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Dragons Fortune

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As with all cultures, recognition of the culture and traditions is always important. Dragon fortune has a Chinese culture focusing on wealth and luck. As you play Dragon Fortune, you will come across Chinese text such as Ying Yanga with different symbolic meanings which is expected to apply in our real life situations.

What Does the Game Offer and What is Its Uniqueness? Why is it Common in United Kingdom?

In the last few years, software developers in casino games designed more slots for the Asian market and most of them would not play on the latest operating system of a mobile phone. These operating systems include I-Phones, Blackberry, Microsoft
In United Kingdom there is a high rate of mobile phone developing industries. This makes it common in this place since it can run perfectly on the current operating system.

Features of the Game and How to Play.

Dragon Fortune has six possible winning combinations; you just have to put a wager amount of a maximum of $50 and a minimum of $10 and press Play. It is a 5 reel slot with;

  • Free games
  • Super bet
  • Free bonus
  • 25 play lines
  • Spinning options from 5 -100
  • Winning prizes ranging from 50 -1250

Game Laws and Strategy

For you to play and increase your chances of winning you have to apprehend the rule. The game has been well developed with a Chinese-inspirational theme and has a 3D display to maximize the player's’ experience. The objective of the dragon here is to meet as many jewel as possible out of the possible six-pearl game. As soon as you press the Play button, the dragon breathes out a breath with fire six times and each breath is turned in a jewel with a specific glow. Each glow has a Chinese symbolic meaning and the purpose of the color is to match it to a table that indicates the multipliers’ winning prizes. The minimum no of jewels that you have to get and at the same time correspond with those in the table is two. Playlines and scatter are always multiplied by the bet prizes of 50-1250. The highest win is on the selected playline and appear on the selected line expect that of the scattered JEWEL. All wins are counted from the leftmost reel and are paid from left to right on the consecutive reels excluding that of the scattered color which pays randomly. Winning on this game is purely luck since there are no strategies involved unlike other games.

How to Get the Free Bonus and Benefits?

Bonuses are there to boost your winnings or increase your chances of winning. For you to get a free bonus, you must be a new member who desires to join the online casino game (dragon fortune). By joining, you will receive a free spin which can lead you to acquire a free bonus. Free bonus can also be awarded after any paid spin.