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Clockwork Oranges

Play Real

It is an original play, really and these unusual images make it even more pleasant and a little childish. So if you want to remember your childhood, try this play that is not complicated but very relaxing. The play originated from a classical arcade plot and it contains five reelings with three rows and twenty paying lines. The basic gaining thing here is matching signs. There are a lot of profitable combinations but all of them you might see in the pay off table. Also, to know better the processes, special bonuses, offers and rules, you may read the guide on how to play slots for real moneyhere.

Among the images you might find a cheerful clock- orange with a smile, a bag full of money and card letters that are shaped and drawn very pleasantly and funny. A picture of a grinning orange clock is a scatter image.

The Funniest ‘Clockwork Oranges’

You gain a bonus in case a scatter sign emerges on the first, third and fifth reelings simultaneously. So you enter a world full of clocks of many types. Then a sum of ands used for clocks will be decided and you must watch how they move around the clocks. After that you might receive some prizes and bonuses.

‘Clockwork Oranges’ Description

The increase rates might vary from a two times increase up to a fifty times increase and it is possible you could gain a lot of cash. Three pictures of clock oranges that have been lit give you opportunities to play one more bonus function where clock hands are moving fast and light many signs and your bettings increase and increase. Enjoy for such amazing game like monopoly slot.

So let the funny oranges greet you and play with you and let you get entertained and find profit in such a wonderful play. The demo variant might be at your service if you don’t want to put your cash at risk. You might also play Wizard of Oz slot for free on internet if you have such a desire or wish to have such experience. As well try to play the lucky frog.