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Deal or No Deal Roulette

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If you are a fan of the Deal or No Deal TV show and roulette, we have good news: you can play them both. This work of Endemol Games and Open Bet follows the ruleset of European roulette. It has, in other words, only one “0” on the wheel. This increases your winnings odds when compared to the American version, which has another 0 (“00”) on the wheel. Deal or No Deal is “2 games together” in a nutshell! If you manage to hit special slots, the bonus round activates.

It is based on the TV show of the same name, and the good news is that the slots triggering it are “outside” of the reel. To be specific, they are on top of black 6 and black 22. If the ball lands one of these spots, the bonus round gets triggered – which will be explained below. The gamble provides an attractive graphics. The interface is colorful and easily understandable. To the top, we have the famous roulette wheel. At the bottom, there is a table which you can place your bets.

The red box and black telephone next to the wheel are used during the bonus round. From the options, you can turn the sound effects on/off and adjust the speed of the wheel. Click the “turbo” button in here to disable the spinning animation. As this is a Flash based casino game, you can play it on mobile devices that support the Flash platform.

Deal or No Deal Roulette Rules & Facts

The roulette was invented by Blaise Pascal, a famous mathematician, in the 19th century in France. The wheel was an experiment to create a perpetual motion device, but it didn’t work, and an anonymous entrepreneur turned it into a gambling machine. Roulette gained interest amongst the mathematicians of the era, they were also gamblers and fascinated by the possibilities of the wheel.

Roulette is a very “clever” game; there are 37 numbers, and only one of them (0) belongs to the casino. At first sight, it seems that because of the remaining 36 numbers, the player has a big advantage, but it is not – that one “0” always gives the mathematical advantage to the house (casino).

Mr. Hoyle (yes, that Hoyle) was the entrepreneur who introduced the gamble to the United States. He had a hard job: because the total of numbers on the roulette wheel is 666, the Christians of that era believed that it was the “game of devil.” Mr. Hoyle also added another bank slot (00) to the wheel, to increase the edge of the casinos. That is how the American version was born, which almost nobody plays because of the low odds.

There are lots of wagering options. You can wager on a single number, a range of numbers, colors or even the outcome will be an even or odd number. Each option has a different payout, depending on the possibility. For example, wagering on a single number pays 36 to 1 – it has the lowest odds. Staking on a color pays 1 to 1 because the probability of that happening is %48.6. We will explain these betting options below.

How to Play Deal or No Deal Roulette?

Let’s take a closer look at the interface: there are 2 red slides to the right side of the screen. One is for the statistics – you can keep track of the previous results from this section. The other is for automatic spinning – you can spin the wheel up to 100 times without clicking anything with the same wager. These are the quality of life additions, and you get a more pleasant gaming session thanks to these features.

As we mentioned above, the wheel is at the top, and the table (betting options) is at the bottom. If you click the question mark symbol located at the left bottom side, you can see the pay table and the basic rules. To start a session, you must stake first.

To do that, you must use the poker chips at the bottom of the interface. Each chip represents a different wager for that session. Click the chip first and the table second. You can click on more than one area and more than one time. Now it is time to talk about betting options in detail:

  • Single number (straight): on any single number. The probability is very lows but pays the most.
  • 2 way split (split): Vertical or horizontal, betting on 2 adjoining numbers.
  • 3 way split (street): on 3 horizontal numbers.
  • 4 way split (corner): on any 4 adjoining numbers in a block.
  • 6 way split (line): on any 6 numbers which form 2 horizontal rows.
  • Dozen/column:  on the outcome will be in the range of 1st 12, 2nd 12 or 3rd 12.
  • 1-18/19-36:  on the outcome will be in the range of these numbers.
  • Odd/even: on the outcome will be an odd or even number.
  • Red/black: on the color of the outcome.
  • Bonus: This is exclusive to Deal or No Deal Roulette and not available anywhere else. You must place a bet into this section if you want to qualify for the bonus round.

These are your betting options. Now let’s see how much each one pays and the probability of each of them:

Bet Name



Single number (straight)

% 2.7


2 way split (split)

% 5.4


3 way split (street)

% 8.1


4 way split (corner)

% 10.8


6 way split (line)

% 16.2



% 32.4



% 48.6



% 48.6



% 48.6



Unknown (based on luck)

Up to x150

After choosing and option and placing your bet, simply click the “rebet&spin” button to start the session. Based on the outcome, you will win or not, and if you win, the payment will be made according to the paytable. After each session, you will be offered 3 options:

  • Repeat Bet: Start another session with the same betting options and wager.
  • Rebet x2: Start another session with different betting options and double wager.
  • Clear: Start a completely fresh session.

Dozen/column bets and line bet are the best options for beginners. Although the gameplay is based on luck, the house always holds the advantage – remember that before risking too much money. In the long run, the house always wins.

Minimum & Maximum Bets & Wagers

Your betting range of Deal or No Deal Roulette  is in between 0.01 and 500.00 coins. Minimum 1.00 coin is required to enter the game. The highest payout is 75.000 coins and only available during the bonus round. In the demo version, your balance is limited with 1.000 coins.

You can invest real money too. But we recommend practicing with the free version as long as you can. The complimentary balance lasts for hours, and it is always a good idea to learn every detail of a game before risking your money.

Deal or No Deal Roulette Bonus Rounds

There are 2 bonus rounds in the game, which can be activated by getting black 22 or black 6 as an outcome. To be able to qualify, you must place a wager on the “bonus bet” section. There is no need to place another bet on black 22 or black 6. Each outcome activates a different round. These are:

  • Banker’s Spin Round: It triggers if the outcome is black 6. You get to spin the wheel 3 times in this round without a cost. But first, you are asked to pick one of the 3 boxes. Each box contains a different amount of cash prize. After each spin, you are offered two options: continue to spin or open the box. The final prize is determined by your choice. It is possible to win up to 100x bonus wager.
  • Deal or No Deal Round: It triggers if the outcome is black 22. This is a mini-game just like the TV show: you choose a lucky box first and open other boxes one by one. After each box, you get an offer by the banker. You decide to take it or carry on playing – depending on your choice, the round ends with a cash prize. The maximum prize you can get is 150 x bonus bet.

To win the maximum prize (75.000 coins), you should always place the highest wager (500.00 coins). This is because the payouts made with multipliers based on your bet.