins four times the amount invested.

The game Funky Monkey Online Slot machine abounds in a few ‘ bank- roll’ boosting features.On blowing the 4x multiplier out of the water and if the symbols fall in the players favor there remain high chances of winning up to 800x of the bet amount.The rare symbols of the game are usually the high paying ones. With low wagering requirements like 0.5per soon to 5.00 per spin the game suits all kinds of budget players.The low wagering bets further help the slot game players to play freely without worrying about big losses. The game boasts of a deviation instead of the stacked bars the displayed values are shown through 2bar and 3bar logos for a modern touch. The is basic and simple and does not abound in bonus rounds, scatter games and wild symbols.

The Gamer of Big Wins

Playtech’s Funky Monkey Online Slot machine is a fun game with amusing graphics and audio aid. For traditional players who aim at winning a nice sum of money, funky Monkey is an ideal game. The game provides Double fold fun with classic entertainment and winning scope. The online digital gaming platform is expanding its horizon day by day. Players across the globe are investing themselves in this unique space of slot gambling entertainment