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French Roulette Pro HD

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French Roulette became popular during the French Revolution. It’s different from American because of its unique table layout. It also offers the highest payouts compared to other roulette versions. In French Roulette Pro HD, the house edge is down to 1.35%.

The setup is in standard European variant. That is, it has 37 segments. In here, you’ll find the numbers 1 to 36. These figures are colored in red and black. Plus, there’s a single zero in it, and it’s designated in green color. The main difference between the American and French is the positioning of the bet.

Just like roulette, this game requires you to guess where the ball lands. To start the game, you must wager on your guess before the match starts spinning in one direction. Once the ball settles in one of the pockets, the pocket where the ball lands is the winning number. If you bet on that number, you’ll get paid. Otherwise, all bets will be collected.

The Betting Layout

In this game, you can choose to wager on either of the two main categories. These are the inside and outside stakes.

  • The inside wagering option will include one number, adjacent figures or a group of numbers.
  • The outside bets cover a large group of numbers. Each bet has a different payment. Thus, make sure that you know what you’re betting and how you can wager.

Le Partage

It’s a unique rule of a French roulette pro HD that divides an even-money bet into two. That is, when you lose, 50 percent of your stake will be returned while the other half will go to the house. It happens when you place your money on an even/odd outside water, but the winning number turns out to be a zero. Now, the other 50 percent will go to the house, and it’s imprisoned. This bet will be settled on the next turn. On the next spin, if you won, such bet is released. 

Another opportunity in this game is the neighbor bets. In here, it covers numbers found next to each other. If you wager on 25 and the number to its left or right, it’s called a neighbor wager.

Although French Roulette is popular in France, it can be played anywhere else. However, in the US, you’re only allowed to play it for free and can’t make an actual money bet. You may need to live in the UK to play for real cash and win real money.