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Fair Roulette Pro HD

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Fair Roulette Pro HD is a version of French roulette. The main difference is its table size and the layout. Its wheel is also different as it lacks the handles for reverse rotation. In a brick-and-mortar casino, it is played with just one croupier and a Chef de Table.

The table for the game has chips of identical value. Players have their color so they can determine their stakes, thereby, avoiding any disputes over winning and losing.

The Goal

The primary objective of this game is to wager against the bank. You’ll need to make a guess on what number the ball will go. All winning wagers are paid based on the value of the chips and the betting combination chosen.

The winning number is the number where the ball lands. In this game, there are 37 holes. Winners are paid in columns, a dozen and chips’ position on the grid. If the ball goes to 0 and you put your money on it and its combinations, your money will be split between the player and the bank. Now, if you bet on an odd number, you can’t get the wager as it’s imprisoned. It’ll be freed if you win in the next round. However, if you lose, it goes to the bank.


The initial value of the chips will depend on the table limit. The minimum bet for every combination is five chips. Wins are automatically added to your bankroll.

Can You Win?

You can win in Fair Roulette Pro HD. But it’s not easy to consistently win in this game. You can beat it, but it’s only under a very rare condition. No one has played millions of dollars from long-term playing. Players won millions out of sheer luck. It’s not ideal to make a deal with the higher amount of money to recover your loss. Roulette doesn't work that way. Increasing your wager will only increase your chances of losing on every spin. The software used in an online fair roulette gives out random numbers and doesn't have memory. Thus, changing how much you bet will not help.

For that reason, you must only play your game with a bet limit. You must know when to stop. It’s vital to play for free at first, so you’ll know how the game goes. From there, you’ll learn the proper way to wager and enjoy it without having to worry about money. Now, if you’re ready to wager using real cash, then click the play for real money button and expect more fun and entertainment.